Adjectives for Estimation

Adjectives For Estimation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing estimation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The choice of adjectives used with 'estimation' can significantly alter its meaning and the perception of the associated value or judgment. A 'quantitative estimation' implies a focus on numerical data, whereas a 'high estimation' suggests a value judgment. The adjective 'own' personalizes the estimation, making it subjective. Similarly, a 'public estimation' shifts the perspective to a societal viewpoint. The precision of an 'accurate estimation' contrasts with the potential limits implied by a 'maximum estimation'. Each adjective nuances the concept of estimation, enhancing understanding of its application and implications across different contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can accompany 'estimation' and explore the shades of meaning they convey.
quantitativeThe quantitative estimation of the project was conducted using a variety of methods.
highShe was held in high estimation by her colleagues.
ownIn my own estimation I am a pretty good writer.
publicHer public estimation was great.
accurateI used accurate estimation to calculate the cost of the project.
maximumThe maximum estimation of the project cost is around $100,000.
popularIn popular estimation he was the greatest general of his age.
directThe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, as determined by direct estimation
statisticalWe use statistical estimation to make predictions about the future.
generalThe general estimation of the project is about two months.
intervalInterval estimation is a set of statistical methods used to estimate the range of possible values for a population parameter.
highestHe is held in the highest estimation by his colleagues.
roughBased on a rough estimation the project will be completed by the end of next month.
lowThe company's stock was held in low estimation by investors.
nonparametricKernel density estimation is a nonparametric estimation method for obtaining a probability density function
robustRobust estimation allows the analysis of data even in the presence of outliers or errors.
simultaneousSimultaneous estimation provides a method for obtaining parameter estimates when the data set is dependent on several parameters.
empiricalWe used empirical estimation to predict the outcome of the experiment.
leastThe team won the game by the least estimation
higherThe higher estimation of the value of our contributions is encouraging.
correctThe correct estimation of the project's completion time was crucial for its success.
preciseThe precise estimation of the project's completion date is crucial for effective planning.
colorimetricColorimetric estimation is a method of determining the concentration of a substance by measuring the amount of light it absorbs.
reliableA reliable estimation is crucial for successful project planning.
visualThe visual estimation of the crowd size was over 10,000 people.
underThe data was under estimation
efficientThe efficient estimation is likely to be a small bias.
econometricEconometric estimation is a statistical technique used to estimate the parameters of a model.
recursiveThe Kalman filter is a common recursive estimation algorithm used in a wide range of applications.
linearWe used linear estimation to predict the future sales of the product.
properThe proper estimation of resources is essential for successful project management.
unbiasedThe unbiased estimation of the variance is obtained by dividing the sum of squared deviations by n-1.
betterWe can get a better estimation of the population if we conduct a census.
volumetricThe volumetric estimation of the tumor was 10 cm3.
parametricParametric estimation is a statistical technique used to estimate the parameters of a probability distribution.
rapidThe project manager conducted a rapid estimation of the project's budget.
optimalOptimal estimation was used for the numerical integration of the differential equations.
nonlinearNonlinear estimation is a statistical technique used to estimate the parameters of a nonlinear model.
jointThe joint estimation of the parameters can be performed by minimizing the negative log-likelihood function.
initialThe initial estimation of the project is $50,000.
consistentThe consistent estimation of econometric models is a critical step in statistical inference.
costThe cost estimation for the project was $1 million.
spectralSpectral estimation is a method to estimate the spectrum of a signal.
subjectiveThe subjective estimation of my friend is that this restaurant is great.
numericalThe numerical estimation of the project's cost came in at $500,000.
exactThe exact estimation of the project cost is still under discussion.
clinicalHer clinical estimation proved incorrect.
reasonableThe reasonable estimation took into account the costs and benefits.
adaptiveAdaptive estimation enables systems to adjust their behavior in response to changing conditions.
sequentialThe sequential estimation procedure is used to refine the estimates of the parameters involved in the model.
preliminaryA preliminary estimation of the project yielded a budget of over a million dollars.
lineThe line estimation for the new subway is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
qualitativeResearchers employ different methods, such as qualitative estimation to gather data about the present status of certain variables.
carefulWe did a careful estimation to ensure the accuracy of our results.
timeThe project required a time estimation of two weeks.
theoreticalThe theoretical estimation suggests a potential increase in revenue by 15%.
instrumentalInstrumental estimation is a statistical technique that uses instrumental variables to estimate the causal effect of an independent variable on a dependent variable.
posterioriThe inclusion of a priori information decreases the variance of a posteriori estimation
structuralAs structural estimation was a novel idea, little precedent existed for proceeding.
variableWe use statistical techniques to calculate variable estimation
gravimetricGravimetric estimation is a technique used to determine the amount of a substance in a sample by measuring its weight after converting it into a known compound.
realisticThe realistic estimation of the project's timeline was crucial for its success.
stageThe stage estimation is based on the curvature of the cervical canal.
quickThe quick estimation helped us make a timely decision.
approximateThe approximate estimation of the project's budget was far from accurate.
noninvasiveNoninvasive estimation of tissue function.
comparativeThe comparative estimation for the project is $100,000.
globalThe global estimation for the population of the Earth is 8 billion.
magnitudeThe magnitude estimation refers to a method of estimating the magnitude of an earthquake based on the intensity of ground shaking.

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