Adjectives for Essentials

Adjectives For Essentials

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing essentials, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe 'essentials' can profoundly impact the perception of necessity and importance. Whether they are 'other' essentials, suggesting an extension beyond the primary needs, or 'non' essentials, indicating items not absolutely necessary, each adjective shifts the focus. 'Bare,' 'basic,' and 'minimum' essentials emphasize the utmost simplicity and lack of excess, pointing to what is fundamentally required. Meanwhile, 'first' essentials mark the initial items one should consider. These nuances invite readers to think critically about what truly constitutes an essential in various contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'essentials' to more accurately articulate the significance and priority of what is essential.
otherWe also need to stock up on other essentials
nonWe can live without non essentials
bareSurvivalists prepare for doomsday by stockpiling the bare essentials
basicThe army provided basic essentials to the victims of the hurricane.
minimumThe minimum essentials were packed for the trip.
firstThe first essentials were shelter, food, and clothing.
certainThe grocery store had run out of certain essentials like eggs and bread.
barestThe backpacker only packed the barest essentials for his trip.
fewI packed only a few essentials for my trip.
mainThe main essentials for a camping trip are a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking supplies.
absoluteThe absolute essentials for survival include food, water, and shelter.
dietaryDietary essentials provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy body.
primeWe should focus on the prime essentials like food, water, and shelter.
importantThe important essentials for a satisfying life are health, happiness, and love.
veryI brought all the very essentials for my trip.
minimalKeep your packing to the minimal essentials
onlyI packed only essentials for my trip.
followingWe need to pack the following essentials for our trip: food, water, and shelter.
constitutionalThe constitutional essentials of democracy include free and fair elections, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.
chiefThe chief essentials for a successful expedition are careful planning and preparation.
primaryThe primary essentials for a comfortable life include food, shelter, and clothing.
fundamentalThe fundamental essentials for a successful life are love and happiness.
grandThe grand essentials were all in place.
structuralThe building's structural essentials include its foundation, walls, and roof.
broadWe agree on the broad essentials of policy and strategy.
necessaryTo survive in the wilderness, it is crucial to pack the necessary essentials
dailyDon't forget your daily essentials like your keys, wallet, and phone.
nutritionalA balanced diet should include a variety of nutritional essentials
nutritiveFibre is one of the nutritive essentials that is rich in fruits and vegetables.
vitalThe vital essentials of the mission were clear.
above"Above essentials" means everything that's beyond the necessary items for survival.
calledIt included simple tools called essentials
simplestThe simplest essentials are often the most satisfying.
obviousThe obvious essentials were all that was needed.
everydayToothpaste and shampoo are among the everyday essentials found in the bathroom.
elementaryElementary essentials include reading, writing, and arithmetic.
soleThe traveler needed to pack only the sole essentials for their trip.
respiratoryRespiratory essentials are oxygen, air, and the ability to breathe properly.
indispensableThe indispensable essentials are often the most overlooked.
threeGood food, good company, and good music are the three essentials of a great party.
someI packed some essentials before embarking on the road trip.

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