Adjectives for Equity

Adjectives For Equity

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing equity, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe equity can subtly shift its meaning and emphasize various aspects of fairness or ownership. Whether discussing social equity, which focuses on justice and fairness within society, or greater equity, indicating a more substantial share or interest, the adjective selected paints a distinct picture. Terms like common equity and private equity delineate the realm of financial investments, whereas horizontal and intergenerational equity bring attention to the fair treatment across society and between generations, respectively. Each adjective paired with 'equity' unlocks new dimensions and perspectives, enriching the conversation. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'equity' to enhance your understanding and expression.
social"Social equity" refers to the fair and just distribution of resources and opportunities among all members of society.
greaterGreater equity would ensure that everyone has a fair chance to succeed.
commonCommon equity is the most common type of stock that represents ownership in a corporation.
horizontalHorizontal equity refers to the equal treatment of individuals with similar income and wealth.
intergenerationalIntergenerational equity refers to fairness between present and future generations.
privateI am interested in pursuing a career in private equity
debtThe company's debt equity ratio is 1.5.
foreignThe foreign equity market has been growing rapidly in recent years.
totalThe company had a total equity of $100 million.
naturalThe court will intervene to prevent a party from acting inequitably under the doctrine of natural equity
educationalEducational equity is when all students have fair and equal access to resources, opportunities, and support in their learning.
verticalThe concept of 'vertical equity' requires that people in different situations should face different tax rates.
sweatI'm willing to put in some sweat equity to help build this business.
moreThe company has been working to create more equity in opportunities for its employees.
economicEconomic equity ensures that everyone has the same opportunities to participate in the economy.
generationalAlthough a program may appear to be redistributive, if it produces or preserves a larger surplus for the future it may promote generational equity
netIn the first quarter, the company's net equity increased by 10%.
distributionalPromoting distributional equity is essential for a just society
negativeThe homeowner was facing negative equity on their mortgage.
internalInternal equity ensures that employees with similar roles and responsibilities are compensated fairly within the same organization.
corporateThe company raised $100 million in corporate equity financing.
internationalThe international equity markets have been volatile this year.
individualThe individual equity of the company is very high.
perfectThe proposal will ensure perfect equity among shareholders.
racialRacial equity is the fair treatment and opportunity for all people of color.
environmentalEnvironmental equity ensures that all people have equal access to clean air, water, and land regardless of their race, income, or postal code.
additionalThe additional equity raised by the company will be used to fund its expansion plans.
genderGender equity is the fair treatment of all genders.
externalThe company raised external equity from a venture capital firm.
distributiveThe government is determined to ensure distributive equity when allocating resources.
substantialOur bank provides competitive interest rates and substantial equity
regionalThe island nation put a high priority on regional equity
averageThe average equity in the market is around 10%.
globalGlobal equity** is the fair and just distribution of resources, opportunities, and outcomes across the entire world's population.
fiscalFiscal equity promotes equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of their family's income or location.
lessThe company has less equity than its competitor.
forThey defended the need for equity
intragenerational"Intragenerational equity" refers to the concept of fairness between members of the same generation.
strictThe judge ruled that the case should be settled according to strict equity
absoluteThe contract ensures absolute equity between the two parties.
enoughI do not have enough equity to buy the house.
sufficientThe buyer had sufficient equity to close on the house.
pureThe company was acquired for pure equity
residualThe lender will reduce the principal mortgage balance to a residual equity which will be held by the borrower.
domesticThe report includes domestic equity funds and international funds.
relativeThe company and its managers were rewarded with relative equity
outsideThe Series B funding round included outside equity from Accel Partners.
outstandingThe company has outstanding equity of over $100 million.
spatial"The main goal is to achieve spatial equity which is the fair distribution of resources across space."
mereThe mere equity of a situation often fails to account for the complexities of human behavior.
equalThe partners in the business have equal equity
preferredThe company raised $10 million in preferred equity from a group of venture capital investors.
quasiThe company's quasi equity was raised through a private placement.
allHe will own the building with all equity
priorThe prior equity investment was not successful.
homeThe homeowner used his home equity to secure a loan.
superiorThe trust's holdings provide investors superior equity exposure to global economic growth.
overallThe company needs to address the overall equity to redress injustice.
minimumThe lender requires a minimum equity of 20% for this loan.
australianThe Australian equity market has been performing strongly in recent years.
interregionalThe strategy was to improve interregional equity to make it easier for our government to provide services to the people.

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