Adjectives for Ensemble

Adjectives For Ensemble

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ensemble, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'ensemble' significantly alters its perception, conveying a range of nuances that add depth to our understanding. A 'canonical ensemble' suggests a traditional or classic grouping, imbued with a sense of authority and recognition. When we describe an ensemble as 'whole' or 'entire,' we emphasize its completeness and unity, underscoring a sense of inclusivity. Conversely, 'instrumental ensemble' specifies functionality and purpose, often linked to musical groups. The size descriptors 'small' and 'large' offer immediate insight into the scale, impacting the presumed intimacy or grandeur of the group. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'ensemble' and uncover the rich layers of meaning each combination can unveil.
canonicalThe canonical ensemble is a statistical ensemble in which the system is held at a constant temperature and volume.
wholeThe whole ensemble performed beautifully and left the audience spellbound.
entireThe entire ensemble performed the piece with great skill and passion.
instrumentalThe instrumental ensemble played a lively rendition of the classical piece.
smallThe small ensemble played beautifully at the wedding.
largeThe large ensemble played a beautiful symphony.
grandThe orchestra presented a grand ensemble performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.
microcanonicalThe microcanonical ensemble is used to model systems with fixed energy, volume, and number of particles.
musicalThe musical ensemble played a beautiful symphony.
vocalThe vocal ensemble sang a beautiful rendition of the national anthem.
statisticalThe statistical ensemble provides a comprehensive representation of the possible states of a system.
architecturalThe architectural ensemble of the city center has been preserved in its original form.
fullThe full ensemble played a medley of their greatest hits.
completeThe complete ensemble performed on the grandest stage of all that night.
largerThe larger ensemble performed a complex symphony.
complexThe complex ensemble performed a breathtaking symphony that left the audience in awe.
perfectThe orchestra's strings were a perfect ensemble
totalThe total ensemble of all the different types of instruments in the orchestra was magnificent.
harmoniousThe orchestra played in a harmonious ensemble creating a beautiful melody.
pieceThe piece ensemble played beautifully at the concert.
choralThe choral ensemble performed a beautiful rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.
orchestralThe beautiful orchestral ensemble played a haunting melody that resonated throughout the grand hall.
fineThe fine ensemble's performance was captivating.
finalThe final ensemble played a rousing rendition of the national anthem.
classicalThe classical ensemble performed a beautiful rendition of Mozart's Symphony No. 40.
mixedWe were particularly impressed by the mixed ensemble of violinists and vocalists.
traditionalThe dancers performed in traditional ensemble with vibrant colors and intricate designs.
decorativeThe decorative ensemble consisted of an ornate mirror, a set of vintage candlesticks, and a hand-painted vase.
vastThe vast ensemble of stars illuminated the night sky with an ethereal brilliance.
excellentThe film boasts an excellent ensemble cast.
initialThe initial ensemble of dancers performed a lively routine.
coherentThe coherent ensemble of photons was used to generate a high-quality image.
professionalThe professional ensemble performed a beautiful rendition of the classical piece.
typicalThe typical ensemble of the choir included a soprano, alto, and bass.
permanentThe permanent ensemble for the orchestra will consist of 45 musicians.
atomicThe atomic ensemble was prepared by optically pumping a cloud of atoms.
artisticThe artistic ensemble performed a captivating symphony, leaving the audience spellbound.
smallerThe movie was accompanied by a smaller ensemble of musicians.
impressiveThe dancers performed with an impressive ensemble
urbanThe urban ensemble of tall buildings and busy streets created a vibrant atmosphere.
infiniteThe infinite ensemble encapsulated all possible worlds and their permutations.
integratedThe integrated ensemble combines the predictions of multiple models to improve accuracy.
gaussianWe perform extensive numerical simulations of Gaussian ensembles of complex random matrices to calculate the corresponding level-spacing distributions.
symphonicThe concert featured a symphonic ensemble with over a hundred musicians.
richThe film boasted a rich ensemble of experienced character actors.
dramaticThe film's success was due in large part to its dramatic ensemble cast.
pureThe music had a pure ensemble sound.
unifiedThe unified ensemble performed flawlessly, earning a standing ovation from the audience.
representativeThe representative ensemble performed a captivating dance routine that showcased their cultural heritage.
remarkableThe actor's remarkable ensemble created an unforgettable performance that captivated the audience.
windThe wind ensemble performed a beautiful rendition of the symphony.
randomThe AI model utilized a random ensemble to achieve its predictions.
magnificentThe dancers moved in a magnificent ensemble on stage.
homogeneousIn aqueous solution, salt dissociates to form a homogeneous ensemble of its constituent ions.
institutionalThe institutional ensemble was a group of individuals who worked together to achieve a common goal.
famousThe famous ensemble performed a captivating symphony.
overallThe overall ensemble of the concert was breathtaking.
stationaryWe observed a stationary ensemble of background galaxies that can be used for weak lensing studies.
dynamicThe dynamic ensemble captivated the audience with its remarkable precision and energy.
memberThe member ensemble in our study was composed of 25 participants.
partThe part ensemble is a group of musicians who play together.
molecularThe molecular ensemble was characterized by its unique spectroscopic properties.
unitaryThe partition function of the unitary ensemble is given by Z = 1/N! * |det(H)|^2 * exp(-Tr(H^2)/2).
operaticThe operatic ensemble performed a captivating rendition of Verdi's 'La Traviata'.
blueThe woman wore a stylish blue ensemble to the party.
correspondingThe algorithm gives a higher weight to the corresponding ensemble
heterogeneousThe heterogeneous ensemble model achieved superior performance on the benchmark dataset.
woodwindThe woodwind ensemble played a beautiful symphony.

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