Adjectives for Exemption

Adjectives For Exemption

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exemption, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'exemption' can significantly alter the term's meaning and context, providing depth and specificity. A 'personal exemption' highlights the individual nature of the term, often related to one's financial or legal status. 'Such exemption' refers to a previously mentioned or implied case, bringing about a continuation in discourse. A 'special exemption' implies an exception granted under unique circumstances, whereas a 'specific exemption' pinpoints an exact area or instance of exemption. Meanwhile, 'complete' or 'total exemption' underscores the breadth of the exemption, suggesting an absence of obligations in a broad sense. These nuances in using adjectives with 'exemption' open up a rich field of linguistic expression. Discover the full list of adjectives that bring this term to life in various contexts below.
personalA personal exemption reduces the amount of taxable income an individual can claim.
suchWe cannot overlook the fact that such exemption will only result in increase in the crime rate.
specialShe got special exemption from the taxes because of her illness.
specificThe specific exemption has been granted to the company for a period of five years.
completeThe witness was granted a complete exemption from testifying in court.
totalThe company was granted a total exemption from the income tax.
partialThe corporation is eligible for partial exemption from taxation status.
taxThe organization is eligible for tax exemption under section 501(c)(3).
generalThe general exemption for certain types of income applies to this case.
fullThe organization is granted full exemption from taxes.
statutoryThe statutory exemption applies to all individuals under the age of 18.
antitrustThe company is protected from antitrust lawsuits by an antitrust exemption
yearThe employee receives a one year exemption for the graduate school program.
federalThis multistate corporation offers a federal exemption encouraging new hires in specific geographic regions.
additionalThe additional exemption allowed for dependent children in the new tax bill is $2,000.
similarI am entitled to a similar exemption from the requirement.
entireThe entire exemption was granted last year.
temporaryThe temporary exemption from taxes was a relief to the struggling business.
limitedSome of these benefits are available with limited exemption
individualThe new policy includes an individual exemption for those with medical conditions.
absoluteThe absolute exemption from any kind of taxation is a privilege granted only to charitable institutions.
religiousI am applying for a religious exemption from the vaccine mandate.
annualThe annual exemption for gift tax is $15,000 per person.
maritalMy grandfather left his entire estate to my grandmother under the marital exemption
legalThe company received a legal exemption from the requirement to file a report with the SEC.
basicThe basic exemption for single filers in 2023 is $13,850.
militaryThe applicant was granted a military exemption due to a medical condition.
privateThe agreement created a private exemption to the rule.
permanentThe permanent exemption from taxes was granted to the organization.
comparativeThe comparative exemption created by the recent changes in the tax code allows more people to save for retirement.
homesteadThe homestead exemption allowed the couple to keep their home after they lost their jobs.
perpetualThe proposed law would grant perpetual exemption to certain types of businesses.
agriculturalThe property owner applied for an agricultural exemption on his property taxes.
automaticStudents with an automatic exemption will not be required to complete the quiz.
likeThe new tax law provides a like exemption for certain types of investments.
reciprocalThe court granted a reciprocal exemption from the state franchise tax.
minimumThe minimum exemption for income tax is $10,000.
happyJack enjoyed the happy exemption from work today.
conditionalThe conditional exemption allowed for a wider range of flexibility in the application of the regulations.
investigationalThe investigational exemption allows qualified researchers to conduct clinical trials with unapproved drugs or devices.
broadThe new law includes a broad exemption for religious organizations.
constitutionalThe constitutional exemption means that the government cannot interfere with the free exercise of religion.
perfectThis application received a perfect exemption
doubleThe professor's double exemption from teaching and grading duties allowed him to focus on his research.
corporateThe corporate exemption to the First Amendment allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns.
mereThe mere exemption from the test did not disqualify her.
extraThe extra exemption was granted to the organization due to its charitable status.
intrastateThe intrastate exemption applies to sales of goods and services within a single state.
dependentMy parents claimed me as a dependent exemption on their tax return.
continuedThe continued exemption from taxes made it difficult for the town to maintain essential services.
administrativeThe administrative exemption is only allowed for highly compensated employees.
explicitThe purchase of office supplies is exempt from the use tax due to an explicit exemption
fiscalThe company has been granted fiscal exemption for the next five years.
charitableThe charitable exemption allows non-profit organizations to operate without paying taxes.
remarkableThe remarkable exemption from the rule was a testament to her exceptional abilities.
timeThe prisoner received a time exemption for his good behavior.
equivalentShe is entitled to an equivalent exemption
maximumThe maximum exemption amount for the tax year 2023 is $13,850.
applicableThe rental income is subject to taxation unless an applicable exemption applies.
privilegedThe privileged exemption was granted to the witness so that they would not have to testify.
spousalThe spousal exemption covers the portion of income earned by the spouse of the taxpayer that is not subject to taxation.
aboveThe income is above exemption limit.
clericalClerical exemption refers to the exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act that exempts certain office employees from the minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.
exciseThe excise exemption on the purchase of new cars has been extended for another year.
unconditionalThe unconditional exemption from taxes for nonprofit organizations is a significant incentive for charitable giving.
outrightThe plan was approved with the outright exemption of the zoning restriction.

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