Adjectives for Exam

Adjectives For Exam

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exam, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an exam can significantly shift its meaning, underscoring various aspects of its nature and implications. A physical exam highlights its hands-on, bodily focus, while a final exam denotes its conclusive role in an academic course. A comprehensive exam suggests an inclusive, all-encompassing scope, contrasting with a medical exam that specifies its health-related focus. Moreover, a pelvic exam narrows down the subject matter to a specific area of the body, and an oral exam moves the focus to verbal skills and knowledge articulation. Each modifier opens a unique dimension of understanding and expectation. Dive into the full list below to explore the extensive nuances these adjectives bring to the noun exam.
physicalThe doctor performed a physical exam to check the patient's overall health.
finalI was nervous about my final exam in calculus.
comprehensiveCarla has finally completed her comprehensive exam
medicalHe scheduled his medical exam with the new doctor.
pelvicShe went to the doctor's office for a pelvic exam
oralI am well-prepared for my oral exam
rectalDr. Smith will be performing a rectal exam on the patient to check for any abnormalities.
writtenI have to study for my written exam tomorrow.
neurologicA neurologic exam was conducted to assess motor and cognitive function.
completeThe student spent weeks studying for their complete exam
clinicalThe patient's clinical exam was unremarkable.
lastI hope that I will pass the last exam
neurologicalDuring the neurological exam a neurologist checks the function of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.
mentalThe mental exam revealed no signs of cognitive impairment.
thoroughThe doctor performed a thorough exam on the patient.
actualI studied hard for the actual exam
routineThe patient is due for a routine exam
digitalI took a digital exam last week.
annualThe doctor reminded me that my annual exam is coming up.
nationalThe national exam will be held next week.
civilI am preparing for a civil exam this year.
normalThe student was too nervous during his normal exam
initialI'll schedule an initial exam for you next Tuesday.
abdominalThe doctor performed an abdominal exam to check for any abnormalities.
englishThe student studied for the difficult english exam
gynecologicalThe gynecological exam revealed no abnormalities.
competitiveShe scored well in a competitive exam and got a seat in the college of her choice.
preliminaryThe preliminary exam results were shared with the students.
choiceThe final choice exam for this course was very difficult.
hourI'll need to start studying for my hour exam soon.
bimanualThe doctor performed a bimanual exam to check for any abnormalities in the patient's pelvic area.
practicalThe practical exam will assess your ability to apply the theory you have learned.
difficultThe difficult exam tested the students' knowledge and skills.
internalThe doctor performed an internal exam to check for any abnormalities.
detailedMy detailed exam was thorough and informative.
dentalI need to schedule a dental exam soon.
cardiacThe cardiac exam revealed a regular rhythm, normal heart sounds, and no murmurs.
microscopicThe microscopic exam of the tissue revealed the presence of malignant cells.
funduscopicA funduscopic exam revealed a pale optic disc and retinal hemorrhages.
standardizedThe standardized exam was difficult but necessary to take.
briefThe doctor gave me a brief exam to check my health.
selfPerforming regular self exams can help with prevention and early detection of health issues.
termI studied hard for my term exam
yearlyI need to schedule my yearly exam with the doctor.
quickThe doctor gave me a quick exam
sensoryThe sensory exam revealed a normal appearance, no tenderness to palpation, and intact sensation to light touch.
diagnosticThe diagnostic exam revealed a rare disease.
abnormalThe patient's abnormal exam findings included a heart murmur and an enlarged liver.
departmentalThe departmental exam will be held on Monday at 10am.
rigorousThe rigorous exam tested the students' knowledge and abilities.
psychiatricThe psychiatric exam revealed significant cognitive impairment.
dayI have a day exam tomorrow.
yearI hope I pass my year exam
rayAfter sitting for an hour in the waiting room, I finally got my ray exam
cursoryThe doctor did a cursory exam and found no obvious signs of injury.
toughI aced the tough exam with flying colors.
levelI have to prepare for my level exam
gynecologicThe gynecologic exam was normal.
mockI'm taking a mock exam to practice for the real thing.
questionThe question exam was difficult.
bookShe studies a lot to prepare for her book exam

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