Adjectives for Everyone

Adjectives For Everyone

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing everyone, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'everyone' can subtly change the meaning and tone of a sentence. For instance, 'most everyone' suggests a majority, while 'sure everyone' infers confidence in inclusivity. 'Next everyone' could imply a sequential action involving people, whereas 'much everyone' isn't commonly used, posing a uniqueness in dialogue. 'Only everyone' emphasizes exclusivity, and 'certain everyone' hints at specificity amongst a group. Each adjective adds a layer of nuance, directly affecting the reception of your message. Dive into the full range of adjectives paired with 'everyone' to enhance your writing with precision and depth.
mostMost everyone was happy to see the show.
sureI'm sure everyone has their own opinion on the matter.
nextHow should I help next everyone?
muchMuch everyone is quite talented.
onlyOnly everyone knows the truth.
certainCertain everyone agrees that the earth is round.
surprisingThe unexpected move ended up surprising everyone
surprisedHis sudden resignation surprised everyone
pastHe sped past everyone on the freeway.
convincedTheir swift and decisive actions convinced everyone
clearSecurity, clear everyone from the building immediately.
astonishedHis unexpected arrival at the event astonished everyone
meanHe was mean everyone whatever he speaks.
futureFuture everyone will have access to the best healthcare.
forThis store has discounts for everyone
leftThe news of their departure left everyone in shock.
wouldWould everyone please be quiet?
quietQuiet everyone please.
pleasedThe news of his promotion pleased everyone
delightedThe news delighted everyone in the town.
shockedThe news of his resignation shocked everyone
whilstWhilst everyone waited, the tension slowly grew.
gladI am glad everyone could make it
satisfiedThe outcome of the meeting satisfied everyone
encouragingShe thanked the volunteers for encouraging everyone to register to vote.
enoughThe cake was enough everyone
dayGood day everyone
minuteMinute everyone who enters the building.
interestedThe news interested everyone
frightenedThe monster's roar frightened everyone
greetI greet everyone with a warm smile.
secretThe secret everyone seemed to know.
afraidThe leader was afraid everyone would reject his proposal.
outsideThe protesters gathered outside everyone's houses.
affectedThe outbreak of the virus affected everyone in the city.
soonSoon everyone will be able to fly.
deceivedHis cunning deception deceived everyone
instantThe instant everyone heard the news, they rushed to the scene.
ahnostAhnost everyone in the city was excited about the new park.
wellWell everyone I'm glad we could all make it.
roundPlease round everyone up, we're about to start.
readyAre you all ready everyone?
excitedThe news excited everyone

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