Adjectives for Entry

Adjectives For Entry

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing entry, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an entry can significantly alter the perception of the subject. A first entry opens a narrative, imbuing it with a sense of new beginnings, while a main entry conveys importance and centrality. The last entry, on the other hand, carries a tone of finality and conclusion. A free entry suggests accessibility and liberation from constraints. Meanwhile, a triumphal entry adds a layer of victory and celebratory flair, and a diary entry personalizes the narrative, making it intimate and reflective. Each adjective colors the noun with unique nuances, evoking different emotions and expectations. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can transform the simple act of entering into a vivid and descriptive experience.
firstThe first entry for the database is complete.
main"main entry" is the headword in a dictionary or glossary.
lastWe must hurry; the last entry is in ten minutes.
freeThe museum offers free entry on the first Tuesday of every month.
diaryI wrote in my diary entry about the exciting events of the day.
nextPlease enter your next entry
singleJon tried to use single entry accounting but it proved to be too difficult.
originalThe original entry of the book was written in Latin.
doubleUse double entry to ensure accuracy in accounting.
forciblePolice officers gained entry to the building by forcible entry
separateWe provide separate entry for ladies and gents.
second"Second entry" is a phrase often used to refer to the second item in a list or sequence.
illegalIllegal entry into the country is a serious crime.
americanThe American entry into the war was a turning point in the conflict.
finalThey wrote their final entry in the journal before bed.
triumphantThe victorious king made a triumphant entry into the city.
directThe university provides direct entry to the top 1% of students.
initialMy initial entry was a bit bumpy, but I eventually got the hang of it.
britishThe British entry was met with mixed reactions.
easyGetting in was an easy entry
correspondingPlease include the corresponding entry with your request.
formalShe politely greeted us at the formal entry of the lavish palace.
previousThe previous entry was the best one yet.
forcedThe police had no choice but to use forced entry to apprehend the suspect.
actualThe actual entry is not a passport.
lateThe late entry caused a delay in the start of the race.
appropriateAdmission to the event will be granted to attendees with appropriate entry tickets.
typicalThe typical entry in the table is 100.
successfulThe candidate's successful entry into the top 10 marked a turning point in his career.
solemnThe crowd watched the solemn entry of the royal procession.
briefThe thief made a brief entry into the house and stole some valuables.
limitedThe conference has limited entry
unauthorizedThe guard caught the man making an unauthorized entry into the building.
properThe guest made a proper entry into the room.
unlawfulPolice arrested the suspect for unlawful entry into a private residence.
subsequentThe subsequent entry on the list was a mystery to me.
frontThe front entry of the house was adorned with a beautiful wreath.
rapidThe rapid entry of the enemy soldiers surprised the defenders.
officialThe official entry form must be completed in full.
competitiveThe university offers competitive entry for students from all over the world.
immediateThe doctor granted the patient immediate entry into the surgery room.
manualBy adding your card number manually in the manual entry section, you can make your payments.
sovietThe Soviet entry into the war on the side of the Allies was a major turning point.
abovePlease enter your address in the field above entry number two.
winningWe are glad to announce that your contest entry is our winning entry
correctEnter the correct entry to continue.
laterI'll let you know at a later entry
falseThe accountant made a false entry in the ledger.
grandThe grand entry of the king was met with cheers and applause.
temporaryThe temporary entry has expired.
lateralLateral entry refers to the admission of candidates to higher education or employment based on skills and experience, rather than traditional academic qualifications.
remoteKeyless remote entry allows for convenient and secure vehicle access.
suddenThe sudden entry of the masked figure startled the assembly.
rearThe hiker admired the rear entry of the cave.
latest"The latest entry in the database is a record of the most recent transaction."
royalThe royal entry of the king was met with much fanfare and celebration.
biographicalHe was an architect and is mentioned in the 1903 biographical entry
earliestThe earliest entry in the book is dated 1901.
dramaticThe actor made a dramatic entry striding onto the stage with confidence.
autotextAutotext entry is a feature that allows you to create custom shortcuts for frequently used phrases or text.
relevantPlease include the relevant entry in the list.

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