Adjectives for Excess

Adjectives For Excess

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing excess, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'excess' brings to mind thoughts of abundance, often more than what is needed or appropriate. Adjectives preceding 'excess' finely tune this idea, adding layers of meaning and context. A 'large excess' suggests a vast surplus, overwhelming in its scale. 'Slight excess' introduces a minimal overabundance, perhaps manageable or even unintentional. Words like 'great' emphasize the magnitude, while 'small' hints at a surplus that's barely noticeable. The adjective 'fold,' interestingly, quantifies excess in multiples, offering a precise gauge of comparison. Each adjective paired with 'excess' paints a unique picture, revealing the subtleties and perspectives surrounding our understanding of abundance. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked to 'excess' below to discover the nuanced interpretations they unveil.
largeWe have a large excess of inventory this quarter.
slightThere was a slight excess of lemon juice in the recipe.
suchSuch excess was not only unnecessary but also harmful.
greatUnfortunately, consuming food with great excess can have negative consequences for health.
foldFold excess material back over the bag and secure with glue.
smallThe small excess of water was enough to extinguish the fire.
considerableThe company had considerable excess cash on hand.
relativeThe symptom of relative excess Yang is a sensation of heat and perspiration in the afternoon and evening.
veryThe very excess of his wealth made him miserable.
significantThe company reported significant excess inventory in its recent quarterly report.
alcoholicAlcoholic excess is a major cause of liver disease, especially cirrhosis and fatty liver.
greaterThe company's greater excess was due to improved sales and cost management.
apparentThe apparent excess was a major concern for the company.
sphericalThe spherical excess of a triangle on a sphere is the difference between the sum of its angles and 180 degrees.
moderateHe exercised in moderate excess
sufficientThe company had sufficient excess capital to fund the new project.
enantiomericTartaric acid has a maximum enantiomeric excess of 100%.
emotionalThe movie was powerful, causing an emotional excess in the audience.
averageThe average excess of this plan is $100.
markedHe was charged with marked excess of the speed limit.
netThe net excess of assets over liabilities will be distributed to partners.
greatestIt was a scene of greatest excess the likes of which no one had ever witnessed before.
annualOur annual excess spend is around $10,000.
vastThe vast excess of data made it difficult to analyze.
verticalThe vertical excess of the building was striking.
mereThe mere excess of the man's possessions could not compensate for his loneliness.
chronicChronic excess of dietary sugar can lead to obesity and other health problems.
grossThe company's gross excess of assets over liabilities was a sign of its financial strength.
substantialThe company booked substantial excess revenue in the first quarter.
temporaryThe doctor was hired as a temporary excess so he did not have any of the benefits of a tenured employee.
measuredShe measured excess fabric for her sewing project.
corporateThe company's recent acquisition was seen as an example of corporate excess
dangerousHis dangerous excess amused his friends, but worried his family.
fluidThe patient had fluid excess and required diuresis.
slightestThe slightest excess of thirst, hunger, or cold made it unbearable.
occasionalThe occasional excess of exuberance led to unforeseen consequences.
wildThe wild excess of the party shocked the guests.
leastHer least excess was admired by everyone.
enormousThe enormous excess of goods led to a glut in the market.
sheerThe sheer excess of the display left the guests in awe.
oppositeSimplicity is the opposite excess
morbidWe had no idea that the new restaurant was so popular, and in our morbid excess we ended up ordering far too much food.
femaleThe female excess of the past years has led to a significant change in the gender imbalance.
correspondingThe corresponding excess of the carbon-14 content in the mammoth was greater than the excess in the modern atmosphere.
stoichiometricThe reaction was carried out under stoichiometric excess of the reducing agent.
viciousThe vicious excess of the city was too much for the young man to handle.
extremeThe extreme excess of wealth has created a chasm between the rich and the poor.
habitualExcessive consumption had become a habitual excess for him.
suddenHer sudden excess of wealth led to a lifestyle of extravagance.
absoluteHis spending habits were characterized by absolute excess
infraredThe infrared excess is caused by the thermal emission from the circumstellar dust.
observedThe observed excess of the male students was statistically significant.
hugeThe company is facing a huge excess of inventory.
utmostThe artist's latest work was an exhibition of utmost excess featuring towering sculptures and extravagant performances that pushed the boundaries of taste.
riotousThe riotous excess of the partygoers was evident as they danced wildly and sang raucously.
adrenalExcessive adrenal hormone production can lead to adrenal excess
extravagantThe extravagant excess of the royal court astounded the commoners.
verbalThe attorney's verbal excess during closing arguments alienated the jury.
twofoldThe twofold excess of the oil was accidentally poured.
undueThe undue excess of decorations made the room look cluttered.
wretchedThe wretched excess of the royal court astounded the impoverished peasants.
speculativeThe speculative excess in the market led to a sharp correction in stock prices.

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