Adjectives for Entity

Adjectives For Entity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing entity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an entity can significantly alter the perception of that noun. Whether referring to a separate entity, highlighting its uniqueness as a single instance, or deliberating its political or legal dimensions, each adjective carves out a distinct facet of its character. For instance, describing something as a distinct entity sets it apart, emphasizing difference and individuality. On the other hand, labeling something as a clinical entity might pivot the focus towards its analytical or medical relevance. The choice of adjective, therefore, not only modifies but enlightens, unveiling various interpretations and implications. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany entity, each shedding light on different nuances below.
separateThe company, despite being part of the larger corporation, is a separate entity with its own management and responsibilities.
singleThe single entity is responsible for all aspects of the project.
politicalThe political entity known as the United States of America was founded in 1776.
legalThe company is a legal entity separate from its owners.
clinicalThe clinical entity is characterized by a triad of symptoms including fever, rash, and lymphadenopathy.
independentThe company is an independent entity with no ties to other organizations.
corporateThe company, a corporate entity was found liable for the damages.
actualThe actual entity is the individual thing that exists.
physicalThe physical entity was composed of a number of smaller components.
nonHer absence felt like a non entity among the crowd.
realThe real entity behind the company is still unknown.
economicThe economic entity principle states that a company should be treated as a separate entity from its owners.
abstractI'm not sure I understand the abstract entity you're referring to.
nationalThe national entity has been recognized by the international community.
specificWe used a specific entity to complete the task.
individualEach individual entity is observed as a separate phenomenon.
largerPeople within the larger entity should cooperate with each other.
governmentalThe governmental entity responsible for this project is the Department of Transportation.
spiritualThe spiritual entity gently guided me to a secluded grove.
autonomousThe autonomous entity is responsible for its own internal affairs.
culturalThe cultural entity was preserved in the museum.
complexThe complex entity is composed of multiple components.
collectiveThe collective entity worked together to achieve their goals.
uniqueEvery person is a unique entity with their own experiences, perspectives, and values.
coveredThe covered entity must provide reasonable accommodations.
geographicalThe geographical entity in question is a large archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean.
homogeneousThe homogeneous entity of a given substance is attributed to its unchanging composition and properties.
externalThe external entity is responsible for data validation.
unifiedThe separate spaces were merged together into a unified entity
biologicalThe biological entity is composed of a complex network of interacting components.
staticThe static entity remained unchanged throughout the experiment.
organicThe organic entity is a complex system composed of many interacting parts.
metaphysicalThe metaphysical entity exists beyond the physical world.
fixedThe fixed entity remains in place and does not move.
rareThe rare entity was spotted crossing the road.
definiteThe definite entity is the one that is known to be true.
isolatedThe isolated entity languished in the forgotten corner of the room.
monolithicThe monolithic entity represents a large, complex system that is difficult to change or update.
concreteI need to purchase a concrete entity and have it delivered to site.
dynamicThe dynamic entity was constantly changing and adapting to its environment.
diagnosticThe diagnostic entity was not specified.
permanentThe permanent entity of the organization is committed to providing quality services to the community.
viableThe organization has become a viable entity after the merger.
pathologicalThe pathological entity was identified as a rare form of cancer.
consciousThe conscious entity is aware of its own existence and capable of independent thought and action.
organizationalThe organizational entity is responsible for the development and implementation of the project.
pathologicThe pathologic entity was identified as a malignant neoplasm.
palestinianThe palestinian entity has been struggling for independence for many years.
administrativeThe administrative entity is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization.
functionalThe new functional entity is responsible for managing the company's finances.
sovereignThe hospital is a sovereign entity
coherentThe coherent entity comprising the collection of systems used for the operation of the vehicles.
mysteriousThe mysterious entity seemed to vanish into thin air.
clinicopathologicThe clinicopathologic entity is defined by the tumor's histologic type, grade, and stage.
unknownThe unidentified flying object was investigated by an unknown entity
territorialThe disputed area between the two countries is a territorial entity
stableThe stable entity provided a comprehensive analysis of the situation.
logicalThe logical entity was defined as a set of rules and regulations.
taxableThe taxable entity is responsible for paying taxes on its income.
objectiveThe objective entity in this case is the company's financial statements.
linguisticThe linguistic entity is a word or phrase.
unitaryThis unitary entity was the particular unique feature I was referring to.
singularThe singular entity stood out among the crowd.
substantialThe company decided to set up a substantial entity to manage its international operations.

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