Adjectives for Exams

Adjectives For Exams

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exams, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe exams can significantly alter the meaning and evoke different emotions. For instance, final exams might trigger a sense of urgency and culmination, while physical exams could emphasize health and wellness aspects. Medical exams often carry a tone of professionalism and specificity, in contrast to the broad and inclusive scope suggested by comprehensive exams. Moreover, regular exams imply routine and familiarity, offering a stark difference to the unique and perhaps intimidating nature of oral exams. Each adjective unveils a layer of context, enriching our understanding and expectations of the examination experience. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with exams below, and explore the diverse narratives they construct.
finalI have to study for my final exams
physicalThe results of the patient's physical exams were inconclusive.
medicalThe medical exams showed that the patient was in good health.
oralThe students took oral exams in their final year of medical school.
comprehensiveThe graduate students will take their comprehensive exams next week.
regularNever miss regular exams to keep your health in check.
civilHe was preparing for the civil exams
competitiveStudents worked tremendously hard to prepare for the competitive exams
annualThe doctor recommends annual exams to ensure good health.
nationalThe students are taking their national exams this week.
routineRoutine exams are important for maintaining good health.
standardizedI'm sorry, but I can't write a short sentence with "standardized exams."
choiceThe students were nervous about the upcoming choice exams
pelvicPelvic exams are an important part of women's health care.
yearThe year exams are finally over.
periodicThe doctor recommended periodic exams to ensure good health.
clinicalThe doctor performed a series of clinical exams to assess the patient's condition.
previousI studied previous exams to prepare for the final.
gynecologicalRegular gynecological exams are an important part of maintaining good women's health.
termAll the term exams will be held from May 1st to 10th.
professionalGood luck on your professional exams
preliminaryThe preliminary exams are scheduled for next week.
levelI'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "level exams."
externalThe students were nervous about their upcoming external exams
rectalThe doctor said I'd need to come back for another round of rectal exams
actualThe students performed better on the actual exams than on the practice tests.
multipleI had to study vigorously for the multiple exams in order to do well in my classes.
yearlyYearly exams are important to ensure good health.
objectiveThe students' objective exams were difficult last year.
frequentFrequent exams can be stressful for students.
dentalThe dentist recommended I get regular dental exams to maintain good oral hygiene.
difficultThe difficult exams put the students' resilience to the test.
practicalThe students were nervous about their upcoming practical exams
serialThe students were exhausted from the serial exams
mentalThe doctor has suggested that the patient might need to have mental exams to confirm the diagnosis.
neurologicalThe results of the neurological exams indicate a possible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
pastI need to study my past exams to do well on the final.
diagnosticThe patient underwent a series of diagnostic exams to determine the cause of their symptoms.
traditionalTraditional exams have been the primary method of assessment in education for centuries.
rigorousStudents taking the rigorous exams are required to be well-prepared to succeed.
basedThe professor based exams on class material.
standardHe took the standard exams
homeThe professor canceled the midterm and gave the class home exams instead.
electiveSome students prefer to take elective exams instead of required ones.
mockThe students found the mock exams to be a helpful way to prepare for the final exam.
selfRegular self exams can help you detect breast cancer early when it's most treatable.
formalFormal exams were postponed until further notice.
departmentalThe students were nervous about their departmental exams
necessaryThe residents underwent necessary exams prior to admission.
neurologicThe neurologic exams didn't show anything that could explain the patient's symptoms.
bookThe students spent all night studying for their book exams
monthlyThe students were very nervous about their monthly exams
secondaryThe secondary exams were held last week.
promotionalThe candidates were given a series of promotional exams to assess their eligibility for higher positions.
rayThe veterinarian recommended that we schedule ray exams for our cat soon.
advancedStudents taking advanced exams strive for success.
subsequentThe results of subsequent exams were inconclusive.
seniorThe students are all stressed out about their upcoming senior exams
requiredThe required exams were challenging, but I managed to pass them all.
imperialThe imperial exams were a series of tests that were used to select candidates for government positions in China.
provincialStudents across the country take provincial exams at the end of each year to assess their academic progress.
psychologicalThe recruits underwent rigorous psychological exams before being assigned to the mission.
academicStudents usually take academic exams at the end of each semester.
prenatalIt is important to have regular prenatal exams during pregnancy.
classThe students will take their class exams next week.
digitalStudents took a variety of digital exams during the pandemic.
hourShe had to take two hour exams last semester.

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