Adjectives for Estonia

Adjectives For Estonia

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing estonia, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Estonia, a jewel in the crown of Europe, offers a rich tapestry of experiences that vary dramatically depending on the adjectives it's paired with. The term 'Northern Estonia' evokes images of serene landscapes and midnight suns, while 'Independent Estonia' celebrates its robust, self-sufficient spirit. 'Southern Estonia,' on the other hand, might suggest a softer, perhaps more verdant aspect of the country, and 'Eastern Estonia' indicates a gateway to the cultural crossroads of Europe and Russia. 'Western Estonia' conjures thoughts of the Baltic Sea and rugged coastlines. With each adjective, the day in the life of this enchanting country takes on a new hue, offering a unique perspective on its identity. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that bring Estonia to life just below.
northernNorthern estonia is a region in Estonia.
independentAfter the collapse of the Russian Empire, independent estonia was established in 1918.
southernSouthern estonia is known for its beautiful forests and lakes.
easternEastern estonia is known for its beautiful forests, lakes, and rivers.
westernWestern estonia is a beautiful region with many forests, lakes, and rivers.
northeasternThe northeastern estonia is known for its beautiful forests.
occupiedThe Soviet Union occupied estonia for over 50 years.
freeFree estonia strong Estonia!
centralCentral estonia is a region in Estonia that includes the capital city of Tallinn.
modernModern estonia is a parliamentary republic with a unicameral parliament.
northwesternThis region is in northwestern estonia
westWest estonia is a beautiful region with many natural attractions.
southeasternTartu is located in southeastern estonia
southSouth estonia is known for its beautiful lakes, forests, and hills.
northNorth estonia is located in the northern part of Estonia.
contemporaryContemporary estonia is a modern and forward-thinking country with a rich history and culture.
tinyTiny estonia is a small country in Northern Europe.
ruralThe rural estonia is characterized by its vast forests and rolling hills.
interwarInterwar estonia was a period of great economic and social change.
postwarPostwar estonia experienced significant economic growth and social reforms.
ancientAncient estonia was a land of forests, lakes, and bogs.
prewarPrewar estonia had close relationships with Finland and created an independent economy based on forestry and agriculture.
formerThe former estonia is now a part of Russia.
continentalContinental estonia is located in the northeastern part of Europe.
southeastIn southeast estonia Lake Peipsi is the largest lake.
nearbyEstonia is a country located in Northern Europe, nearby estonia
democraticDemocratic estonia is a parliamentary republic with a unicameral legislature.
southwesternThe Saaremaa Opera Days, a classical music festival, is held every year in southwestern estonia
neighbouringI went on a trip to neighbouring estonia
northwestThe national sea park Vilsandi in northwest estonia the most important and traditional fishery areas.
medievalIn medieval estonia the largest and most powerful state was the Order of the Sword Brothers.
socialistSocialist estonia adopted the Constitution of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940.
coastalThe coastal estonia is known for its beautiful beaches and its rich history.
19thHer early life in 19th estonia is hardly touched upon.
neighboringFinland shares a long border with neighboring estonia
sinoSino estonia on Eesti naaberriik.

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