Adjectives for Exclusion

Adjectives For Exclusion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exclusion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to pair with 'exclusion' can profoundly change the context and emotion of a sentence. For instance, 'social exclusion' highlights an individual's isolation from society, while 'mutual exclusion' suggests a reciprocal agreement to stay apart. On the other hand, terms like 'total' and 'complete exclusion' denote an absolute severance, leaving no room for ambiguity. 'Annual exclusion' introduces a temporal aspect, suggesting a recurring event, whereas 'virtual exclusion' nods to the digital age, where physical separation isn't necessary for one to feel isolated. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, enriching our understanding of the complexity of exclusion. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives below to grasp the nuanced ways in which exclusion can be expressed.
mutualThe mutual exclusion constraint states that the transaction must claim exclusive access to the data it needs before modifying it.
totalThe students' total exclusion from the event led to widespread disappointment.
annualHer estate is taking advantage of the annual exclusion from generationskipping transfer tax.
virtualThe team's virtual exclusion from the playoffs was a major disappointment.
competitiveCompetitive exclusion dictates that species cannot coexist if they compete for the same resources.
racialRacial exclusion continued to be a significant issue in many areas.
politicalThe opposition denounced the political exclusion of their members from the electoral process.
entireAt their penultimate meeting, the editors determined that we would exclude all volatile authors from our journal with the hope that their more constructive counterparts would be willing to participate in our project with entire exclusion of the others.
absoluteThe judge's absolute exclusion of all evidence from the trial led to the suspect's acquittal.
permanentThe school board voted for his permanent exclusion from school.
sizeThe size exclusion matrix was used to separate different sizes of molecules.
partialThat's a nice suit. The color is particularly suitable for an event with partial exclusion
blueBlue exclusion hurt the completion of the task.
continuedContinued exclusion by society can have a devastating impact on individuals and their well-being.
rigidThe rigid exclusion of outsiders served only to alienate the community further.
temporaryThe company considered temporary exclusion from the trade show as a potential consequence.
deliberateThe deliberate exclusion of certain individuals from the decision-making process raised concerns about fairness.
practicalAccess was granted almost at once, so at the end of the evening, there was practical exclusion from the club.
allelicThe concept of allelic exclusion refers to the random inactivation of one of two alleles of a gene in each cell of an individual.
nearThe near exclusion of expense information would result in a downscaling of the project.
relativeRelative exclusion is the process of excluding or separating one thing from another.
arbitraryThere was arbitrary exclusion of individuals from the qualifying data.
dyeThe dye exclusion test is a method for determining the viability of cells.
rigorousThe rigorous exclusion of all non-essential elements has resulted in a streamlined and efficient design.
formalThe formal exclusion of the group from the organization was based on their lack of compliance with the group's regulations.
carefulThe contractor enforced careful exclusion of all potential hazards from the worksite.
strictThe strict exclusion policy barred unauthorized individuals from entering the facility.
statutoryThe association is not responsible for any damages caused by an event that falls within the statutory exclusion
explicitThe explicit exclusion of certain individuals from the program has been criticized by some.
categoricalThis proposal qualifies for a categorical exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) because it does not have the potential to cause significant environmental impacts.
gradualThe gradual exclusion of members led to a sharp decline.
automaticThe automatic exclusion was processed by the board.
selectiveThe selective exclusion policy aims to prevent specific individuals or groups from participating in a particular activity or event.
consequentThe consequent exclusion from the team shocked and disappointed him.
outrightThey were met with outright exclusion
institutionalInstitutional exclusion limits access to opportunities and resources for individuals and groups based on factors such as race, gender, or socioeconomic status.
stericSteric exclusion is a physical phenomenon that occurs when atoms or molecules are forced to remain a minimum distance apart due to their electron clouds repelling each other.
spatialSpatial exclusion refers to the process by which one individual or group prevents another from occupying a particular space.
defensiveThe team's defensive exclusion of the opposing player was ruthlessly effective.
discriminatory"Discriminatory exclusion" barred a distinguished physician from joining the exclusive country club.
immuneImmune exclusion is a phenomenon in which certain immune cells are excluded from a specific tissue or organ.
unjustThe unjust exclusion of certain individuals from society has far-reaching consequences.

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