Adjectives for Everything

Adjectives For Everything

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing everything, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'everything' can subtly change the tone and meaning of a sentence, offering a nuanced view. 'Most everything' suggests a vast, almost complete range, whereas 'much everything' hints at a large quantity or degree. 'Short everything', though less common, could imply a brief, possibly insufficient, collection of items or experiences. 'Worth everything' speaks to invaluable significance, suggesting that something holds supreme value. 'Above everything', on the other hand, places priority or importance over all else. Being 'sure of everything' conveys a strong sense of confidence or certainty. Each adjective unlocks a unique perspective, enriching our descriptions and narratives. Discover how each of these adjectives, and more, add depth and clarity when used with 'everything'.
mostMost everything John has is blue.
shortShe wore short everything from her shorts to her shirt.
worthThe experience was worth everything
aboveThere is nothing above everything else.
sureI'm sure everything will be fine.
ruinedHe ruined everything with his careless mistake.
lastLast everything was gone, and there was nothing left.
leftHe left everything behind.
clearClear everything away so we can start again.
nextThe next everything is what you make it.
meanYou mean everything to me.
outside"Way, way, way outside everything."
cleanWe should clean everything
suddenThe sudden everything made it difficult to make sense of the situation.
rightMake sure to right everything down.
coveredThe comprehensive report covered everything of importance.
pastMy journey past everything was a great experience.
dayThe day everything clicked, I felt like I could conquer the world.
antiI'm so anti everything right now.
understoodI understood everything
testTest everything before using it.
preparedI prepared everything for the trip.
nighI find nigh everything about this place to my liking.
coloredThe bright sunlight colored everything around me with a vibrant glow.
controlledShe controlled everything with an iron fist.
illuminatingThe beaming sun was illuminating everything in its path.
wonderfulI am having a wonderful everything
mustMust everything go according to plan?
learntHe learnt everything there was to know about the subject.
obscuredDense smoke obscured everything in sight.
lostThe hurricane had left him lost everything with no home, no family, and no possessions.
doubleDouble everything to achieve maximum effectiveness.
cookedShe cooked everything on the menu.
divineThe divine everything is the ultimate source of all that is.
mixedShe mixed everything in the bowl vigorously.
exaggeratedJanice exaggerated everything even the most mundane events.
minuteThe instructional video covered minute everything about creating a website.
smashedThe angry child smashed everything he could reach.
selectI select everything
burntThe fire burnt everything in its path.
roundThe carpenter had to round everything to the nearest centimeter.
readyI have ready everything for the trip.
falseFalse everything is false.

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