Adjectives for Examination

Adjectives For Examination

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing examination, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'examination' can significantly alter its meaning and context, adding layers of nuance and specificity. A 'physical examination' suggests a thorough health check-up, while a 'careful examination' implies meticulous attention to detail. The term 'cross examination' transports us into the realm of legal scrutiny, contrasting with 'microscopic examination,' which denotes a deep dive into the minutiae, often in a scientific or investigative scenario. Opting for a 'closer examination' invites an in-depth look, whereas a 'detailed examination' promises an exhaustive analysis, leaving no stone unturned. Each adjective opens a window into the intent and focus behind the examination. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'examination' and the rich contexts they evoke below.
physicalI went to the doctor and she did a physical examination
carefulUpon careful examination of the data, we discovered a discrepancy.
microscopic"Microscopic examination revealed acute meningitis."
closerA closer examination of the evidence revealed important details that had been overlooked.
detailedThe detailed examination revealed no abnormalities.
thoroughThe doctor conducted a thorough examination of the patient.
clinicalThe clinical examination revealed no abnormalities.
closeThe student's close examination of the text revealed the author's hidden meaning.
furtherFurther examination revealed the truth.
medicalI need to schedule a medical examination soon.
criticalThe critical examination of the data revealed several inconsistencies.
rayThe doctor ordered a ray examination to check for any abnormalities.
directThe witness gave detailed testimony during direct examination
rectalThe doctor performed a rectal examination to check for any abnormalities.
completeThe doctor ordered a complete examination to determine the underlying cause of her symptoms.
finalI hope that I pass the final examination and earn a good grade in the class.
routineThe doctor performed a routine examination to ensure the patient's overall health.
histologicalHistological examination of the tissue revealed the presence of malignant cells.
preliminaryThe preliminary examination revealed several areas of concern.
mortemThe mortem examination revealed the cause of death was a heart attack.
microscopicalThe microscopical examination of the tissue revealed no abnormalities.
neurologicalThe neurological examination revealed no significant abnormalities.
neurologicThe neurologic examination revealed no significant abnormalities.
pelvicThe patient consented to a pelvic examination
histologicThe patient underwent a biopsy and the histologic examination revealed a squamous cell carcinoma.
briefAfter a brief examination the doctor determined that the patient was in good health.
competitiveMost of the candidates are preparing for competitive examination which is highly challenging.
cursoryUpon cursory examination it was evident that the patient was suffering from a severe head injury.
oralThe oral examination is scheduled for tomorrow morning.
vaginalThe doctor performed a vaginal examination to check for any abnormalities.
initialThe initial examination revealed no abnormalities.
selfConduct regular self examinations to monitor your health.
postmortemThe postmortem examination revealed that the victim died from a gunshot wound to the head.
radiographicThe radiographic examination revealed multiple fractures in the patient's lower leg.
visualA visual examination of the patient revealed no signs of trauma.
mentalI underwent a mental examination to determine my competency to stand trial.
digitalThe digital examination revealed no abnormalities.
bacteriologicalThe bacteriological examination of the urine sample revealed the presence of Escherichia coli.
comprehensiveThe student was required to take a comprehensive examination prior to graduation.
systematicThe systematic examination of the data revealed a series of unexpected patterns.
writtenThe written examination will be held next week.
minuteA minute examination of the crime scene revealed crucial evidence that led to the arrest of the suspect.
subsequentA subsequent examination of the data revealed a number of interesting anomalies.
annualThe annual examination is scheduled for next week.
bimanualThe doctor performed a bimanual examination to check for any abnormalities.
abdominalThe doctor performed an abdominal examination on the patient.
superficialA superficial examination of the data revealed no obvious errors.
psychiatricThe patient underwent a thorough psychiatric examination
grossThe gross examination revealed a large, ulcerated mass in the stomach.
rigorousThe scholar subjected the text to a rigorous examination
radiologicalThe patient underwent a thorough radiological examination to assess the extent of the injury.
periodicThe doctor recommended a periodic examination to monitor my health.
pathologicThe pathologic examination revealed a malignant tumor.
extensiveThe extensive examination revealed no abnormalities.
psychologicalThe surgeon had to undergo a rigorous psychological examination prior to performing the delicate brain operation.
cytologicThe cytologic examination revealed atypical cells.
objectiveThe objective examination revealed no abnormalities.
strictThe strict examination process ensured only the most qualified candidates were selected.
ophthalmoscopicThe decision to perform an ophthalmoscopic examination in a child depends upon the presenting signs and symptoms.
exhaustiveThe exhaustive examination of all available evidence led to a clear and compelling conclusion.
pathologicalThe pathological examination revealed a rare form of cancer.
histopathologicHistopathologic examination revealed invasive ductal carcinoma.
roentgenographicThe roentgenographic examination revealed a comminuted fracture of the right femur.
endoscopicThe endoscopic examination revealed no abnormalities.
adequateThe insurance company requires an adequate examination of the property.
radiologicA radiologic examination revealed no evidence of pulmonary embolism.
worthThis evidence is worth examination but not at this time.
satisfactoryThe satisfactory examination revealed no abnormalities.
rigidDespite rigid examination he was acquitted of the murder charges.

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