Adjectives for Example

Adjectives For Example

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing example, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective for the noun 'example' can significantly change the nuance of a sentence, altering its meaning and the perception of the reader. A 'good example' suggests adequacy, while a 'simple example' emphasizes ease of understanding. The term 'typical example' conveys something representative, whereas an 'excellent example' elevates it to exceptional quality. Mentioning a 'classic example' hints at timelessness and proven validity, and the 'best example' asserts superiority among comparisons. The choice of adjective shapes the context and impact of the example discussed, making it pivotal in conveying the precise tone and intention desired. Explore the full list of adjectives tailored for 'example' to enrich your expressions.
goodHe is a good example of a dedicated worker.
simpleThe dog ran through the park, a simple example of a sentence.
typicalA typical example of this is the use of computers in education.
excellentShe is an excellent example of a dedicated employee.
classicThe Mona Lisa is a classic example of Renaissance art.
bestJane is the best example of the kind of worker I'm looking for.
secondJoshua forgot to do the second example of the work.
strikingA particular striking example of this is the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence.
previousThe previous example is a good illustration of this concept.
aboveI will show you an above example
primeThat is a prime example of excellent work!
interestingAn interesting example is the use of AI in healthcare.
perfectThe Picasso painting is a perfect example of Cubism.
fineRhea is a fine example of a diligent student.
extremeThis is an extreme example of how things can go wrong.
obviousAn obvious example of this is the use of computers in schools.
outstandingJohn is an outstanding example of a dedicated employee.
recentThe recent example of the team's success is their victory in the championship game.
clearThis is a clear example of a well-written sentence.
specificThis is a specific example of a sentence.
singleThe single example of a successful businessman is Warren Buffett.
notableThe most notable example of this phenomenon is the Grand Canyon.
numericalAverage throughput is calculated using average arrival and service times. A numerical example can be found in the book's appendix.
badHe set a bad example for his children.
concreteThe concrete example illustrates the concept effectively.
furtherSome programs provide a further example of such review.
finalThis is the final example
thirdThis is the third example
illustrativeThe illustrative example showcases the concept effectively.
knownThis is a known example of the genre.
familiarThe familiar example of a circle is a pizza.
famousThe Mona Lisa is a famous example of Leonardo da Vinci's work.
remarkableThe remarkable example of the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and democracy.
classicalThe use of the Pythagorean theorem is a classical example of applied mathematics.
hypotheticalThe hypothetical example illustrates the concept effectively.
dramaticThe recent storm was a dramatic example of the power of nature.
earlierThe earlier example provided good context for the topic.
practicalA practical example is the use of a table to organize data.
earliestThe earliest example of this feature dates back to the 1950s.
rareThe fossil is an incredibly rare example of a species that went extinct millions of years ago.
beautifulThe painting was a beautiful example of abstract art.
clearestThe clearest example of this is the recent study by the Pew Research Center.
simplestThe simplest example of a chemical reaction is the combustion of methane.
prominent"The steam engine is a prominent example of the Industrial Revolution's technological advancements."
splendidThe museum provided a splendid example of the region's art and history.
conspicuousThe conspicuous example of a person who has risen from poverty to become a successful businessperson is inspiring.
supremeThe supreme example of this is the work of Vincent van Gogh.
instructiveThere is an instructive example of how to solve this type of problem.
vividHis speech was full of vivid examples that made his points come to life.
nobleThe captain set a noble example of selfless sacrifice
finestThe finest example of this is the Mona Lisa.
representativeThe representative example shows how the product works.
counterA counter example of this is the fact that the sun rises in the east.
characteristicThe dog's barking was a characteristic example of its excitement.
fairThat is a fair example of the kind of writing I want to do.
uniqueThis antique vase is a unique example of the Ming Dynasty pottery.
wonderfulThey set a wonderful example for a healthy lifestyle.
usefulThe system provided me with a useful example which was helpful for understanding the concept.
curiousThis artifact is a curious example of an ancient craft.
admirableHer bravery was an admirable example for everyone.
brilliantHer latest children's novel is a brilliant example of her classic writing style.
evilThe evil example of the tyrant was enough to suppress any dissent.
niceThe guided tour of the factory was a nice example of good public relations.
impressiveThe recently released report is an impressive example of data-driven journalism.

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