Adjectives for Exception

Adjectives For Exception

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exception, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'exception' can significantly alter the tone and implication of a statement. An 'only exception' implies a unique case amidst uniformity, while a 'possible exception' introduces uncertainty. 'Notable exception' suggests a case worth mentioning due to its significance, contrasting with 'single exception', which highlights its solitary nature. 'Important exception' denotes a case with substantial impact or value, and 'rare exception' underscores the infrequency of such occurrences. Each adjective, when paired with 'exception', opens a window into the context and significance of the deviation it represents. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can modify 'exception' and explore the nuanced meanings they convey.
onlyThe file will be only accessible to other team members, with the only exception of Fred.
possibleThe attic was filled with forgotten furniture, with the possible exception of an old rocking chair.
notableThe death rate in this region is 5%, with the notable exception of the town of Smithville, which has a death rate of 1%.
singleOnly Bill is going to the party, with the single exception of John.
importantThere are some exceptions to the rule, but one important exception is when an emergency occurs.
rareIt is a good habit with rare exception
majorThis is a major exception to the rule.
soleThe sole exception is that the restriction does not apply to private roads.
partialThe court granted a partial exception to the defendant's motion.}
apparentThe apparent exception to this rule is the case of the United States, where the Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment protects hate speech.
statutoryThe only statutory exception to this rule is for crimes committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
significantThe proposed changes are a significant exception to the established rule.
solitaryThe solitary exception to this rule is the use of a comma after the word 'namely'.
obviousThe performance was stellar, with the obvious exception of the lead singer.
interestingWhile most students found the lesson dull, Mary was an interesting exception
strikingThe old woman was a striking exception to the rule that everyone in the village was young and carefree.
remarkableThe audience was highly receptive to the performance, with the remarkable exception of a few people in the front row who seemed bored.
strongThe team took strong exception to the referee's decision.
occasionalThe network service is reliable with occasional exceptions.
conspicuousThe conspicuous exception was the old man sitting in the corner, his face hidden behind a newspaper.
minorThere was minor exception during the process.
principalThe principal exception to this rule is the use of the passive voice.
noteworthyThe data was unremarkable, with the noteworthy exception of a single outlier.
chiefThe company's sales increased every year, with the sole chief exception of 2001.
loneTheir performances were strong, with the lone exception of the first movement.
singularThe singular exception to this rule is the case of defamation.
clearThis is a clear exception to the rule.
slightThe car was dark blue, with the slight exception of the faded paint on the hood.
probableThe probable exception was the head waiter.
markedDespite a marked exception the team's performance remained consistently high.
honourableThe honourable exception to this rule is the case of Peter the Great.
curiousThe curious exception to this rule is the fact that the dog can speak fluent French.
limitedThe data is available to the public with limited exceptions.
prominentHis family is troubled, with one prominent exception being his daughter Karina who is a successful lawyer.
doubtfulThe record will expire, with doubtful exception
uniqueThe novel is an exciting adventure, with the unique exception of the last chapter.
brilliantHer writing was passable but her poetry was a brilliant exception
unhandledThe unhandled exception caused the program to crash.
happyHe was a happy exception and nearly always kept his word.
noticeableThe project was a success, with the noticeable exception of the marketing campaign.
triflingAnything could be done, and my vice was environmentalism, with just the trifling exception of my own life.
welcomeThe sudden rain was a welcome exception to the dry spell.
isolatedThe isolated exception can be found in the submitted file.
unfortunateWe had to give out detention to most of the students, but there were two unfortunate exceptions.
crucialThe crucial exception to this rule is that the system will not allow you to delete a user who is currently logged in.
scarceWith scarce exception scientists today favor the notion that dark matter fills the universe.
unimportantThis is an example of a sentence with an unimportant exception
notedBruce Wayne, noted exception is a billionaire.
insignificantShe is a kind of a mediator, an insignificant exception to the general contention.

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