Adjectives for Exceptions

Adjectives For Exceptions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exceptions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives when paired with the noun 'exceptions' can significantly alter the meaning and impact of a sentence. Descriptors like 'few' and 'many' highlight the quantity, altering our perception of rarity or commonality. 'Notable' brings attention to the significance of these exceptions, implying they are worthy of mention. 'Rare' emphasizes the scarcity and perhaps the value of the exceptions in question. Meanwhile, 'certain' and 'only' hint at specificity and exclusivity, suggesting limitations or unique conditions. Together, these adjectives paint a complex and nuanced picture of 'exceptions,' demonstrating how varied and impactful language can be. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'exceptions' and explore the richness they bring to communication.
fewThere are few exceptions to this rule.
notableThe restaurant has a good reputation, with notable exceptions
rareThere are rare exceptions to this rule.
manyThe rule has many exceptions that allow for flexibility in its application.
certainWe must obey the laws of the land, with certain exceptions
onlyExceptional circumstances are the only exceptions to the rule.
importantThe rules are generally applicable, with important exceptions
minorThe policy applies to all employees, with minor exceptions
possibleThere are possible exceptions to this rule.
apparentThere are apparent exceptions to this rule.
numerousThere are numerous exceptions to every rule.
occasionalThere are only occasional exceptions to this rule.
followingThe following exceptions apply to this rule.
individualWe welcomed everyone to the school assembly, with individual exceptions
significantThere were significant exceptions to the general trend.
limitedThere are limited exceptions to the rule.
obviousThe rules apply to all, with obvious exceptions
honourableThere were some honourable exceptions but overall the performance was disappointing.
strikingHowever, there were striking exceptions to this overall pattern.
slightThere are slight exceptions to this rule.
honorableOne could say with honorable exceptions that the government is corrupt.
noteworthyThere are a few noteworthy exceptions to this rule.
interestingLet's see an example with interesting exceptions
outstandingThere are outstanding exceptions to this rule.
partialThere were partial exceptions to the rule.
conspicuousThe mice were uniformly black, with conspicuous exceptions at either end of the scale.
unimportantThey were all required to attend the meeting, with unimportant exceptions
brilliantThere were brilliant exceptions of course, but the majority of the students struggled with the exam.
triflingThere were trifling exceptions to the rule of silence.
statutoryUnder the Act, there are several statutory exceptions to the strict liability rule.
remarkableThe results were poor, with only a few remarkable exceptions
nobleThere were noble exceptions to this rule, but in general the higher one rose in the service the less one's work was checked.
insignificantThere were no insignificant exceptions to the rule.
isolatedThere were isolated exceptions to the rule, but the vast majority of cases followed the pattern.
rarestIn rarest exceptions the team may suffer a defeat.
soleSpringbok players, with the sole exceptions of Bismarck du Plessis and Jesse Kriel, returned to their provinces to prepare for their Currie Cup clashes.
markedThere were marked exceptions to the rule.
definedThe medical advances we have made provide clinicians many more treatment options with well-defined exceptions.
negligibleActions will remain subject to oversight, with negligible exceptions
fewerThere were fewer exceptions to the rule than expected.
trivialThe time has come, with a few trivial exceptions to put morals ahead of markets.
splendidThey are splendid exceptions proving the general rule that none are exempt from this malady.
lexicalHe pronounced the word with the lexical exceptions and everyone laughed.
doubtfulThere were doubtful exceptions to the general happiness.
noticeableThere were noticeable exceptions such as the absence of any mention of the war in Ukraine.
unhandledThe program crashed due to unhandled exceptions being thrown.
uncheckedunchecked exceptions can lead to unexpected program crashes, so they should be handled gracefully.
inevitableAlthough the outcome was generally predictable, there were inevitable exceptions
innumerableDespite having innumerable exceptions the rule is still generally applicable.
solitary"All men are born free and equal," but there are solitary exceptions
inconsiderableThere were inconsiderable exceptions to the general rule.

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