Adjectives for Enquiry

Adjectives For Enquiry

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enquiry, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Crafting the perfect enquiry involves more than just asking questions; the adjectives that precede it can significantly alter its context and reception. A 'scientific enquiry' demands empirical evidence, while a 'further enquiry' suggests a deepening of an investigation. The 'present enquiry' focuses on current conditions, in contrast to a 'historical enquiry', which digs into the past. A 'philosophical enquiry' ventures into realms of thought and existence, and a 'free enquiry' embodies openness and unbiased questioning. Each modifier unlocks a unique avenue of exploration, hinting at the depth and direction of the query. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform your 'enquiry' and uncover new layers of understanding.
scientificScientific enquiry is a systematic process of investigation and experimentation to discover new knowledge.
furtherFurther enquiry revealed no recent criminal activity.
presentThe present enquiry is still ongoing.
historicalHer books are marked by rigorous historical enquiry
philosophicalThe philosophical enquiry explored the relationship between mind and body.
freeThe pursuit of knowledge, free enquiry and truth is essential for a progressive society.
judicialThe judicial enquiry into the corruption allegations has concluded, and the report will be released next week.
publicThe public enquiry was held in the town hall.
criticalCritical enquiry is essential for understanding complex issues.
preliminaryThe preliminary enquiry into the case has been closed.
carefulThe careful enquiry revealed the truth about the matter.
officialThe official enquiry into the plane crash concluded that it was caused by pilot error.
empiricalEmpirical enquiry has been the hallmark of scientific progress for centuries.
rationalRational enquiry is the process of thinking clearly and logically about a subject.
fullThe board of enquiry conducted a full enquiry into the matter.
intellectualHer intellectual enquiry took her to the archives of the university.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary enquiry has been going on for months, but there is still no conclusion.
detailedThe investigation asked for detailed enquiry to get the result.
systematicThe researcher conducted a systematic enquiry into the causes of the disease.
diligentAfter diligent enquiry the police determined that the suspect was not guilty.
thoroughA thorough enquiry was conducted to determine the cause of the accident.
independentThe independent enquiry was thorough and unbiased.
sociologicalSociological enquiry is the systematic study of social behavior and human groups.
strictA strict enquiry was made into the matter.
properThe company made proper enquiry about the candidate's qualifications before hiring them.
seriousPlease proceed with your serious enquiry and I will ensure it is handled promptly.
subsequentA subsequent enquiry revealed the truth of the matter.
impartialThe article provides an impartial enquiry into the causes and consequences of the recent financial crisis.
departmentalWe shall conduct a departmental enquiry into the allegations against the employee.
academicThe academic enquiry provides a comprehensive analysis of the subject.
dueThe recent incident is still under due enquiry
formalI am making a formal enquiry about the new job posting.
experimentalThe experimental enquiry aimed to determine the effects of different treatments on plant growth.
psychologicalThe article discussed the use of psychological enquiry to understand cultural differences
selfTrapped in a ceaseless cycle of self enquiry she questioned her every motive and action.
theoreticalSince theoretical enquiry in hermeneutics cannot be restricted to scientific disciplines, the assumptions of interpretation in the humanities also have to be reflected upon.
statisticalThe statistical enquiry revealed a significant correlation between the two variables.
immediateI would request you to please forward me this document for immediate enquiry
confidentialThe confidential enquiry revealed several areas for improvement in patient care.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive enquiry took months to complete.
metaphysicalHis metaphysical enquiry into the meaning of life led him to a profound understanding of the universe.
geographicalThe geographical enquiry was thorough and included data from several different sources.
ethicalThe ethical enquiry is to determine whether it is right or wrong to do something.
anxiousHe awaited the outcome of the interview with anxious enquiry
domesticThe domestic enquiry was handled swiftly and efficiently by the local authorities.
worthThis opportunity is worth enquiry
anthropologicalAnthropological enquiry has provided valuable insights into human behavior.
collaborativeThe collaborative enquiry led to the development of a new product.
theologicalThe theological enquiry examined the nature of human existence.
scholarlyHe was notable for his analytical mind and scholarly enquiry
freshThe fresh enquiry into the matter revealed some startling facts.
curiousThe curious enquiry of the child revealed the truth behind the matter.
closeThe police conducted a close enquiry into the matter.
minuteHe made a minute enquiry to the manager about the system.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive enquiry covered all aspects of the matter.
politeMy polite enquiry is about your availability for a meeting.
philosophicHe pursued the ancient tradition of philosophic enquiry
briefI'll make a brief enquiry and get back to you shortly.
interestingThe interesting enquiry sparked a lively discussion
extensiveThe extensive enquiry into the matter has yet to be concluded.
objectiveThe objective enquiry revealed no evidence of wrongdoing.
genuineThe genuine enquiry from the customer led to a resolution that satisfied both parties.
linguisticShe finished her linguistic enquiry

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