Adjectives for Exhibitions

Adjectives For Exhibitions

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exhibitions, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the nuanced world of exhibitions through adjectives reveals a landscape as varied as the art they showcase. Descriptive words like public, international, and annual paint vivid pictures of accessibility, scope, and frequency, imbuing each exhibition with a unique ambience and appeal. A temporary exhibition suggests a fleeting opportunity to witness something remarkable, while the word many hints at the vast choices available to art aficionados and casual observers alike. The precise adjective chosen can subtly influence our expectations and excitement levels toward these cultural events. For a deeper dive into the descriptive richness that surrounds exhibitions, explore our full list of adjectives below.
suchSuch exhibitions require a significant investment of time and resources.
publicThe museum always has public exhibitions that focus on local history.
internationalInternational exhibitions have been a way for countries to showcase their cultures and achievements.
temporaryThe museum features a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions
manyThe museum is hosting many exhibitions this month.
annualThe museum hosts numerous annual exhibitions
specialThe museum is currently featuring two special exhibitions
severalThere were several exhibitions at the museum that showcased different eras of art.
majorThe museum has hosted several major exhibitions in recent years.
variousPlease explore our various exhibitions on the third floor.
theatricalThe actors performed several theatrical exhibitions throughout the week.
numerousThe city's art museum has hosted numerous exhibitions on contemporary art.
importantThe museum is putting on several important exhibitions this month.
nationalThe organizers invited many artists to display their work at the national exhibitions
recentThe museum's recent exhibitions have explored the history of photography.
industrialThe industrial exhibitions displayed cutting-edge technology and innovations.
dramaticThe flamboyant actor's performance culminated in a series of dramatic exhibitions
permanentThe museum offers permanent exhibitions on various historical events, such as the American Revolution and the Civil War.
manThere were too many man exhibitions at the museum.
regularThe museum holds regular exhibitions of contemporary art.
individualOur annual art exhibition features individual exhibitions from our most talented students.
similarI've seen similar exhibitions before.
frequentThe museum hosts frequent exhibitions of contemporary art.
occasionalThe museum typically displays a few occasional exhibitions during the year.
retrospectiveThe art gallery is showcasing a series of retrospective exhibitions featuring works by renowned artists.
agriculturalPeople from all over the country came to view the agricultural exhibitions
photographicThe gallery hosted several photographic exhibitions throughout the year.
gladiatorialThe gladiatorial exhibitions were a popular form of entertainment in ancient Rome.
successfulThe museum hosted successful exhibitions throughout the year.
interestingThe museum hosts a variety of interesting exhibitions throughout the year.
previousThe gallery will showcase some of Jones's previous exhibitions
impressionistThere are many impressionist exhibitions in the city this month.
popularThe popular exhibitions at the museum attracted thousands of visitors.
contemporaryThe museum features contemporary exhibitions that showcase the latest trends in modern art.
subsequentHe had subsequent exhibitions of his work in Paris, New York City, and London.
splendidThe museum featured splendid exhibitions of ancient artifacts.
personThe museum featured person exhibitions that celebrated the lives of local artists.
collectiveThere will be a series of collective exhibitions by artists from all over the world.
competitiveRichard and Susanne raced each other in various competitive exhibitions
remarkableArt enthusiasts flocked to the museum to witness the remarkable exhibitions on display.
official"We've got a few official exhibitions going on right now."
wonderfulThe museum had many wonderful exhibitions
jointThe joint exhibitions will showcase the works of renowned artists from around the world.
yearlyThe museum hosts yearly exhibitions that showcase the work of emerging artists.
finestOne of the finest exhibitions he had ever set his eyes on.
juriedArtists submitted their work to the juried exhibitions hoping to have their pieces selected for display.
periodicThe museum hosts periodic exhibitions showcasing local artists.
periodicalThe museum hosts a variety of periodical exhibitions throughout the year.
spectacularThe museum is known for its spectacular exhibitions
thematicThe museum houses several thematic exhibitions on the history of the region.
mixedThe museum displayed a collection of mixed exhibitions ranging from 19th-century paintings to contemporary sculptures.
regionalI visited several regional exhibitions during my travels abroad.
extraordinaryThe museum hosts extraordinary exhibitions that feature artifacts from around the world.
colonialVisitors were fascinated by the exotic artifacts displayed in the colonial exhibitions
strikingThe museum's striking exhibitions showcased innovative and thought-provoking artwork.
brilliantI always admire the brilliant exhibitions in this museum.
provincialThe provincial exhibitions showcased the finest livestock, crafts, and agricultural products from across the region.
scenicWe enjoyed the scenic exhibitions during our trip to the mountains.
scaleThe city art museum houses scale exhibitions that illustrate the evolution of the human species.
athleticGymnasts showcased their athletic exhibitions at the competition.
gymnasticThe gymnasts put on a spectacular show during their gymnastic exhibitions

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