Adjectives for Evaluations

Adjectives For Evaluations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing evaluations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe evaluations can significantly alter the perception of the feedback or analysis being presented. An overall evaluation hints at a comprehensive overview, whereas such evaluations might suggest specificity or comparison. When evaluations are termed negative or positive, they directly impact the morale and future actions of those being assessed. The term subjective adds a layer of personal judgment, highlighting the evaluator's personal bias or perspective. Conversely, economic evaluations focus on the financial impacts and outcomes. Each adjective shapes the reader's understanding and expectations towards the evaluation. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with evaluations, revealing the nuances each brings to the table.
overallOverall evaluations of the meeting were positive.
suchMaking such evaluations can be difficult
negativeThe new restaurant received negative evaluations for its slow service.
positiveThe students received positive evaluations from their instructors.
economicEconomic evaluations are an important tool for decision-making in health care.
clinicalThe research team will conduct clinical evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the new treatment regimen.
criticalThe company received a great deal of critical evaluations for their new product
periodicWe conduct periodic evaluations to ensure that our systems are operating as intended.
moralThese moral evaluations are subjective.
mostMost evaluations include an interview with the project manager and some key stakeholders.
formalThe human resources department conducted formal evaluations of all employees.
psychologicalThe psychological evaluations were conducted by a team of experienced psychologists.
selfI think self evaluations are essential for personal growth.
medicalThe patient underwent a series of comprehensive medical evaluations
recentWe analyzed the company's financial performance based on recent evaluations
individualThe manager conducted individual evaluations for each employee.
comparativeComparative evaluations are assessments that compare two or more items or concepts based on specific criteria.
diagnosticThe clinic can provide diagnostic evaluations for patients with suspected sleep disorders.
independentThe council will conduct two independent evaluations of the program.
specificThe professor provided specific evaluations on each student's performance.
formativeThe teacher used formative evaluations to assess students' understanding throughout the unit.
initialThe initial evaluations were positive.
objectiveThe objective evaluations were based on a rubric.
psychiatricHe underwent a series of psychiatric evaluations to determine his competency to stand trial.
quantitativeThe quantitative evaluations were conducted with rigorous statistical methods.
favorableThe employer received favorable evaluations from the employees in the survey.
previousThe previous evaluations were very positive.
subsequentThe subsequent evaluations were conducted to assess the efficacy of the treatment.
detailedThe firm will be providing detailed evaluations of all employee performances.
experimentalThis research takes an experimental evaluations approach by conducting two user studies.
annualThe company conducts annual evaluations to assess employee performance.
summativeThe students should submit their summative evaluations by Friday.
statisticalThe research team conducted statistical evaluations to determine the significance of their findings.
comprehensiveThe team conducted comprehensive evaluations of the new product.
retrospectiveRetrospective evaluations of the company's performance revealed a steady decline in sales.
forensicThe suspect underwent a series of forensic evaluations to assess his mental competence.
systematicThe researchers conducted systematic evaluations of the data.
empiricalThe empirical evaluations were conducted to assess the effectiveness of the intervention.
rigorousThe researchers conducted rigorous evaluations to validate the effectiveness of their intervention.
qualitativeThe research team used qualitative evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the intervention.
futureWe need to incorporate objective measurements into future evaluations
basedThe company conducted the based evaluations on the performance of its employees.
externalThe company has undergone external evaluations to ensure compliance with industry standards.
regularWe conduct regular evaluations to ensure our employees are always improving.
preliminaryThe preliminary evaluations were positive for the research project.
numericalThe numerical evaluations were conducted with great accuracy.
accurateAccurate evaluations are crucial for making informed decisions.
carefulThe team made careful evaluations before presenting their findings.
internalThe company conducted internal evaluations to assess the performance of its employees
frequentFrequent evaluations were key to their progress.
termWe will consider term evaluations to get the initial weights for the experts.
globalGlobal evaluations are used to assess the overall performance of a system.
separateThe independent contractor's work will be judged based on separate evaluations one by each client.
neuropsychologicalNeuropsychological evaluations can provide information about a person's cognitive functioning.
routineThe doctor recommended routine evaluations to monitor his patient's health progress.
technicalTechnical evaluations were conducted to investigate the issue further.
aestheticWe can make aesthetic evaluations of the work of artists such as painters or musicians.
informalWe gather feedback from our students through informal evaluations
cognitiveCognitive evaluations are subjective judgments that people make about the world around them.
ongoingWe are conducting ongoing evaluations to ensure that the project is on track to meet the expected outcomes.
multipleThe boss gave multiple evaluations to his employees.
thoroughThe researchers made thorough evaluations of the data to ensure the accuracy of the results.
functionalThe medical team conducted functional evaluations to assess the patient's mobility.
controlledThe study consisted of controlled evaluations of the safety and tolerability of each drug.
ethicalEthical evaluations are a matter of personal opinion.
longitudinalLongitudinal evaluations provide insight into the trajectory of change over time.

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