Adjectives for Entries

Adjectives For Entries

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing entries, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe entries can greatly impact the perception and understanding of the subject. Whether discussing many entries that overwhelm with their quantity, the following entries that come sequentially, the detailed lexical entries in a dictionary, or the individual entries each with its unique characteristics, the range is broad. Describing entries with few or several further nuances how we perceive quantity and uniqueness among them. Each adjective brings a different shade of meaning, emphasizing aspects like number, sequence, or specificity. For a more comprehensive understanding of how adjectives sculpt our comprehension of 'entries,' explore the full list below.
manyThe directory contained many entries
followingThe following entries are included for your reference.
lexicalThe lexical entries for the word 'run' include 'run (a race)', 'run (a risk)', and 'run (a business)'.
individualEach individual entries in the list is a truthy value.
fewThere were few entries in the database.
severalSeveral entries in the journal were about the man's dreams.
separateThis menu provides separate entries for breakfast and brunch.
diaryEvery day, I write my thoughts in my diary entries
mainThe main entries in the dictionary are listed alphabetically.
variousNumerous folks have made various entries in the blog.
multipleThe tickets allowed for multiple entries
relatedThe related entries give details about the different topics.
additionalThe school has announced that there will be additional entries for the upcoming school year.
mostThe lottery had most entries from the people in the town.
necessaryYou must ensure all the necessary entries are completed.
originalHe made many original entries in his diary.
correspondingThe table lists the corresponding entries for each item.
diagonalThe diagonal entries of the matrix are all equal to zero
numerousAuthors submitted numerous entries for the science fair.
appropriatePlease make appropriate entries in the table below.
relevantConsider the relevant entries in the attached spreadsheet
dailyI forgot to make daily entries for my diary.
subjectThe librarian added the new books to the subject entries
falseThe ledger contained numerous false entries
briefHe made brief entries in a notebook each time he saw a bird.
biographicalMany biographical entries include details about the person's achievements and accomplishments.
subsequentYou will find subsequent entries in this section of the book.
properThese are proper entries
duplicateThe duplicate entries were removed from the database.
annotatedThe annotated entries provide more detailed information about each item.
bibliographicThe bibliographic entries in the paper provide a comprehensive overview of the research conducted on this topic.
previousThe previous entries were all incorrect.
bibliographicalThis article contains bibliographical entries that fail to meet the standards of academic publishing.
laterI'll provide you information on any later entries
earlierI should have read the earlier entries more carefully.
nonzeroThe matrix has nonzero entries in the first row and third column.
typicalTypical entries included the kinetics of cultivation, accumulation of a particular product, or metabolite production.
negativeThe bank statement had several negative entries
illegalThe police cracked down on illegal entries at the border.
abovePlease fill the above entries carefully.
doubleThe accountant used double entries to record each transaction.
regularHe made regular entries in his diary.
successiveWe cross-validated the model by using successive entries in our dataset as test and training sets.
frequentThe bank statement showed frequent entries of small amounts of money.
detailedThe researcher compiled a list of detailed entries for the experiment.
validThe contest had over ten thousand valid entries
zeroThere were zero entries in the database.
respectivePlease update your details in the respective entries
analyticalThe accountant meticulously reviewed the analytical entries to ensure their accuracy.
correctMake sure you fill-in the correct entries
interestingI was intrigued by the interesting entries in the museum catalog.
earliestThe earliest entries date back to 1997.
subThe various sub entries in the dictionary provide detailed information about each word.
fewerThe contest had fewer entries than expected.
winningThese are some of the winning entries from the last contest.
incorrectThere were many incorrect entries in the spreadsheet.
autotextI have created several autotext entries for quick and easy typing.
fraudulentThe auditors found fraudulent entries in the company's books.
consecutiveThe judge sentenced the criminal to two consecutive entries of life in prison.
occasionalThe register also contained occasional entries of punishments and fines meted out in military and civilian courts.
numericalThe exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, 50 true or false questions, and 25 numerical entries
forcibleThe police used forcible entries to gain access to the building.
triumphalThe triumphal entries were filled with jubilation and excitement.

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