Adjectives for Entities

Adjectives For Entities

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing entities, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the realm of description, selecting the right adjective to pair with the noun 'entities' can drastically alter the perception and understanding of the subject. Whether referring to 'other entities' to denote ones that are apart from the subject, 'separate entities' to emphasize their individuality, 'distinct entities' to highlight their unique characteristics, 'political entities' to focus on their governance aspects, or 'different and independent entities' to underscore their autonomy, each adjective brings a nuance that enriches our comprehension. Understanding these subtleties allows for clearer communication and deeper insights into the relationships and nature of the entities being discussed. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives suited for 'entities' and unlock the potential of precision in description below.
otherOur processes are designed to facilitate exchanges between you and other entities
separateThe two companies are now considered separate entities
distinctNumerical values known as integers are treated as distinct entities in mathematics.
politicalThe United States and Canada are two of the most powerful political entities in the world.
differentVarious different entities are focusing on different aspects of the problem.
independentThe two divisions operated as independent entities
legalMany legal entities have specific rules they must follow.
abstractThe philosopher pondered deeply about the abstract entities of the universe.
physicalThe physical entities present in the experiment were measured precisely.
publicPublic entities should be subject to the same standards of accountability as private entities.
actualThere are no actual entities that instantiate the universal.
variousVarious entities have contributed to the success of this project.
corporateSeveral corporate entities had been involved in the merger.
privateMany private entities are involved in the provision of healthcare.
individualThese individual entities could not be represented by the data available.
clinicalThe algorithm was developed and validated using three different clinical entities
realWe must accept the reality of real entities
discreteThe set of data was comprised of discrete entities
governmentalLocal governmental entities that receive funds under this Act shall comply with the requirements of this section.
specificMary met with specific entities such as Mike from accounting, Mary from sales, and Jane from marketing.
theoreticalSome theoretical entities are too complex to be easily observable.
externalThe company hired external entities to help with the project.
mathematicalMathematical entities such as primes, are often used to model real-world phenomena.
mentalThe mental entities that we experience are often difficult to describe.
largerThe larger entities have a greater share of assets and liabilities.
complexComplex entities interact with each other in a variety of ways.
spiritualThe ancient temple was believed to be inhabited by spiritual entities
biologicalBiological entities are the foundation of life on Earth.
culturalCultural entities are all the physical and non-physical creations of a group of people that reflect their shared beliefs and values.
linguisticThese linguistic entities are known as words.
commercialCommercial entities are not allowed to use this service.
concreteThe concrete entities are the objects that we can touch and feel.
functionalThe development of functional entities leads to faster data processing.
relatedThe related entities in the database are linked by a common identifier.
smallerThe merger of larger companies created smaller entities within the market.
collectiveOne or more collective entities can engage in conversation.
staticThe static entities in the system do not change over time.
multipleMultiple entities were involved in the incident.
organizationalThe partnership between the two organizational entities was highly successful.
metaphysicalMetaphysical entities such as God, spirits, and souls, are often the subject of philosophical and religious debate.
logicalWe need to consider a variety of logical entities in order to make a sound decision.
nonThe non entities were simply imaginary beings.
sovereignThe United Kingdom and France are two sovereign entities with their own unique histories and cultures.
unobservableThere are many unobservable entities that shape the world around us.
supernaturalThe seance attendees were bewildered by the presence of supernatural entities
fundamentalFundamental entities are basic concepts that form the foundation of a system.
regionalThe United States and the European Union are two powerful regional entities
spatialHe pointed to the spatial entities on the map.
conceptualConceptual entities are entities that do not have a physical existence and are created by the human mind.
diagnosticDiagnostic entities are used to identify potential problems and provide guidance on how to resolve them.
geometricVarious geometric entities were discussed.
administrativeThe government's administrative entities are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations.
territorialThe two regions acted as distinct territorial entities for many years.
dynamicThe dynamic entities in the system interact with each other to achieve a common goal.
fictitiousThe SEC seeks to enforce the law against fictitious entities used to illegally profit from the sale of securities.
objectiveObjective entities such as tables, chairs, and buildings, can be perceived by multiple people.
molecularThe molecular entities interact with each other to form various biological processes.
pathologicThese pathologic entities exhibit a wide range of morphologic appearances and biological behaviors.
isolatedThe isolated entities seemed to float in the void.
hypotheticalThe researchers explored the behavior of hypothetical entities in the model.
profitThe company's profit entities are growing rapidly.
stableStable entities form a base for further development.
nonprofitNonprofit entities are not-for-profit organizations that operate primarily for social or charitable purposes.
geographicalThe geographical entities of the world are vast and varied.
structuralThe structural entities within the substance are intricate and multifaceted.
eternalThe eternal entities exist beyond the confines of time and space.

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