Adjectives for Exit

Adjectives For Exit

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exit, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an exit can significantly alter the context and evoke varying emotions. A quick exit suggests urgency or efficiency, while the only exit conveys limitation or a lack of alternatives. The final exit carries a sense of conclusiveness, perhaps leading to a dramatic outcome. Conversely, the nearest exit implies practicality and convenience in finding a way out. A hasty exit can suggest leaving under less than ideal circumstances, whereas an early exit might indicate avoidance or a strategic departure. Each adjective opens up a new layer of interpretation, enriching the narrative around the concept of leaving or escaping. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'exit' and the nuances they introduce below.
quickI made a quick exit before anyone could notice me.
onlyThe only exit was through the back door.
finalThe final exit of the highway was just a few miles away.
nearestPlease proceed to your nearest exit in the event of an emergency.
hastyThey made a hasty exit as the building began to crumble.
earlyHer ability to complete so many tasks with such efficiency was down to her early exit from the office each day.
nextTake the next exit you are almost there.
freeThe emergency exits were marked with a green "free exit" sign.
rearThe rear exit of the building was blocked by a large dumpster.
gracefulThe graceful exit of the ballet dancer was a sight to behold.
lastThe last exit on the freeway was a welcome sight after the long drive.
easyMy boss gave me an easy exit from my duties yesterday.
mainHe quickly exited through the main exit
dramaticShe left the party with a dramatic exit
safeThe emergency escape route provided a safe exit during the evacuation.
rapidThe ship made a rapid exit from the harbor.
suddenHis sudden exit from the company was a surprise to everyone.
hurriedHe made a hurried exit from the meeting.
singleAn emergency exit with a single exit door must have a clear exit path.
possibleThe only possible exit was through the kitchen.
dignifiedWith a dignified exit the former president left the White House for the last time.
narrowThe narrow exit made it difficult for the crowd to evacuate quickly.
secretI discovered a secret exit in the back of the castle.
southernThe southern exit is the one on the right.
normalThe normal exit was clearly marked and easy to find.
speedyThe suspect made a speedy exit from the crime scene.
northernThe motorway bypassed the town to the east, with its northern exit leading to the industrial estate.
grandThe grand exit of the performer was met with thunderous applause.
fastHe made a fast exit when he heard the police sirens.
westernAs the sun began to set, we made our way to the western exit
abruptHe made an abrupt exit after the argument.
backI used the back exit to sneak out of the building.
frontThe bus had a front exit near the engine.
readyHe made a quick ready exit when he heard the noise.
quietHe made a quiet exit from the crowded party.
swiftWe need to make a swift exit before anyone gets suspicious.
prematureThe premature exit from school was a blow to his future prospects.
westTake the west exit to reach the bus stop.
orderlyThe orderly exit from the building proceeded smoothly.
southTake the south exit to leave the building.
northTurn right at the north exit and walk for two blocks.
successfulAfter years of hard work, the entrepreneur had a successful exit when they sold their company for millions.
separateThe separate exit of the building led onto a side street.
forcedThe driver made a forced exit after the car's engine blew up.
slowThe audience gave a slow exit to the stage after the terrible performance.
triumphantAs the curtains fell, marking the end of the performance, the cast took a triumphant exit their cheers and applause reverberating through the auditorium.
entryThe border has limited entry exit crossing points
wrongI took the wrong exit and ended up miles away from my destination.
voluntaryRetirement is a type of voluntary exit from the labor force.
convenientThe convenient exit made it easy for us to leave the parking lot.
eastTurn right at the east exit
horizontalThe horizontal exit led the crowd quickly outside.
honorableThe general accepted an honorable exit for his troops.
ignominiousThe CEO's ignominious exit from the company left a lasting scar on the organization's reputation.
cleanAfter the latest patch the software has a clean exit
peacefulThe protesters marched through the city, demanding a peaceful exit for the president.
mitoticMitosis is the process of mitotic exit during which the cell membrane reforms and the chromosomes become decondensed.
permanentThe permanent exit from the building is marked with a red sign.
alternativeCheck the alternative exit in case of emergencies.
streetTurn left and take the first street exit on the right.
availableThe fire escape is an available exit in case of an emergency.
temporaryThe temporary exit led to a short hallway.
eventualThe eventual exit from the freeway was clearly marked.
closestTake the closest exit off the highway.
falseLeading through a false exit the man found himself back at the labyrinth's entrance.
honourableThe honourable exit from the difficult situation was strategically planned.
discreetShe made a discreet exit out the back door.
happyThe customer had a happy exit from the store after purchasing everything they needed.
silentI bid you a silent exit
timelyThe timely exit from the burning building saved his life.
selectPlease select exit to leave
outsideThe outside exit is located at the back of the building.

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