Adjectives for Exhaust

Adjectives For Exhaust

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exhaust, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Discussing 'exhaust' and its adjectives unveils a world of nuance. A 'local exhaust' can bring to mind a specific system designed to remove pollutants close to their source, enhancing air quality and workplace safety. The sensation of 'hot exhaust' immediately transports one to the roar of engines and the heat of machinery, while 'black exhaust' hints at pollution and possible engine issues. 'Smoky exhaust,' often signals incomplete combustion. The term 'automotive exhaust' delves into the realm of vehicles and environmental concerns. Meanwhile, 'dual exhaust' systems suggest efficiency and performance enhancements in automotive engineering. Each adjective not only describes but also reveals deeper insights into environmental, mechanical, and health-related discussions. Dive deeper into how these and more adjectives uniquely color conversations about exhaust.
localThe local exhaust fan was working overtime to remove the fumes.
hotThe hot exhaust from the car filled the air with a pungent smell.
blackThe car sped away, leaving a trail of black exhaust in its wake.
smokyThe car sped off, leaving a trail of smoky exhaust in its wake.
automotiveThe automotive exhaust was released into the atmosphere, polluting the air.
dualThe powerful pickup truck roared to life, its dual exhaust pipes emitting an aggressive growl.
blueThe blue exhaust from the rockets filled the sky.
freeThe free exhaust system provided a noticeable boost in horsepower.
mechanicalThe building's mechanical exhaust system was failing.
auxiliaryThe auxiliary exhaust port provided additional thrust during the spacecraft's ascent.
pressureThe pressure exhaust in the engine is creating a lot of noise.
openThe car's open exhaust made a loud roar as it accelerated.
atmosphericThe spacecraft released its atmospheric exhaust to adjust its orbit.
mainThe main exhaust to the left is tilted downward, blown toward a circular concrete pad.
whiteThe car rolled to a stop, leaving behind a cloud of white exhaust
singleThe car has a single exhaust
separateThe separate exhaust is used to reduce back pressure on the engine.
vehicularThe primary component of vehicular exhaust is carbon monoxide.
clearThe mechanic fixed the clear exhaust
warmThe warm exhaust from the engine drifted up into the cold night air.
totalThe runner collapsed in total exhaust after finishing the race.
directThe truck's direct exhaust made a loud noise.
lessThe car runs with less exhaust
slowThe engine's slow exhaust wafted through the air.
engineThe engine exhaust filled the air with a pungent odor.
finalThe final exhaust was released through the valve.
turbineThe turbine exhaust temperature was too high.
noisyThe noisy exhaust from the motorcycle was deafening.
heavyThe car's heavy exhaust made it difficult to breathe.
dirtyThe car emitted dirty exhaust into the atmosphere.
loudThe car had a loud exhaust that could be heard from blocks away.
automobileThe automobile exhaust from the busy highway was making my eyes water.
oilyThe oily exhaust from the old car filled the air.
rearThe truck's rear exhaust belched out thick black smoke.
variableThe racing car's variable exhaust system allowed it to adjust the sound of its engine.
fieryThe fiery exhaust from the rocket lit up the night sky.
supersonicThe supersonic exhaust caused a deafening roar as the jet passed overhead.
underwaterThe scuba diver inspected the underwater exhaust pipe's condition.
diluteThe dilute exhaust must have the same composition of visible emissions as the undiluted exhaust.
outsideThe outside exhaust fan was making a lot of noise.
rawThe raw exhaust from the chimneys filled the air with a sickening smell.
adequateThis kitchen has adequate exhaust for all the cooking that goes on in here.
doubleThe car's powerful engine roared as the double exhaust pipes sent out a symphony of sound.
dryThe dry exhaust of the car made a loud noise.
grayThe truck chugged with thick, gray exhaust
cleanerThe new engine has a cleaner exhaust system.
tripleThe car's triple exhaust system gave it a menacing roar
efficientThe well-designed engine has an efficient exhaust which helps to clear the toxic fumes.
thickThick exhaust billowed from the tailpipe, choking the air with noxious fumes.
noxiousThe noxious exhaust from the old car made my eyes water.
industrialThe industrial exhaust system helps to remove harmful fumes and dust from the workplace.
richThe rich exhaust from the car filled the air with a pungent odor.
darkThe dark exhaust from the car filled the air with fumes.
visibleThe truck was old and emitted visible exhaust
wetThe boat's wet exhaust was emitting a strong odor of diesel fuel.
toxicThe toxic exhaust fumes from the factory were polluting the air.
inhaledThe man inhaled exhaust from the car.
coldThe engine's cold exhaust escaped into the night.
excessiveThe excessive exhaust from the old bus made my eyes water
locomotiveThe locomotive exhaust billowed into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke and soot.
powerfulThe powerful exhaust of the engine could be heard from miles away.
rapidThe rapid exhaust from the jet engine made the building tremble.
irradiatedThe irradiated exhaust spewed forth from the reactor, carrying with it a deadly cargo.
acridThe acrid exhaust from the factory hung heavy in the air.
muffledThe muffled exhaust of the car hinted at its age.
verticalThe vertical exhaust from the rocket engine blazed fiercely, creating a thunderous roar.
lateralThe lateral exhaust released toxic fumes.
foulThe car's foul exhaust made me cough
typicalThe car's typical exhaust fume was released into the atmosphere.
inchThe engine did not inch exhaust but roared.
sharpThe sharp exhaust from the sports car made me jump.
continuousThe continuous exhaust from the engine made it difficult to breathe.
preliminaryThe preliminary exhaust was used to evaluate the patient's condition.

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