Adjectives for Examinations

Adjectives For Examinations

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing examinations, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe examinations illuminates different aspects and purposes they fulfill. A physical examination might delve into one's physical health, whereas a medical examination is broader, assessing overall health conditions. The tension mounts with competitive examinations, gateways to opportunities and achievements. Conversely, final examinations mark the culmination of academic endeavors. Not to be overlooked, periodic examinations ensure continuous evaluation, and civil examinations open doors to public service roles. Each adjective subtly shifts the focus, emphasizing various facets of examinations. Immerse yourself in the full array of adjectives that craft nuanced understandings of examinations below.
medicalDuring the medical examinations the nurse took my blood pressure and listened to my heart and lungs.
competitiveStudents who took the competitive examinations excelled in their careers.
finalI spent the entire day studying for my final examinations
periodicRegular periodic examinations are advised for early detection of health issues.
civilThe civil examinations in ancient China were very competitive.
routineRoutine examinations detected an ulcer in her stomach.
publicStudents preparing for public examinations may experience stress and anxiety.
clinicalThe patient underwent a series of thorough clinical examinations
regularRegular examinations of a patient's history and physical condition are imperative for proper diagnosis.
rayThe patient had a series of ray examinations to determine the cause of their pain.
mortemThe mortem examinations revealed the cause of death to be a heart attack.
oralThe job interviews will include oral examinations and written tests.
annualThe school requires all students to undergo annual examinations
specialThe doctor ordered special examinations to determine the cause of the patient's symptoms.
frequentSarah's doctor ordered frequent examinations to monitor her heart condition.
microscopicMicroscopic examinations revealed the presence of numerous bacteria.
externalMedical students must pass numerous external examinations before they qualify as doctors.
preliminaryThe preliminary examinations have been completed.
postmortemThe postmortem examinations confirmed that the cause of death was a heart attack.
carefulUpon careful examinations the detective discovered the hidden clue.
subsequentThe subsequent examinations revealed that the patient's condition had worsened.
comprehensiveStudents must pass a series of comprehensive examinations in order to graduate.
detailedThe archeologists made detailed examinations of the artifacts.
furtherWe can't say for sure until we conduct further examinations
crossDuring cross examinations the lawyer questioned the witness's motives.
serialThe classes would take the form of serial examinations each a few minutes long.
radiographicRadiographic examinations were performed.
dentalRegular dental examinations are important for maintaining optimal oral health.
professionalI have recently passed my professional examinations and am now a fully qualified accountant.
neurologicalThe doctor performed a series of neurological examinations to assess the patient's cognitive abilities.
previousThe previous examinations indicate that he has a rare disease.
thoroughI underwent thorough examinations before being cleared for surgery.
psychologicalSeveral prisoners will undergo psychological examinations in the next few weeks.
diagnosticThe doctor will arrange for diagnostic examinations to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms.
completeThe doctor performed complete examinations on the patient.
formalThe students spent many hours preparing for their formal examinations
pelvicMany doctors recommend that women over 18 receive annual pelvic examinations
rectalAfter the rectal examinations the doctor explained the diagnosis to the patient.
mentalThe mental examinations were extensive and could not be completed in a single day.
objectiveObjective examinations can be used to assess a student's knowledge and skills.
histologicalHistological examinations were performed on the samples to confirm the diagnosis.
neurologicThe neurologic examinations were unremarkable.
imperialThe imperial examinations a key part of the Chinese civil service system, tested candidates on their knowledge of Confucian classics and other subjects.
necessaryThe necessary examinations were conducted thoroughly and efficiently.
periodicalOur doctor recommended that we get periodical examinations to stay healthy
yearlyThe doctor recommended that she get yearly examinations for early detection.
psychiatricThe court ordered a series of psychiatric examinations before sentencing the defendant.
officialThe official examinations will be held next month.
literaryThe literary examinations were rigorous and required extensive knowledge of the subject matter.
radiologicalWe performed radiological examinations to assess the extent of the disease.
extensiveThe patient underwent extensive examinations to diagnose the rare disease.
yearThe students achieved the highest marks in their year examinations
successiveHe passed successive examinations and was promoted several times.
microscopicalThe microscopical examinations of the cells revealed a number of abnormalities.
provincialThe provincial examinations are held twice a year.
standardizedStandardized examinations are often used to assess student achievement.
rigorousThe students endured rigorous examinations to prove their mastery of the subject.
multipleThe student underwent multiple examinations to determine the cause of the illness.
visualThe visual examinations revealed no abnormalities.
radiologicRadiologic examinations include X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
simultaneousDr. Smith conducted simultaneous examinations on the two patients.
monthlyThe students were required to take monthly examinations to assess their progress.
typeThe students will have to undergo type examinations as a part of their curriculum.

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