Adjectives for Evil

Adjectives For Evil

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing evil, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the context of literature and life, the adjective associated with 'evil' intriguingly shifts our perception of morality and intent. The term 'great evil' signifies a profound impact, often swaying nations or altering histories. 'Moral evil', conversely, navigates the philosophical dimensions of ethics and vice. The juxtaposition of 'necessary evil' invites debates on the sacrifices for the greater good, while 'good evil' challenges our understanding of binary morals. The use of 'much evil' emphasizes the extent or impact, and 'lesser evil' suggests a choice between two negatives. These adjectives paint a nuanced picture of our interpretation of evil, influencing both judgment and empathy. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives enriching the noun 'evil' below, revealing the complexity within seemingly straightforward terms.
greatThe great evil that lurks in the shadows must be vanquished.
moralMoral evil is not necessarily against the law, but it goes against what is considered morally right or acceptable.
necessaryThe necessary evil of cleaning up the mess was worth it in the end.
muchThe world is full of much evil
lesserThe lesser evil was still a difficult choice to make.
greaterThe greater evil in the end, is not to feel anything at all.
greatestThe greatest evil is that which we do in the name of good.
moreThe dark forces at play were more evil than I could have ever imagined.
onlyOnly evil resided in his heart.
seriousThe serious evil of our time is indifference.
realThe real evil lies not in the act itself, but in the intention behind it.
naturalThe earthquake was a natural evil that caused widespread destruction.
physicalThe physical evil of the storm left many homeless.
radicalThe radical evil of the act shocked the community.
lessIt's the less evil option.
pureThe heinous crime was pure evil
unmixedThe devil was an unmixed evil tempting people with false promises.
unmitigated"Unmitigated evil" radiated from the malevolent sorcerer.
worstThe worst evil is that which is perpetrated under the guise of virtue.
positiveThe positive evil of the world is a force that can be used for good.
inherentlyThe darkness that dwelled within him was inherently evil leaving no room for redemption.
worseThe spread of misinformation online is becoming an even worse evil as people now live majority of their lives on the internet.
terribleThe terrible evil of the wicked man's heart was evident in his every action.
impendingThe impending evil cast a long shadow over the once-peaceful village.
leastSometimes you have to choose the least evil option.
infiniteThe echoes of infinite evil linger in the shadows, haunting the hearts of the innocent.
ultimateThe ultimate evil lurked in the shadows, waiting for its moment to strike.
inherentThe inherent evil within the creature was palpable.
partialThe partial evil of the world is often more insidious than its overt manifestations.
chiefThe chief evil of the day is the proliferation of falsehoods, either through ignorance or deceit.
monstrousThe monstrous evil that lurked in the shadows sent shivers down their spines.
essentialIt was time to forget the supposed loyalty of friends and embrace the essential evil that allowed a man to protect his family alone.
unavoidableThe unavoidable evil was a necessary sacrifice.
apparentHer apparent evil was no match for the power of good.
intrinsicThe act of murder is considered an intrinsic evil
hereditaryThe hereditary evil had been passed down for generations, leaving a trail of broken lives and shattered dreams in its wake.
inevitableThe inevitable evil struck the world, leaving behind only desolation and despair.
temporaryThe temporary evil had been defeated by the forces of good.
supremeThe supreme evil lurking within the depths of the shadows threatened to consume all hope.
enormousThe enormous evil of war cannot be overstated.
graveThe grave evil that lurks within the shadows threatens to consume all.
dreadfulThe dreadful evil consumed the land, leaving behind a trail of despair and ruin.
soreThe sore evil was spreading among the people.
metaphysicalMetaphysical evil is the evil that exists independently of human will or action.
intolerableThe intolerable evil haunted him in his waking nightmare.
unnecessaryThis action was viewed as an unnecessary evil
universalThe universal evil of war has claimed countless lives throughout history.
threatenedThe threatened evil lurked in the shadows, ready to strike.
giganticThe gigantic evil lurked in the shadows, waiting to strike.
gratuitousThe gratuitous evil shocked all who witnessed it.
unspeakableThe unspeakable evil that lurked in the shadows haunted the innocent.

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