Adjectives for Enterprises

Adjectives For Enterprises

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing enterprises, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'enterprises' illuminates the landscape of business, but the adjectives preceding it add significant depth and color. Descriptors like 'public' and 'private' highlight the ownership and operational frameworks, often hinting at their scale and accountability mechanisms. 'Industrial' suggests a focus on manufacturing or production, evoking images of might and machinery. Meanwhile, 'small' and 'large' provide a direct window into the size and potential reach of the enterprises, affecting perceptions of agility and power. Lastly, 'owned' can specify particular ownership structures, offering clues about control and decision-making avenues. Each adjective paints a unique facet of enterprises, inviting a deeper exploration into their varied world. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that animate enterprises below.
publicThe government has been privatizing many public enterprises
industrialWe have implemented a number of energy efficiency measures in our industrial enterprises
smallWe support small enterprises with our loan programs.
privateMany private enterprises are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.
ownedOur company has a number of owned enterprises in different countries.
largeWe work with large enterprises to help them achieve their business goals.
newThe arrival of new enterprises has boosted the local economy.
commercialCommercial enterprises are often seen as the engines of economic growth.
foreignMany foreign enterprises have established business in the city.
variousThe conglomerate's various enterprises spanned across multiple industries.
scaleScale enterprises are small and medium-sized businesses that have the potential to grow into larger companies.
multinationalMultinational enterprises are large companies that operate in multiple countries.
individualThe government has introduced various schemes to promote individual enterprises
economicThe government is working to support economic enterprises in the region.
agriculturalMany agricultural enterprises have adopted sustainable farming practices to reduce their environmental impact.
localThe project supports local enterprises by providing them with business development services.
productiveNumerous productive enterprises are flourishing in the country.
largerFinancial institutions, larger enterprises and government agencies account for the majority of our business.
ruralRural enterprises are the backbone of the economy in many developing countries.
cooperativeCooperative enterprises are businesses that are owned and controlled by their members, who share the benefits and risks of the enterprise.
chineseChinese enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in the global economy.
smallerSmaller enterprises often have less access to capital compared to larger companies.
collectiveThe collective enterprises in the region have played a significant role in economic development.
capitalistCapitalist enterprises are growing rapidly in the global market.
domesticThe government has adopted a series of policies to support domestic enterprises
bigBig enterprises often face challenges related to data management.
largestThe largest enterprises are also the most complex.
successfulSuccessful enterprises are built on strong foundations.
corporateCorporate enterprises should focus on sustainable growth strategies.
japaneseJapanese enterprises have been investing heavily in the country in recent years.
profitableWe started several profitable enterprises last year and plan to double that number by the end of this year.
makingThe government is making enterprises more competitive by reducing regulations.
runHe has run enterprises for over 30 years and is the founder of three successful businesses.
sizedThe new grant program will help small and medium-sized enterprises adopt new technologies.
independentThe independent enterprises collaborated to promote economic development in the region.
numerousNumerous enterprises thrive in the bustling city.
educationalThe company's educational enterprises include a university, a research institute, and a publishing house.
operativeThe operative enterprises have been working diligently to complete the project on time.
basedWe should promote the foundation of based enterprises
socialistSocialist enterprises are businesses owned and controlled by the government in order to provide goods and services to the public.
vastThe company's vast enterprises spanned multiple continents.
criminalThe police raided several criminal enterprises in the city.
controlledThe controlled enterprises were said to be responsible for the majority of the illegal activities.
municipalThe city council voted to privatize several municipal enterprises
inefficientThe government has been urged to help inefficient enterprises improve their performance.
transnationalTransnational enterprises are corporations that operate in multiple countries.
unincorporatedUnincorporated enterprises are often the smallest form of business ownership, and they are typically owned by a single individual.
fundedThe government has set up a fund to help funded enterprises with potential for development and growth.
relatedThose related enterprises ultimately provide value to the customer and support the overall goal of the organization.
microMicro enterprises are small businesses with fewer than 10 employees.
competitiveThey promoted their school as a business that competes with other competitive enterprises for students.
charitableHe devoted the rest of his life to charitable enterprises
missionaryMissionary enterprises have a long history of providing healthcare in developing countries.
intensiveSome research works had been done to investigate the regional benefits of intensive enterprises that may provide interregional employment.
benevolentThe king donated to various benevolent enterprises
legitimateThey had legitimate enterprises but they also engaged in criminal activities.
giantMany giant enterprises are now using artificial intelligence to automate their processes.
philanthropicThe company has supported numerous philanthropic enterprises over the years.
virtualCompanies can create virtual enterprises to collaborate on projects and share resources.
nationalizedThe nationalized enterprises were a significant part of the Soviet economy.
speculativeHer speculative enterprises had made her independently wealthy by the age of 30.

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