Adjectives for Everybody

Adjectives For Everybody

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing everybody, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to accompany 'everybody' can significantly influence the tone and clarity of a sentence. Adjectives like 'most', 'sure', 'much', 'good', 'next', and 'last' offer subtle but distinct nuances. For instance, 'most everybody' hints at a vast majority, while 'sure everybody' conveys a sense of collective certainty. Conversely, 'good everybody' may be less common but can exude a warm, inclusive vibe in casual or creative contexts. Each adjective carries its unique flavor, affecting how a statement is perceived and understood. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover how each can alter the essence of 'everybody' in your writing.
mostMost everybody enjoys a good, juicy burger.
muchMuch everybody likes pizza.
nextNext everybody had a turn to speak at the meeting.
lastLast everybody sat around the campfire, enjoying the warmth and company.
onlyOnly everybody can truly understand the hardships faced by those in poverty.
rightRight everybody let's get started.
astonishedThe unexpected news astonished everybody
surprisedTheir sudden victory surprised everybody
dayGood day everybody
pleasedThe new policy pleased everybody
pastThe runners pushed past everybody to get to the finish line first.
clearClear everybody out!
interestedHis plan interested everybody
minuteMinute everybody the show is about to begin.
quietQuiet everybody please.
satisfiedHis winning proposal satisfied everybody
bigThere is a big everybody in the room.
convincedThe presentation given by the student convinced everybody that he was prepared
deceivedThe cunning fox deceived everybody with its clever disguise.
surprisingHis retirement came as a shock, surprising everybody
delightedThe show delighted everybody
forGood morning for everybody
scaredHis sudden yell scared everybody
nighThe plan was supported by nigh everybody
aboveThe best thing about the new apartment was the rooftop garden, which seemed to float above everybody else in the city.
whilstWhilst everybody was watching, the cat jumped on the table.
shockedThe unexpected announcement shocked everybody
frightenedThe strange noise frightened everybody
roundThe coach asked the players to round everybody up for practice.
instantThe instant everybody arrived we started the game.
insideInside everybody there is a little bit of everybody else.
dearDear everybody I am so grateful for your support.
pleasingPleasing everybody is an impossible task.
likeI love to go to the park like everybody else.
charmingThe young prince charming everybody with his infectious smile and kind heart.
wouldWould everybody please be quiet while I am speaking.
alarmedThe sudden explosion of the volcano alarmed everybody
sorrySorry everybody I didn't mean to interrupt.
startlingHer hair grew three feet in one night, startling everybody
greetHow do you do? I'm pleased to greet everybody
gladI am glad everybody is having a good time.
madeThe delicious chocolate cake made everybody very happy.
gonnaThey are all gonna everybody dance the night away.
ruinedHis love for adventure ruined everybody
pecuniaryPecuniary everybody contributed to the cause.
everythingEverything everybody does is important.
irritatingThe darn dog was irritating everybody with its incessant barking.

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