Adjectives for Excerpt

Adjectives For Excerpt

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing excerpt, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

An excerpt can convey a multitude of nuances depending on the adjectives that precede it. A 'brief' excerpt may hint at a tantalizing glimpse into a larger story, leaving readers craving more. A 'short' excerpt, similarly, can pack a punch, delivering a powerful message in just a few words. The 'first' excerpt sets the tone, offering an initial taste of the style and substance of the content. Conversely, the 'second' or 'next' excerpts build on this foundation, adding depth and complexity. The 'above' excerpt refers readers back, creating a layered understanding. Each adjective colors the excerpt differently, inviting readers to explore further nuances and interpretations. Discover the full range of adjectives that can transform an excerpt's impact below.
briefI included a brief excerpt from the article in my report.
shortHere is a short excerpt from the novel.
firstI'll start with the first excerpt from the book.
aboveThe dialogue above excerpt contains a lot of critical information.
secondThe second excerpt was from a novel by Jane Austen.
nextThe next excerpt speaks to the blending of different perspectives and backgrounds.
longI have included a long excerpt from the article in this section.
smallThere is only one small excerpt from the book in the article.
lengthyThe lengthy excerpt from the book provided a comprehensive overview of the topic.
lastThe last excerpt of the text was very intriguing.
finalThe final excerpt of the book left me with a sense of hope.
musicalThe musical excerpt was a haunting melody that lingered in the air.
previousI've been reading this book, and the previous excerpt was really interesting.
thirdThe third excerpt from the book is about the author's childhood.
relevantThe relevant excerpt from the document is below.
singleHere is a single excerpt from the book.
particularThis particular excerpt is a great example of the author's writing style.
typicalThe typical excerpt from the novel describes the protagonist's journey of self-discovery.
longerThe expert completed writing the longer excerpt to showcase the product.
minuteI was able to find a minute excerpt from the book.
presentThe present excerpt is from a novel by Jane Austen.
extendedShe included an extended excerpt from the article.
foregoingDespite the aforementioned caveats, the foregoing excerpt provides valuable insights into the complexities of the situation.
pageI found this page excerpt very helpful.
entireThe entire excerpt was very well written.
extensiveThe researcher provided an extensive excerpt from the participant's interview.
followingThe following excerpt is taken from the book "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
interestingThe interesting excerpt from the book is on page 123.
earlierBefore continuing, let us verify that you have completed the earlier excerpt
pertinentThe pertinent excerpt from the document highlights the key points of the discussion.
editedThe edited excerpt was published in a new magazine.
substantialThe substantial excerpt is more than 10% of the original article.
novelThe novel excerpt was particularly poignant, capturing the essence of the character's struggle.
isolatedThe isolated excerpt failed to provide sufficient context for understanding the subject of discussion.
representativeThe following is a representative excerpt from the article.
famousThe famous excerpt from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "To be or not to be," has been quoted for centuries.
wordThis word excerpt is from the book.
lineThe line excerpt doesn't contain enough context to generate a meaningful sentence.
verbatimThis is a verbatim excerpt from the source text.
latterIn the latter excerpt the author delves into the protagonist's complex inner struggles.
diaryThe diary excerpt revealed her deepest secrets.
fourthAfter reviewing the fourth excerpt I can conclude that...
illustrativeThe illustrative excerpt from the novel perfectly captured the protagonist's inner turmoil.
recordedI listened to the recorded excerpt about the history of the town.
abbreviatedI've included an abbreviated excerpt from the article below.
undatedThe historian presented an undated excerpt from a colonial diary.
conversationalThe conversational excerpt we analyzed earlier suggests that the speaker is not interested in continuing the conversation.
unpublishedHe read the unpublished excerpt with great interest.
longestThe longest excerpt from the novel was only a few paragraphs long.
characteristicThe characteristic excerpt from the novel provides insight into the protagonist's motivations and conflicts.
lyricThe song's lyric excerpt is a powerful and moving expression of the singer's emotions.
knownThe known excerpt was from a novel.
operaticThe operatic excerpt was a beautiful rendition of the original aria.
familiarI was surprised to hear a familiar excerpt from my favorite book on the radio.
autobiographicalThe autobiographical excerpt revealed the author's deepest fears and aspirations.
fullerThe fuller excerpt from the article is available at the link below.
biblicalThe biblical excerpt recounts the story of the creation of the world.
poeticHis poetic excerpt was widely considered to be his greatest work.
subjoinedI am unable to provide a sentence with the phrase 'subjoined excerpt' as it is not a commonly used phrase.
shorterThe shorter excerpt from the play was shown on Saturday.
audioI listened to the audio excerpt carefully.
priorThe prior excerpt was an example of a JSON object.
melodicThe lyrical melody and the rhythmic drive of the melodic excerpt were harmonious and captivating.
untitledThis untitled excerpt is from a larger work and does not have a title of its own.
modifiedStudents are expected to submit modified excerpts of the original piece
annotatedThe annotated excerpt highlights the most important points of the text.

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