Adjectives for Evaluation

Adjectives For Evaluation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing evaluation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives used with the noun 'evaluation' can significantly alter its implication. A 'clinical evaluation' often conveys a structured, professional appraisal, while a 'critical evaluation' suggests a detailed and possibly stern review. An 'initial evaluation' implies the first step in a series, hinting at more to come, contrasted with a 'further evaluation' signifying the necessity of additional analysis. The term 'careful evaluation' emphasizes thoroughness and caution, whereas a 'self-evaluation' suggests a personal, introspective analysis. Each adjective paints a unique picture, highlighting different aspects of the 'evaluation' process. Explore the full range of adjectives and the distinct flavors they add to 'evaluation' below.
clinicalWe tried to overcome the difficulties of the clinical evaluation
furtherThe doctor recommended further evaluation of the patient's symptoms.
initialThe initial evaluation of the program showed promising results.
carefulAfter a careful evaluation we decided to proceed with the plan.
selfCompleting a self evaluation can help you identify areas where you can improve.
diagnosticThe patient has undergone a diagnostic evaluation to rule out any underlying medical conditions.
quantitativeThe quantitative evaluation showed a significant improvement in performance.
thoroughI conducted a thorough evaluation of the data to ensure accuracy.
preoperativeThe preoperative evaluation revealed no abnormalities.
medicalThe medical evaluation indicated that the patient was suffering from a rare genetic disorder.
economicIn the economic evaluation the ITT analysis set was used as the primary analysis set.
comparativeThis AI system outperforms the previous one based on a comparative evaluation of their results.
completeThe complete evaluation is due at the end of the week.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive evaluation of the project was completed last week.
formativeFormative evaluation is a type of assessment that is used to monitor student progress and provide feedback.
objectiveThe objective evaluation of the data showed that there was a significant difference between the two groups.
psychiatricI need to schedule a psychiatric evaluation as soon as possible.
finalThe final evaluation of the project will be conducted next week.
properThe project's success will depend on a proper evaluation of the risks involved.
systematicThe systematic evaluation of the program led to significant improvements in efficiency.
subjectiveThe subjective evaluation of the performance was positive.
overallThe overall evaluation of the program was positive.
statisticalThe statistical evaluation showed a significant difference between the two groups.
detailedThe detailed evaluation of the project will commence next week.
prospectiveResearchers conducted a prospective evaluation of the intervention's effect.
experimentalThe experimental evaluation of the proposed method was conducted on a benchmark dataset.
psychologicalThe psychological evaluation revealed that the patient was suffering from severe anxiety.
accurateThe system provides an accurate evaluation of the student's progress.
formalThe performance survey is a formal evaluation of a worker's skills and abilities.
preliminaryThe preliminary evaluation of the project found it to be feasible.
moralA moral evaluation is a judgement about the rightness or wrongness of an action.
summativeThe summative evaluation will measure student learning at the end of the unit.
radiographicRadiographic evaluation with lumbar flexion-extension views and all hyperextended views was performed.
numericalNumerical evaluation was carried out using MATLAB version R2020a.
extensiveThe business used extensive evaluation to select the most qualified candidate for the position.
qualitativeThe qualitative evaluation of the new product was overwhelmingly positive.
empiricalAn empirical evaluation of the model's performance on the test set is conducted.
independentThe company relied on an independent evaluation to assess the project's feasibility.
continuousThe school uses continuous evaluation to monitor student progress throughout the year.
adequateThe lesson plan did not receive an adequate evaluation
ongoingThe ongoing evaluation of the project is essential for ensuring its success.
educationalThe premise of educational evaluation is the need to plan improvement based on evidence.
periodicThe company's performance was assessed through periodic evaluation
termThe term evaluation was conducted by a team of experts.
functionalThe functional evaluation of the new software was positive.
scientificThe scientific evaluation of the data showed a significant correlation between the two variables.
routineThe routine evaluation of the system is essential to ensure its optimal functioning.
basedThe based evaluation determined that the candidate was well-qualified for the position.
appropriateThe appropriate evaluation of the situation was critical to their success.
subsequentThe subsequent evaluation revealed a significant improvement in the patient's condition.
rigorousWe conducted a rigorous evaluation of the program's effectiveness.
effectiveThe company's effective evaluation system ensured that the most qualified candidates were hired.
externalThe external evaluation of the program was very positive.
neuropsychologicalA neuropsychological evaluation can help identify cognitive impairments that may be impacting daily functioning.
radiologicRadiologic evaluation revealed a small, well-circumscribed mass in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen.
sensorySensory evaluation is a scientific discipline used to evaluate the sensory properties of food and other products.
histologicThe histologic evaluation revealed the presence of atypical cells.
partialThe partial evaluation algorithm can be applied to improve the performance of a program.
controlledThe controlled evaluation of the new drug showed promising results.
preciseA precise evaluation of the data is necessary for accurate results.
realisticRealistic evaluation is an approach to evaluating programs that takes into account the complex and often messy reality of program implementation.
correctThe correct evaluation will ensure accuracy and consistency in the scoring process.
nondestructiveThe nondestructive evaluation results showed that the component was still within acceptable limits.
patientThe patient evaluation was thorough and included a complete physical examination.
neurologicWith the neurologic evaluation results the doctor made a wrong diagnosis.
microscopicDuring the microscopic evaluation of the specimen, abnormal cells were observed.
rapidThe rapid evaluation of the data yielded valuable insights.
noninvasiveThe noninvasive evaluation is a screening tool used in early detection.
yearThe company's year evaluation was positive.
neurologicalThe patient underwent a thorough neurological evaluation which revealed no abnormalities.
cardiacThe cardiac evaluation revealed no abnormalities.
retrospectiveThe retrospective evaluation showed that the new policy was effective.

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