Adjectives for Entrance

Adjectives For Entrance

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing entrance, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for 'entrance' not only paints a vivid picture but also adds a layer of specificity that can transform a simple noun into an evocative and descriptive scene. Describing an entrance as 'main' or 'front' suggests a welcoming, often grandiose gateway, inviting exploration and discovery. 'First' can denote the initial threshold of an experience, hinting at the adventures that lie beyond. 'Principal,' similar to 'main,' emphasizes importance and prominence, while 'narrow' can imply a sense of intimacy or restriction, adding an element of suspense or coziness. Conversely, a 'back' entrance might whisper of secrets or private entries, setting a tone of exclusivity or hidden treasures. For a comprehensive exploration of how adjectives can enhance your descriptions, delve into the full list below.
mainI entered the school through the main entrance
frontI went into the store through the front entrance
firstMy first entrance into the world of art was through a small, local art gallery.
principalVisitors must use the principal entrance to enter the building.
narrowThe narrow entrance led to a spacious cavern.
backThe back entrance was poorly lit.
grand"Just when you thought you had seen it all, in came the performer, making a grand entrance that would be talked about for years to come."
onlyHe indicated the only entrance to the building.
westernI headed for the western entrance of the building.
rearThe delivery truck pulled into the warehouse's rear entrance
separateThe guest house had its own separate entrance
privateThe guest house has a private entrance
southernThe southern entrance to the park is closed for maintenance.
easternThe eastern entrance to the park is located off of Main Street.
archedThe arched entrance to the grand hall was supported by towering pillars.
northernThe northern entrance to the park was closed due to heavy snowfall.
southPark at the south entrance to view the attraction.
westThe west entrance of the park is open.
veryThe very entrance of the house was impressive.
northWe will meet at the north entrance when you arrive.
freeThe event offered free entrance to all attendees.
eastThe east entrance is located on the south side of the building.
originalThe museum's original entrance had been moved to the side of the building.
easyHe found easy entrance into the building.
secretI found a secret entrance to the castle.
wideThe hallway had a wide entrance
centralThe central entrance was crowded with people.
dramaticShe made a dramatic entrance sweeping into the room with a flourish.
deferredI have decided to take a deferred entrance to medical school next year.
suddenHis sudden entrance into the room startled everyone.
chiefMy son entered the college through the chief entrance
outsideThere is an outside entrance to the building that is not accessible to the public.
formalThe formal entrance to the castle was through a grand archway.
darkThe dark entrance led to a mysterious and unknown place.
outerThe outer entrance of the building was grand and imposing.
immediateThe immediate entrance of the guests was much appreciated.
triumphalThe emperor made a triumphal entrance into the city.
abundantHe has a very abundant entrance
collegeTommy is nervous about the college entrance exam.
monumentalThe building's monumental entrance was a testament to its grandeur.
triumphantThe general made a triumphant entrance into the city, his army marching behind him.
abruptSamson's abrupt entrance startled the choir.
readyThe ready entrance to the building was a welcome sight.
impressiveThe actor made an impressive entrance onto the stage.
hiddenI found a hidden entrance to the secret chamber.
nearestThe nearest entrance was half a block to the south.
sideThere is a side entrance to the building near the back.
ceremonialThe ceremonial entrance of the king was a grand affair.
unexpectedThe unexpected entrance of the clown startled the children.
solemnThe pope made his solemn entrance into the church.
gatedThe gated entrance to the community provided enhanced security for the residents.
safeThe gym's management ensured the safe entrance for the members.

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