Adjectives for Envelope

Adjectives For Envelope

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing envelope, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an envelope can vividly alter its narrative or functional context. A nuclear envelope carries a scientific tone, critical in research discussions. Large envelopes suggest capacity and potential, useful in logistics and personal organization. The sealed envelope introduces an air of mystery or privacy, often seen in personal correspondence or confidential transactions. Meanwhile, a stamped envelope is ready for dispatch, linking to themes of communication and connectivity. The simplicity of a white envelope can signify formality or basic utility. Lastly, referring to an outer envelope can highlight protective purposes in packaging. Each adjective unlocks a unique aspect of the envelope, pointing towards the nuances in communication, utility, and privacy. Explore the full range of adjectives and the distinct dimensions they add to the humble envelope below.
nuclearThe nuclear envelope is a double membrane that surrounds the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.
largePlease put the letter in the large envelope on my desk.
sealedI carefully placed the sealed envelope on the table.
stampedPlease put the letter in the stamped envelope on the desk.
whiteHe received a white envelope in the mail.
outerThe outer envelope of the star was expanding rapidly.
brownHe handed me a brown envelope
smallI received a small envelope in the mail.
thickI received a thick envelope in the mail today.
longThe letter was sent in a long envelope
yellowI received a yellow envelope in the mail today.
blueThe blue envelope contained the long-awaited invitation.
bigHe opened a big envelope full of important documents.
thinIt contained only a thin envelope
plainHe opened the plain envelope and pulled out a letter.
openThe open envelope lay on the table.
gaseousThe gaseous envelope surrounding the planet protected it from the sun's harmful radiation.
innerThe inner envelope contained sensitive information.
externalThe external envelope of the virus is made up of a lipid bilayer.
redShe received a red envelope containing $100 from her grandmother.
fatHe reached into the mailbox with an eager hand and pulled out a fat envelope
separateThere was a separate envelope addressed to John Doe.
officialThe official envelope contained the important documents.
backThere was no return address on the back envelope
protectiveThe protective envelope surrounding the virus particle prevented it from being destroyed.
plasticShe put the documents in a plastic envelope
complexThe complex envelope of that signal includes information about its amplitude and frequency.
theI put the letter into the envelope and sealed it.
gelatinousThe jellyfish floated through the water, its gelatinous envelope rippling softly.
emptyI found an empty envelope on the table.
transparentHe peered into the transparent envelope and saw the wedding invitation.
softShe opened the soft envelope and read with trembling hands.
paidAfter the meeting, I received a paid envelope containing my bonus.
bulkyCarefully removing the bulky envelope from his leather bag, he slid out the letter inside.
squarePlease put the letter in the square envelope on the table.
fibrousLayers of fibrous envelope surrounding muscles are made up of sheets of collagen fibers.
pinkShe opened the pink envelope and gasped at the contents.
heavyMy uncle sent me a heavy envelope full of cash.
doubleHe sent a double envelope to ensure the letter's confidentiality.
atmosphericThe thickness of the atmospheric envelope can vary depending on the planet's size and gravity.
convectiveThe convective envelope of a star is the outermost layer where thermal energy is transported by convection.
sizedI need an appropriately sized envelope for this letter.
membranousThe membranous envelope of the cell is a thin layer that surrounds the cytoplasm.
paddedSarah placed the photographs into a large padded envelope
floralThe sepals and petals of a flower are known as its floral envelope
unsealedShe was too nervous to open the unsealed envelope
lookingShe pulled a looking envelope from her bag.
signalThe signal envelope is a function that describes the shape of the signal over time.
blankI found a blank envelope on my desk this morning.
smallerI folded the smaller envelope in half.
crumpledHe tossed the crumpled envelope onto the desk.
unopenedI stared at the unopened envelope on my desk, wondering what secrets it held.
exteriorThe exterior envelope consists of glass windows, and has a solar control coating to reduce heat gain.
closedI sealed the confidential information inside a closed envelope
bacterialThe bacterial envelope is the outermost layer of a bacterial cell, and it is composed of the cell membrane, the cell wall, and the capsule.
coloredHe opened the colored envelope and took out the letter.
cornifiedThe hair shaft comprises three layers: cuticle, cortex, and medullary cells, all of which are covered by a hair shaft cornified envelope
outsideIn order to put the letter in the mailbox, I needed an outside envelope
greenI received a green envelope in the mail.
sphericalThe spherical envelope of the star was surrounded by a dense cloud of gas.
grayHe put the gray envelope on the table.
solar"The solar envelope is the space around a building that is affected by its heating and cooling needs."
tinyShe checked her mailbox and found a tiny envelope addressed to her.
overallThe paper provides high-level system descriptions and design approaches and emphasizes the technical issues, guidelines, and their overall envelope
fascialThe fascial envelope is the outermost layer of connective tissue that surrounds a muscle.
foldedShe placed the folded envelope carefully on the table.
tissueI carefully extracted the fragile document from its tissue envelope
buffI placed the invitation in a buff envelope and mailed it to my friend.
gaussianThe gaussian envelope of the signal has a standard deviation of 10 units.
cellularThe cellular envelope is the outermost layer of the cell and acts as a barrier between the cell and its surroundings.
weeklyI use a weekly envelope system to manage my money.

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