Adjectives for Equipment

Adjectives For Equipment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing equipment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the perfect adjective to describe equipment can significantly alter the perception of your sentence. A new piece of equipment implies recent acquisition and pristine condition, inviting thoughts of innovation and efficiency. Electrical equipment, on the other hand, emphasizes its power source, hinting at its utility and potential complexity. Using special suggests a unique or customized aspect, making it stand out for its specific features. Electronic equipment calls to mind gadgets and technology, fitting in our digital age, while military equipment evokes robustness and precision. Opting for modern ultimately promises cutting-edge efficiency and design. Each adjective unlocks a different shade of meaning, enhancing the imagery and purpose of your discussion about equipment. Dive into our comprehensive list below to explore the full spectrum of possibilities.
newThe new equipment was installed last week.
electricalThe electrician checked all the electrical equipment before leaving the site.
specialAstronauts use special equipment to survive in space.
electronicElectronic equipment was used to collect data for the study.
militaryThe military equipment was deployed to the border to deter any potential aggression.
modernThe lab was well-equipped with modern equipment for conducting advanced research.
necessaryWe have all the necessary equipment to complete this project.
heavyThe construction crew used heavy equipment to move the large rocks.
standardThe car comes with standard equipment like a navigation system and heated seats.
mechanicalThe mechanical equipment requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
medicalThe medical equipment was state-of-the-art.
protectiveA hard hat and safety glasses are examples of protective equipment
expensiveThe laboratory is filled with expensive equipment and glassware
sophisticatedThe researchers used sophisticated equipment to analyze the data.
additionalThe additional equipment will be delivered tomorrow.
industrialThe industrial equipment was used to manufacture the parts for the new product.
personalHe stored his personal equipment in the locker provided.
specializedThe specialized equipment was essential for completing the complex scientific experiment.
technicalThe technical equipment was state-of-the-art.
properThe team was able to complete the project in time with the proper equipment
automaticThe automatic equipment swiftly carried out the task with remarkable efficiency.
basicThe hikers packed basic equipment for their overnight trip.
availableWe are using the available equipment to complete the task efficiently.
appropriateThe lab had all the appropriate equipment for conducting the experiment.
auxiliaryAvoid hazards using auxiliary equipment similar to fire extinguishers and first aid kits.
terminalThe terminal equipment is connected to the network through a modem.
betterWith better equipment he could have won the race.
mentalThe mental equipment needed for this task is a sharp mind and a good memory.
portableThe portable equipment was easy to carry and set up.
photographicThe professional photographer captures moments with his expensive photographic equipment
adequateThe hospital had adequate equipment to treat the injured patients.
agriculturalThe farmer used agricultural equipment to plow his fields.
scientificThe researchers used scientific equipment to conduct their experiment.
peripheralThe peripheral equipment for the computer was expensive.
rayThe ray equipment produced images that were of good quality.
suitableThe team will need suitable equipment for the expedition.
soundI picked up the sound equipment from the store yesterday.
relatedI need to order some related equipment for my new computer.
automatedThe factory used automated equipment to increase production efficiency.
conventionalThey used conventional equipment to complete the task.
essentialEssential equipment is required for this project.
latestWe use the latest equipment to ensure the highest quality products.
complexDue to the increase in the number of staff members, the company had to purchase complex equipment
elaborateWe used elaborate equipment to analyze the data.
electricThe electric equipment was malfunctioning.
commercialThe commercial equipment was delivered to the restaurant on time.
associatedThe associated equipment includes a microscope, a centrifuge, and a spectrophotometer.
digitalThe students used the digital equipment to complete their research projects.
intellectualBy his intellectual equipment he had been unfitted for his working life.
mobileThe mobile equipment was essential for the project's success.
durableThe durable equipment we use in our business typically lasts for many years.
ancillaryThe assembly of the ancillary equipment was delayed.
audioI need to buy some new audio equipment for my home theater system.
visualThe visual equipment in the room included a projector, a screen, and a computer.
adaptiveThe adaptive equipment helped her to regain her independence.
sensitiveWe have to be especially careful while moving these sensitive equipment
experimentalThe experimental equipment in the lab was state-of-the-art.
diagnosticThe mechanic used diagnostic equipment to find the problem with the car.
obsoleteThe company is now using modern equipment, so the old obsolete equipment is taking up space in the warehouse.
efficientUtilizing efficient equipment allows businesses to save on operational costs.
opticalThe optical equipment was carefully calibrated before the experiment.
extraThe team had to rent extra equipment for the project.
audiovisualThe theater includes upgraded audiovisual equipment for a more engaging movie experience.
costlyThe scientist was using costly equipment in his lab.
processingThe factory uses advanced processing equipment to manufacture its products.
inadequateThe team was forced to use inadequate equipment which hindered their progress.
mechanizedWorkers can use mechanized equipment to efficiently complete construction projects.
fightingThe knights carried their fighting equipment into the castle.
productiveThe company invested in productive equipment to increase efficiency.

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