Adjectives for Enquiries

Adjectives For Enquiries

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enquiries, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Navigating the world of enquiries can be intricate, and the adjectives used alongside this noun significantly affect its interpretation. Describing an enquiry as discreet implies confidentiality and sensitivity, while labeling it as preliminary suggests it's the initial step in a more extensive investigative process. The difference between many and few enquiries highlights the volume and potentially the urgency or importance assigned to them. Furthermore, using further indicates a continuation or deepening of an inquiry process. Understanding these nuances can enrich communication and clarify intent. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with enquiries to master their implications.
suchI have received such enquiries during the past few weeks.
furtherPlease contact our customer support for further enquiries
manyThe sales team received many enquiries from potential customers.
fewI have received few enquiries about the new program.
preliminaryWe must await the outcome of the preliminary enquiries before proceeding.
discreetThe detective agency conducted discreet enquiries into the disappearance of the CEO.
generalM&S customer care is available for general enquiries only on Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.
publicThe town hall is open during business hours for public enquiries
anxiousAs the days went by, he began to receive anxious enquiries from his friends.
necessaryIt was necessary for the authorities to make necessary enquiries into the matter.
carefulThe police made careful enquiries into the matter
officialThe official enquiries revealed a significant amount of corruption within the company.
localWe will redirect you to the local enquiries for more information.
detailedThe staff conducted detailed enquiries about the incident.
personalI'm sorry, I'm not comfortable with such personal enquiries
specialI'm sorry, but I can't answer your question. I am not allowed to make any special enquiries
philosophicalHer philosophical enquiries have informed her whole being.
numerousThe company received numerous enquiries about their new product.
scientificThe scientific enquiries led to the discovery of a new element.
subsequentThe subsequent enquiries revealed some discrepancies in the data.
confidentialThe investigation is based on confidential enquiries
specificThe bank employee was unable to answer our specific enquiries without further documentation.
extensiveThe police conducted extensive enquiries to find the missing person.
particularHe received particular enquiries about the new product.
similarI received similar enquiries from other customers.
recentWe did not receive any recent enquiries about our new services.
properThe bank is conducting proper enquiries before approving the loan.
exhaustiveThe police have made exhaustive enquiries into the matter.
initialWe can discuss initial enquiries by email.
historicalI'm interested in historical enquiries especially the ones about ancient Egypt.
judicialThe judicial enquiries into the allegations of police misconduct were extensive.
parliamentaryThe academics questioned the value of parliamentary enquiries and the government's decision to rely on them.
statisticalThe research team conducted several statistical enquiries to analyze the data.
minuteThe committee dedicated itself to minute enquiries of the organisation's inner workings.
directPlease direct enquiries to customer services.
politeI hope you don't mind me asking a few polite enquiries
usualCould you answer the usual enquiries please?
frequentThe company's frequent enquiries department can be reached at 1-800-555-1212.
empiricalThe empirical enquiries into the nature of reality have led to a variety of philosophical perspectives.
informalI made some informal enquiries and found out that the company is not doing well.
routineCustomers can make routine enquiries about their accounts.
diligentWe have conducted diligent enquiries into the matter
departmentalThe departmental enquiries did not find any evidence of wrongdoing.
previousWe regret to inform you that we are unable to progress with your application due to previous enquiries
independentThe team conducted independent enquiries before making their decision.
futurePlease direct any future enquiries to our customer service department.
eager"One of the eager enquiries which I addressed to him, was whether he had "crossed the Line."
systematicWe conducted systematic enquiries to collect data on the impact of the intervention.
tentativeThe insurance company responded to our tentative enquiries with a detailed report on the policy.
metaphysicalPhilosophers have proposed several explanations for the origin of the universe, ranging from scientific theories to metaphysical enquiries
formalWe received a lot of formal enquiries about the new product.
technicalI would like to direct all technical enquiries to our support team.
postalCan I please direct you to the correct department for your postal enquiries?
curiousHe was plied with curious enquiries about his past life, which he partially satisfied.
reasonableReasonable enquiries should be made before making any decisions.
urgentThe secretary took down the urgent enquiries immediately.
psychologicalTheir methods include interviews, questionnaires, and psychological enquiries
secretThe private detective conducted secret enquiries into the missing person's case.
theoreticalThe theoretical enquiries in the field of quantum physics have led to groundbreaking discoveries.
ethicalThe ethical enquiries were complex and difficult to answer.
experimentalThe professor invited his class to engage in experimental enquiries about the genetic basis of disease.
solicitousThe doctor made solicitous enquiries about her health.
directoryI need to call directory enquiries to get the phone number for the local library.
thoroughWe are able to conduct thorough enquiries on the claims made.
duePlease complete all the due enquiries and provide all the missing documents.
elaborateThe elaborate enquiries revealed intriguing secrets.
persistentHer persistent enquiries about the missing items finally bore fruit.

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