Adjectives for Equivalent

Adjectives For Equivalent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing equivalent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuanced use of adjectives with the noun 'equivalent' can deeply enhance your communication. Whether describing the 'English equivalent' of a word, the 'mechanical equivalent' of energy, or the 'exact equivalent' in a comparison, each adjective shifts the meaning, emphasizing different aspects. Referencing a 'modern equivalent' might highlight contemporary relevance, while a 'functional equivalent' focuses on utility. Moreover, a 'moral equivalent' often delves into ethical substitutability. Such distinctions are pivotal in precisely conveying thoughts, underscoring the importance of adjective selection. Explore the full list of adjectives paired with 'equivalent' to master the art of nuanced expression.
mechanicalThe mechanical equivalent is the ratio of the work done to the heat energy used.
exactThis is the exact equivalent of the original.
modernThe modern equivalent of a quill pen is a ballpoint pen.
functionalThis functional equivalent is superior in every way.
moralThe quest for a moral equivalent of war is a noble one.
nearestThe nearest equivalent to a one-way ANOVA is a t-test.
frenchThe french equivalent of 'goodbye' is 'au revoir'.
americanThe American equivalent of the British pound is the dollar.
germanThe German equivalent of 'computer' is 'Computer'.
greekThe Greek equivalent of 'hello' is 'γεια'.
fullThe full equivalent would be the amount of money needed to buy the same amount of goods and services in another country.
latinThe Latin equivalent of quorum is quorum.
closestYou can use your closest equivalent to translate the word into your target language.
roughThe building was built in the early 20th century, and its rough equivalent in today's dollars would be about $50 million.
britishThe British equivalent of a dime is a ten pence piece.
femaleThe female equivalent of a rooster is a hen.
timeThe time equivalent of a light-year is about 6 trillion miles.
directThe direct equivalent of a word in another language can be found in a bilingual dictionary.
preciseThe precise equivalent of one US dollar is 0.83 euros.
fairThe amount of each kind of good that I am willing to give up in order to obtain one more unit of another good is called its fair equivalent
chinese"Chinese equivalent" is the English translation of Chinese words or phrases.
japaneseThe Japanese equivalent of 'hello' is 'konnichiwa'.
electrochemicalThe electrochemical equivalent of a substance is the mass of that substance deposited or dissolved by one coulomb of electricity.
verbalA verbal equivalent is a set of words that express the same idea as a nonverbal expression.
electronicThe electronic equivalent of a traditional lock is a door access card.
visualThe painting is a visual equivalent of the poem.
decimal0.75 is the decimal equivalent of 3/4.
literaryThe literary equivalent of a blockbuster movie is a best-selling novel.
russianI think they are making a Russian equivalent of "The Masked Singer"
effectiveThe effective equivalent of this statement is.
digitalThe digital equivalent of a traditional library is an online repository of books.
monetaryThe monetary equivalent of the voucher is stated on the face of the voucher.
annualThis long-term incentive will be worth the annual equivalent of $470,000.
electricalThe electrical equivalent of the parallel combination of two capacitors is the sum of their capacitances.
contemporaryThe contemporary equivalent of a floppy disk is a USB drive.
maleMy male equivalent is a handsome prince.
universalThe universal equivalent is the only commodity that has value in and of itself.
numericalThe numerical equivalent of the Roman numeral 'MCMXCIV' is 1994.
psychologicalThe psychological equivalent of a physical wound can be just as debilitating.
musicalThe musical equivalent to
europeanThe European equivalent of the dollar is the euro.
italianThe Italian equivalent of a hamburger is a panino.
dayOne day equivalent on Venus is approximately 243 Earth days.
romanThe Roman equivalent of 1984 is MCMLXXXIV.
sphericalThe spherical equivalent or visual acuity of the lens is measured in diopters.
symbolicThe symbolic equivalent of this equation is x = y.
standardThe standard equivalent of this unit is the kilogram.
secularThe secular equivalent of a sacrament is a rite of passage.
logicalThe logical equivalent of p or q is q or p.
emotionalThe emotional equivalent of a hug can be found in a warm smile.
metricThe metric equivalent of one pound is 0.45 kilograms.
spiritualThe spiritual equivalent of a physical workout can be just as beneficial for your overall well-being.
intellectualPeter is the intellectual equivalent of his genius brother.
closeThe new technology is a close equivalent to the old one.
sovietThe Soviet equivalent of the CIA was the KGB.
arabicThe Arabic equivalent is معادل عربي
mathematicalThe mathematical equivalent of a verbal argument is a proof.
feminineThe feminine equivalent of a prince is a princess.
thermalThe thermal equivalent of this friction force is 100 calories per second.
adequateThe insurance policy provides an adequate equivalent for the damaged goods.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory equivalent should be acceptable.
literalThe literal equivalent of 'raining cats and dogs' is that it is heavily raining.
canadianThe loonie is the Canadian equivalent of a dollar.

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