Adjectives for Existence

Adjectives For Existence

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing existence, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'existence' often carries profound meanings and nuances, reflected through the adjectives paired with it. For instance, 'very existence' highlights the intensity or the fundamental nature of being, while 'human existence' delves into the specific experiences and conditions unique to human life. Using 'own' emphasizes possession or individuality, illustrating a personal or unique aspect of being. 'Non existence', on the other hand, introduces the concept of absence or void, juxtaposing what is with what isn't. The term 'continued existence' suggests persistence or endurance over time, and 'real existence' challenges the perception of reality, questioning what is genuinely tangible. Each adjective thus unfolds a different layer of understanding, inviting deeper contemplation on existence. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover more nuanced insights.
veryIt was a truth so self-evident that its very existence went unnoticed.
humanHuman existence is a fascinating and complex phenomenon.
ownI am questioning my own existence
nonThe concept of non existence is vast and shrouded in mystery.
continuedThe continued existence of the company remains uncertain.
realThe real existence of the Loch Ness Monster remains a mystery.
independentThe concept of independent existence refers to the idea that something can exist on its own without relying on or being dependent on anything else.
mereThe mere existence of this evidence should be enough to cast doubt on the claim.
separateThe tumultuous origins of his separate existence lie in his troubled childhood.
actualThe actual existence of ghosts has never been scientifically proven.
nationalThe national existence of the small country was threatened by the invasion of its larger neighbor.
physicalThe physical existence of the object was undeniable.
wholeAt the heart of my whole existence lies the unwavering pursuit of knowledge and truth.
possibleThe possible existence of life beyond Earth is a captivating concept.
earthlyThe earthly existence of all beings is subject to the laws of nature.
individualThe individual existence of organisms evolves through the interaction of genetics and the environment.
peacefulThe community strived for a peaceful existence valuing harmony and respect.
present"Gilgamesh, governed Uruk in 2,700 B.C., making it the present existence of one of the first big cities.
futureShe carried the artifact into the future existence where it belonged.
personalWe all tend to view our personal existence as a tiny stage upon which a great drama is being enacted.
dailyThe monotony of her daily existence was broken only by the occasional letter from her son.
objectiveThe objective existence of God is a matter of debate.
previousThe book discussed the theory of a previous existence
miserableThe impoverished soul resigned themselves to a miserable existence
precariousThey lived a precarious existence on the edge of poverty.
legalThe legal existence of the company is established by its registration with the relevant authorities.
formerThe former existence had been wiped from their minds.
spiritualThe spiritual existence of the individual transcends the physical and temporal realms.
everydayEveryday existence is often full of mundane tasks and routines.
corporateThe company's corporate existence commenced on January 1, 2023.
entireHer entire existence was devoted to the pursuit of knowledge.
eternalThe philosopher pondered the eternal existence of the soul.
necessaryThe necessary existence of God is a philosophical argument that attempts to prove that God exists by defining God as a being that exists necessarily.
historicalOur collective historical existence is proof of an incredibly resilient species.
briefThe flower's brief existence ended with the first frost.
consciousThe conscious existence of the individual is a fundamental aspect of our understanding of the universe.
absolute"Absolute existence" implies an entity that exists independently of all other entities and is not contingent on any external factors.
bareHer bare existence was a miracle.
continuousThe continuous existence of the universe has been a topic of debate for centuries.
divineThe divine existence is beyond our comprehension.
priorI haven't seen any evidence of prior existence
authenticThe seeker frequently believes that authentic existence lies beyond the realm of quotidian reality.
concreteIts concrete existence is reflected in the form of a building.
dayI'm grateful for every day existence and all the blessings it brings.
worldlyAfter the worldly existence we are striving to be with God.
finiteQuantum particles have finite existence meaning they do not persist indefinitely.
simultaneousThe simultaneous existence of multiple realities is a concept that has fascinated philosophers and scientists alike.
mortalMy mortal existence is a fleeting moment in the vastness of eternity.
inherentThe inherent existence of the universe is a mystery that has puzzled philosophers and scientists for centuries.
temporalThe temporal existence of the universe is a mystery that has puzzled scientists for centuries.
mundaneThe mundane existence of the office worker was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a mysterious stranger.
permanentThe book I bought from the store has a permanent existence on my bookshelf.
comfortableThey had acquired wealth enough to ensure a comfortable existence
distinctThe distinct existence of the entity was undeniable.
nomadicThe nomadic existence of the tribes had come to an end.
phenomenalHer phenomenal existence radiated an aura of boundless energy.
wretchedTheir wretched existence was a constant reminder of the cruelties of life.
solitaryThe hermit lived a solitary existence in the remote cabin.
autonomousThe AIs achieved autonomous existence and no longer required human input to function.
happyThe cat's happy existence was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a dog.
idealIn an ideal existence everyone's dreams would come true.
meaningfulMy purpose is to live a meaningful existence one that benefits others and enriches my own soul.
substantialThe substantial existence of the entity was confirmed by the auditor.
lonelyHer lonely existence was filled with sorrow and despair.
collectiveOur collective existence is an interconnected tapestry of individual experiences and shared humanity.
empiricalThe empirical existence of the phenomenon has been widely debated by scientists.
isolatedHis isolated existence left him feeling lonely and disconnected.
probableThe probable existence of extraterrestrial life is a subject of ongoing scientific debate.
quietShe sought out a quiet existence away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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