Adjectives for Examples

Adjectives For Examples

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing examples, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe examples can profoundly influence the message you're trying to convey. Whether you're discussing 'other examples', which suggests an alternative, or 'few examples', indicating scarcity, every adjective brings its own shade of meaning. 'Many examples' implies abundance, a wealth that can overwhelm or enrich. 'Following examples' introduces a sequence, guiding the reader through a process or argument. 'Several examples' offers variety without overwhelming, and 'good examples' endorse quality and relevance. Each choice paints your examples in a different light, enhancing the clarity, impact, and depth of your communication. Dive into the full list of adjectives to discover how each can uniquely color your examples.
otherThose are other examples you can use.
fewHere are a few examples of things you might want to know about.
manyThere are many examples of people overcoming adversity to achieve great things.
followingPlease write a letter with the following examples
severalI like to collect several examples of different types of rocks.
goodThese are good examples of her work.
numerousMy research contains numerous examples of successful collaboration.
typicalUnusual and typical examples contrast.
specificHere are some specific examples of the concept.
bestThe best examples of this are the novels of Jane Austen.
furtherWe can explore further examples of this concept.
moreI can give you more examples if you need them.
aboveThe above examples illustrate this concept.
concreteThe report provides concrete examples of how the new policy has improved efficiency.
similarYou can find similar examples in the documentation.
illustrativeHere are some illustrative examples of how to use the new feature.
previousThe previous examples will assist you with your future endeavors.
excellentThese paintings are excellent examples of his early work.
recentShe cited recent examples of successful collaborations with other NGOs.
strikingStriking examples of the program's success include increased enrollment and higher test scores.
additionalThere are additional examples of this concept available.
simpleSimple examples can help illustrate complex concepts.
obviousThe obvious examples are the ones that come to mind first.
earliestThe earliest examples of writing date back to around 3500 BC.
notableThere are several notable examples of this phenomenon.
fineThese are fine examples of their work.
interestingThe article is full of interesting examples
numericalThe numerical examples provided demonstrate the theory effectively.
practicalLet me give you some practical examples of how to use this.
finestThese are the finest examples of Victorian architecture that remain.
historicalHistorians often use historical examples to illustrate their points.
outstandingHe is outstanding examples of the scientist.
knownThere are many known examples of this phenomenon.
earlierUsing earlier examples also helps solidify concepts.
classicThe Mona Lisa and The Starry Night are classic examples of famous paintings.
familiarHere are some familiar examples
extremeThese are extreme examples but they illustrate the point.
representativeThe survey includes representative examples of people from different backgrounds.
clearThe book offered clear examples of different writing styles.
precedingThe preceding examples illustrate the diversity of applications of the model.
primePrime examples of their talent are their latest album and their live performances.
musicalThe composer provided several musical examples to illustrate his theory.
prominentTwo prominent examples are the Buddha and Jesus Christ.
rareThe museum houses rare examples of Victorian furniture.
countlessThere are countless examples of animals adapting to their environment.
counterThere are several counter examples to the claim that all birds can fly.
foregoingThe foregoing examples are just a few of the many ways that data can be used to improve decision-making.
famousThe Louvre Museum in Paris, France, houses many famous examples of art.
beautifulHe showed us some beautiful examples of his craftsmanship.
remarkableThe museum houses remarkable examples of ancient Egyptian art.
innumerableThis history is replete with innumerable examples of the rise and fall of nation-states.
detailedThis document contains extremely detailed examples of form submissions.
clearestThe clearest examples of this are the dinosaurs.
successfulThere have been several successful examples of artificial intelligence in the past few years.
dramaticThe film was filled with dramatic examples of human suffering.
relevantShe provided several relevant examples to support her argument.
classicalClassical examples of abstract expressionism include paintings by Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.
isolatedThere are only isolated examples of items that cannot be assigned to one of the two categories.
splendidThis museum has some splendid examples of Victorian furniture.
abundantThe book I bought last week had abundant examples
lifeLife examples are like lessons we can learn from.

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