Adjectives for Excuse

Adjectives For Excuse

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing excuse, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an excuse can radically change the perception of the actions it justifies. A good excuse implies a certain level of acceptability, while an only excuse might suggest reluctance or a lack of better reasoning. A sufficient excuse meets the bare minimum of acceptability, whereas a reasonable excuse is both logical and understandable. The term valid brings a sense of legitimacy, and a plausible excuse, while believable, might still leave some room for doubt. Understanding these nuances is key in delivering a message that resonates appropriately with your audience. Discover the full array of adjectives tailored to excuse that can enhance your narrative.
goodI was late for work but I had a good excuse
sufficientHer poor math score was not accepted as a sufficient excuse for missing the exam.
reasonableI have a reasonable excuse for being late.
validI was late for work, but I had a valid excuse
plausibleHe had a plausible excuse for his tardiness.
poorHer disorganization was a poor excuse for missing the deadline.
littleHe had little excuse for being late again.
convenientTaking the bus to school is a convenient excuse to listen to music.
lameHer lame excuse did not convince anyone.
lessThere are less excuse for students with good marks.
legitimateI don't have a legitimate excuse for being late to work.
perfectI'm sorry, I can't make it. I have the perfect excuse
possibleI'm sorry, but I'm not sure if that's a possible excuse
bestJohn gave his best excuse for being late.
moreHe had no more excuse for neglecting his family.
slightestShe would seize the slightest excuse to escape the clutches of her family.
lawfulThey did not have a lawful excuse for trespassing on private property.
mereHis inability to finish the project on time was a mere excuse for his lack of effort.
excellentThat was an excellent excuse for being late.
legalThe suspect presented a legal excuse for his absence from the crime scene.
furtherI have no further excuse for my tardiness.
readyHe had a ready excuse for not attending the meeting.
acceptableI was late for work because I had an acceptable excuse
flimsyJack had a flimsy excuse for being late to work again.
leastHe had the least excuse for his unacceptable behavior.
adequateThe student's frequent absences from class were due to an adequate excuse
usualHe gave the usual excuse that he had forgotten his homework at home.
sorryThat is a sorry excuse for an apology.
feebleJohn's feeble excuse for missing the deadline was met with incredulity.
ampleDespite the ample excuse he insisted on taking responsibility for his actions.
fairI had a fair excuse for being late to the meeting because I was stuck in heavy traffic.
weakThe student had a weak excuse for not completing his homework.
enoughThe lack of funds was not an enough excuse for the project's failure.
decentI'm sorry I'm late, but I have a decent excuse
easyHe gave an easy excuse for his absence.
satisfactoryThe employee was not able to provide a satisfactory excuse for their absence.
official"Your official excuse is that the dog ate your homework" said the teacher sarcastically.
slightHe offered a slight excuse for his tardiness.
handyWe never know when a handy excuse will come in useful.
welcomeI took a welcome excuse to visit an old friend.
falseHis false excuse for being late was that his car had broken down.
speciousHis specious excuse for missing the meeting didn't convince anyone.
partialDespite his partial excuse he was still found guilty.
justifiableThe court accepted his justifiable excuse for missing the hearing.
rationalI'm sorry, but I'm not able to provide a rational excuse for my behavior.
trivialI missed the appointment due to a trivial excuse
suitableThe student gave a suitable excuse for his absence from class.
vainShe offered a vain excuse for her tardiness.
smallestHe makes a mountain out of a molehill even over the smallest excuse
wonderfulDue to unforeseen circumstances, I'm afraid I can't make it to the meeting, but I do have a wonderful cat ate my homework.
logicalMy friend did not complete his homework due to a logical excuse
frivolousSorry, I can't cancel your appointment - that's a frivolous excuse
transparentHer transparent excuse for being late was that her car had broken down.
obviousThe obvious excuse for his lateness was that he had missed the bus.
paltryHis paltry excuse for being late was that his alarm clock didn't go off.
sadThat's just a sad excuse
convincingShe was late for work because she had a convincing excuse
vagueHe apologized for his mistakes, offering only a vague excuse about being under a lot of stress.

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