Adjectives for European

Adjectives For European

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing european, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the vibrant landscape of the word 'European' through its adjectives unveils a tapestry of cultural, geographical, and qualitative nuances. Descriptors like 'indo,' 'first,' and 'non' hint at the intricate relationships and perspectives within and outside Europe. 'Pan-European' evokes a sense of unity and collective identity across diverse nations. Meanwhile, 'average' and 'mid' offer a statistical lens, grounding discussions in the realm of the ordinary or median, providing a baseline from which to explore deviations. Each adjective, be it about origins, rankings, or characteristics, enriches the conversation, inviting a deeper understanding of European complexities. Dive deeper into how these adjectives paint a more detailed picture of the European context.
firstThe word Europe is derived from a Phoenician word which referred to the first european civilization.
averageThe average european consumes more than twice as much meat as the average global citizen.
midThe mid european climate is temperate.
modernThis modern european city is a popular tourist destination.
eastThe East european countries have a rich history and culture.
goodHe is a good european
americanAmerican european is a racial classification used by the United States Census Bureau.
centralThe central european country of Austria is known for its stunning Alpine scenery.
westThe west european countries have a long history of cooperation.
singleThe single european currency, the euro, was introduced in 1999.
northThe North european climate is characterized by mild winters and cool summers.
westernWestern european countries have a long history of art and culture.
trueThe true european is always aware of his responsibilities to his fellow man.
centuryThe 19th century european novel is a rich and varied field of study.
allAll european countries have their own unique cultures and traditions.
culturedI had a lovely conversation with a cultured european gentleman.
typicalThe typical european diet is high in meat and dairy products.
angloThe anglo european style is a popular choice for interior design.
contemporaryThe contemporary european art scene is thriving.
ordinaryThe ordinary european has a life expectancy of 78.3 years.
aboriginalThe aboriginal european culture is rich and diverse.
easternI am from eastern european
northernNorthern european countries often have long winter nights.
extraThe extra european visitors were fascinated by the ancient ruins.
intraThe intra european trade agreement has been beneficial to both the UK and the EU.
civilisedThe civilised european had advanced way of thinking.
cultivatedThe cultivated european is accustomed to the comforts of life.
intelligentThe intelligent european created a complex algorithm.
africanThe african european woman was very beautiful.
enlightenedThe enlightened european rulers of the 18th century believed in the power of reason and education.
southernThe southern european country of Spain is known for its rich history and culture.
afroThe afro european woman was proud of her heritage.
sophisticatedThe sophisticated european traveler explored the ancient ruins.
asianThe asian european man was very tall.
continentalThe continental european dish is named for its origin.
southThe south european countries are known for their beautiful beaches and delicious food.
transplantedThe transplanted european struggled to adapt to his new environment.
hypertensionHypertension european Society guidelines recommend antihypertensive drug treatment for high-risk patients aged 65 to 79 years with SBP of 140 mm Hg or higher or DBP of 90 mm Hg or higher.
canadianThe Canadian european woman was beautiful and intelligent.
recordedThe album's songs were recorded european musicians based in London.
industriousThe industrious european worked tirelessly to build a successful business.
refinedThe refined european family sat at a long table discussing their latest financial dealings.
peculiarlyThe peculiarly european lifestyle of the young man attracted attention.
medievalMedieval european art flourished during the Middle Ages.
wealthyWealthy european tourists often visit this city to shop for luxury goods.
leastThe population of the least european country, Hungary, is about 10 million.
uniquelyThe uniquely european focus on human rights has shaped its laws and policies.
tallThere was a tall european man walking down the street.
mediaevalThe mediaeval european church was a powerful force in the lives of the people.
partI am part european and part Asian.
genuineThe genuine european butter has a smooth, creamy texture and a rich flavor.

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