Adjectives for Establishment

Adjectives For Establishment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing establishment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an establishment can significantly alter the image conveyed to your audience. A military establishment evokes a sense of discipline and order, while a religious one suggests a place of worship and spiritual guidance. Meanwhile, a political establishment might be viewed as a hub of governance and policy-making. The size, whether it's a large or modest space, and its permanence, with terms like permanent, can also shift perception. Additionally, a medical institution immediately brings to mind health and healing services. Each adjective unlocks a unique facet of the establishment, offering a glimpse into its purpose and essence. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives capable of capturing the multifaceted nature of establishments.
militaryThe military establishment is a complex bureaucracy that is responsible for the defense of the nation.
religiousThe First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from establishing a religious establishment
politicalThe political establishment was slow to respond to the growing public discontent.
permanentThe company's permanent establishment in the foreign country is subject to local tax laws.
largeThe board meeting was held at a large establishment in the city.
medicalThe medical establishment is a complex and ever-changing system.
wholeThe whole establishment was in an uproar.
educationalThe educational establishment has been providing quality education for over a century.
literaryThe literary establishment has long been dominated by a select few voices.
successfulThe successful establishment of the new company was due to its innovative products and marketing strategies.
scientificThe scientific establishment was skeptical of his claims.
industrialThe industrial establishment was a hive of activity, with workers忙碌rushing about and machines clanking.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical establishment has been a source of controversy for centuries.
entireThe owners closed the entire establishment and repaired the broken window.
presentThe change is necessary given the present establishment's performance.
legalThe legal establishment has been slow to respond to the changing needs of society.
firmThe firm establishment of new colonies was essential for the expansion of the empire.
navalThe U.S. Navy has a large naval establishment in Norfolk, Virginia.
formalThe formal establishment of the new government was met with widespread skepticism.
separateThe two companies have agreed to operate as separate establishments.
finalShe was very grateful for the final establishment of the new organization.
commercialThe commercial establishment had a wide variety of products.
liberal"We've got to get out of the mentality that our growth is limited only to liberal establishment thinkers and institutions," he added.
regularI am a regular establishment and I am proud of it.
completeDespite the complete establishment of the new factory, there were still many issues to resolve.
immediateThe immediate establishment of a task force is crucial for the success of the project.
civilThe civil establishment includes all government agencies and their employees.
domesticHe was given a six-month sentence for burglary and criminal trespass of a domestic establishment
academicThe university's acceptance into the academic establishment was hard-won.
retailThe retail establishment had a wide variety of products to choose from.
initialThe initial establishment of the colony was in 1620.
officialThe official establishment of the new government was a momentous occasion.
mercantileThe mercantile establishment was a bustling hub of activity.
extensiveWe developed an extensive establishment well-supported with adequate technological infrastructure and a professional team of lawyers.
gradualThe gradual establishment of the new order took many years.
eventualThe eventual establishment of a democratic government was a long and difficult process.
monasticThe 20 monks of the monastic establishment chant gregorian melodies and cultivate an extensive garden.
federalAshley's manager told her the federal establishment was expanding so she would need to relocate.
largestHillandale Farms is the largest establishment with 1,200,000 hens.
sovietThe Soviet establishment had become rigid and inflexible.
subsequentThe subsequent establishment of the organization was a result of extensive planning and collaboration.
rapidRapid establishment of the new business was due to the high demand for their products.
anglicanThe Anglican establishment was rocked by the ordination of women in the 1990s.
colonialThe colonial establishment held sway over the local population for many years.
musicalThe concert was held at a prestigious musical establishment
vastThe vast establishment had a grand ballroom that could accommodate hundreds of guests.
royalThe royal establishment was a strong supporter of the war effort.
irishThe Irish establishment has been slow to embrace change.
intellectualMembers of the intellectual establishment gathered for the annual conference.
clerical"The clerical establishment was in turmoil"
nuclearThe nuclear establishment has been working on developing new technologies for decades.
splendidWe are delighted to invite you to a reception at our splendid establishment

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