Adjectives for Europe

Adjectives For Europe

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing europe, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring Europe through its defining adjectives such as western, eastern, central, northern, and southern reveals a continent of contrast and unity. Each adjective not only geographically locates but also encapsulates the unique cultural, historical, and social nuances that make up this diverse region. From the modern innovations sprouting in urban centers to the ancient traditions preserved in rural areas, these descriptors paint a vivid picture of Europe's multifaceted identity. Delving into how these adjectives are used adds depth to our understanding of Europe, highlighting the rich tapestry of its countries and peoples. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most commonly used with 'Europe' and how they sketch the continent's many dimensions below.
westernWestern europe is home to many of the world's leading economies.
easternMany countries in eastern europe have joined the European Union.
centralPeople in Central europe frequently experience cold and harsh winters.
northernNorthern europe is known for its cold winters and long summers.
southernSouthern europe is a region with a rich history and culture.
modernModern europe is a continent of great diversity and contrasts.
continentalContinental europe is rich in history and culture.
medievalKnights in medieval europe were known for their bravery and skill in battle.
earlyEarly europe was characterized by a variety of cultures and languages.
southeasternSoutheastern europe is a region of Europe that comprises the Balkan Peninsula and the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.
northwesternNorthwestern europe is a region that includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.
unitedThe competition between European nations, especially the two world wars, led to an awareness that cooperation and a united europe were key to creating a safer and more prosperous future.
contemporaryContemporary europe is characterized by its diversity in terms of culture, language, and politics.
postwarPostwar europe faced a multitude of challenges in its reconstruction efforts.
mediaevalMediaeval europe was a time of great social and political upheaval.
northwestThe region of northwest europe is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history.
feudalIn feudal europe the king granted land to noblemen in exchange for military service and a share of the crops.
civilizedBarbarism is civilized Europe's just and due reprisal on those who have dared to question its prerogatives and to impugn its authority.
lateThe late europe is the era between the years 1500 and 1700.
industrialThe dazzling skylines of industrial europe are a testament to human ingenuity.
ancientThe ancient Europeans left behind numerous megalithic structures.
temperateTemperate europe has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil, making it a favorable region for agriculture and viticulture.
prehistoricPrehistoric europe was a period of human history that lasted from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age.
unifiedThe European Union is a unified europe of shared values and common goals.
middleThe cities of middle europe are known for their rich history and beautiful architecture.
integratedIntegrated europe has been a goal of many politicians and economists since the end of World War II.
southeastSoutheast europe is a region located in the southeastern part of Europe.
democraticThe democratic europe is a model for the world.
southwesternSouthwestern europe is a beautiful and diverse region with a rich history and culture.
civilisedCompared to the rest of the world, civilised europe is really peaceful nowadays.
northNorth europe is a region of the world that includes countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.
dominatedThe Romans dominated europe for centuries.
speakingI am speaking europe
preindustrialPreindustrial europe was a time of great economic and social change.
southSouth europe is a beautiful and diverse region with a rich history and culture.
sixteenthI have been to sixteenth europe
northeasternThe northeastern europe is home to many beautiful countries.
socialistSocialist europe is a region of the world that is characterized by its commitment to social democracy and democratic socialism.
monarchicalThe monarchs of monarchical europe convened in Vienna in 1815 to redraw the map of Europe after the Napoleonic Wars.
barbarianbarbarian europe overran the roman empire
prewarIn prewar europe tensions between nations were high.
interwarInterwar europe witnessed significant political, economic, and social changes that shaped the trajectory of the continent.
ravagedRavaged europe was slowly rebuilt over the course of many years.
industrializedIndustrialized europe rapidly expanded its colonial empires in the 19th century.
premodernPremodern europe was a time of great upheaval and change.
federatedThe European Union is a federated europe of independent states.
enlightenedEnlightened europe saw the rise of rationalism and the scientific method.
prosperousThe prosperous europe is a region of immense economic and political power.
wartimeMy grandfather fought in wartime europe

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