Adjectives for Execution

Adjectives For Execution

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing execution, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe execution can significantly impact the perceived effectiveness and morality of the action. An immediate execution conveys urgency and possibly a lack of due process, while a public execution emphasizes visibility and potentially deterrence or spectacle. A successful execution suggests the outcome met its intended goals, contrasting with an actual execution, which focuses on the event's reality. Meanwhile, a proper execution indicates adherence to protocol or ethics, and due execution underlines the legality and rightness of the procedure. Each adjective paints a distinct picture of the scenario, influencing our interpretation and reaction. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives commonly paired with execution and explore the nuanced meanings they unveil.
immediateThe warden carried out the prisoner's immediate execution
publicThe public execution was a gruesome spectacle.
successfulThe team's successful execution of the plan led to the project's completion ahead of schedule.
actualThe actual execution of the plan met with unexpected obstacles.
properThe proper execution of the plan required meticulous planning and coordination.
parallelThrough parallel execution tasks are processed concurrently to enhance efficiency.
mechanicalThe mechanical execution of the task was flawless.
militaryThe military execution was carried out with precision and efficiency.
faithfulThe steadfast and faithful execution of the law is essential for justice and order.
efficientThe efficient execution of the plan ensured its success.
effectiveThe effective execution of the plan led to the team's success.
concurrentThe software design allows for concurrent execution of multiple tasks.
completeThe complete execution of the plan will take months.
promptThe order required prompt execution
instantThe criminal received instant execution for their heinous crime.
fullThe criminal received full execution for his crimes.
correctThe correct execution of the plan was crucial for its success.
sequentialIn the distributed system, tasks are executed in sequential execution
subsequentThe subsequent execution went smoothly.
practicalThe practical execution of the plan was flawless.
rapidThe rapid execution of the plan led to its success.
technicalThe technical execution of the project was flawless.
carefulThe careful execution of the plan led to its resounding success.
normalThe program ran with normal execution
speedyThe lawyer requested a speedy execution of the contract.
perfectThe gymnast's perfect execution on the uneven bars earned her a gold medal.
symbolicThe symbolic execution technique can be applied to verify the correctness of programs with complex control flow.
nonThe non execution of the plan was due to unforeseen circumstances.
strictThe strict execution of the law made any deviation from it subject to severe punishment.
finalThe final execution is scheduled for next week.
legalThe legal execution was carried out at dawn.
simultaneousThe simultaneous execution of multiple tasks improved efficiency by 20%.
terribleThe hacker's attempt to breach the system was a terrible execution
betterThe team's better execution led to a decisive victory.
artisticThe dancer's movements exhibited artistic execution
literaryThe literary execution of the novel was superb.
defectiveThe defective execution of the software caused the system to crash.
remoteRemote execution facilitates the execution of programs on a remote machine.
mereThe mere execution of the plan exposed weaknesses that needed to be addressed.
automaticThe automatic execution of the program began at 3 pm.
vigorousThe team played with vigorous execution
brilliantIts brilliant execution leaves the audience in awe.
smoothThe project's smooth execution ensured a successful outcome.
rigorousThe rigorous execution of the plan ensured its successful completion.
fasterThe faster execution of the program was achieved by optimizing the code.
cruelThe cruel execution was a horrific sight to behold.
impendingThe impending execution hung over the prisoner like a dark cloud.
detailedThe project was completed with detailed execution
speculativeSpeculative execution is a computer architecture technique that attempts to improve performance by executing instructions that may or may not be needed.
typographicalThe antiquated typewriter exhibited typographical execution in abundance.
formalThe formal execution was carried out with precision and efficiency.
masterlyThe masterly execution of the plan ensured its success
partialThe partial execution of the contract was deemed acceptable.
swiftThe swift execution of the plan ensured its success.
quickThe document's quick execution should be kept in close confidence.
fastThe software's fast execution impressed the users.
bloodyThe bloody execution was a gruesome spectacle.
delicateThe delicate execution of the intricate lacework was a testament to the artisan's patience and skill.
eventualThe eventual execution of the plan will require careful planning and coordination.
macroMacro execution is the process of executing a macro.
easyThe plan's easy execution belied its ambitious scope.
fearfulThe fearful execution of the condemned man was a grim spectacle.
exactThe exact execution of the plan was essential for its success.
skillfulHer skillful execution of the piano piece captivated the audience.
serialThe serial execution of the prisoners was met with international condemnation.
massThe mass execution was a horrific event that left many families devastated.

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