Adjectives for Exp

Adjectives For Exp

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing exp, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe exp can dramatically alter the meaning your sentence conveys. For example, a total exp implies a comprehensive or complete experience, while an exponential exp suggests a rapidly increasing rate of growth or change. A library exp might refer to a vast and varied collection, contrasting sharply with the last exp, which indicates something most recent or final. Meanwhile, the top exp signifies the highest quality or level, and a double exp could suggest a duplication or twofold increase. Each adjective brings its own shade of meaning, enriching the noun with specific insights or nuances. Below is the full list of adjectives commonly used with exp, offering a deeper exploration into the language.
totalThis game takes a total exp of 450.
exponentialThe exponential exp function is used to find the value of e raised to the power of a given number.
lastSo quickly does my last exp pass.
top"Robocop took the top exp out for a ride to outsmart the crooks."
doubleI got double exp for killing that monster.
compareI can't compare exp
norwegianThe Norwegian explorers quickly realized the importance of dogs for the expedition.
publicThe public exp is 65537.
secThe sec exp of the angle is equal to the opposite side divided by the adjacent side.
constantThe constant exp is used to calculate the exponential function.
currentThe current experiment is ongoing.
normalThe normal exp of the random variable X is 0.
tiefseeTiefsee exp in mariannengraben 11000 m
variableThe variable exp can be useful for storing values that change frequently.
complexThis complex exp is a problem for me.
averageThe student's average exp score for the six exams is 75.
4thWe're in the 4th exp of the study.
moderateThe moderate exp is something that is not too much and not too little.
meanThe mean exp of the data is 10.
thermalThe thermal expansion of water is an important property in many applications.
net"Net expenditure" is 50 million dollars.
gaussianThe Gaussian exp function is used to calculate the probability of a given value occurring in a normal distribution.
actualThe actual exp of this music is electronic
archivMy archiv exp is not working.
linearLinear exp covers the concepts from polynomial functions, graphing, systems of equations, matrices, the determinant, and eigenvectors.
distalMiss the distal exp the car.
dateThe date expired a week ago.
preThe pre exp was not met.
quarterlyThe company's quarterly exp are expected to be $1 billion.
socHe has a lot of soc exp so he is able to talk with people and build trust.
staticThe static exp function returns a static expression tree.
observantThe observant exp noticed the tiny detail.
explanI need some explan exp
tripleThis order of chips comes with a triple exp bonus.
incompleteThe incomplete exp study was rejected by the oversight committee.
initialHer initial experience at the new school was good.
excessExcess exp generated by the reaction is 10^4 cpm/min.
1st1st exp is a term used to describe a person's first experience with something.
deepThe deep exp beauty of nature is something to behold.
furI hope the fur exp convention was fun.
textThe text exp is used in the context of natural language processing.
dayThey increased the day exp significantly.
3fachEin Filter mit 3fach exp ist 3fach wirksamer.
handbuchIch habe keine Ahnung, was Sie von mir verlangen, aber "Handbuch exp" ist kein Begriff, der mir bekannt ist.
naiveThe naive exp went out on a limb.
experimentalThe experimental exp showed promise in the initial stages.
norvegiaNorvegia exp appr. 1200, a Norvegian captain on the Baltic Sea, operated along the coast of Mecklenburg, Pomerania, and Prussia.
goldfishI have a goldfish exp that is very active and loves to eat.
annualThe annual exp is help customers easily find the product they need.
innerI was filled with inner exp and joy.
imaginativeThe imaginative exp of the child was evident in his drawings.
percentThis item is 25 percent exp right now
siidpolarThe siidpolar exp was very successful.
sudpolarThe sudpolar exp rushed to the supermarket before it closed.
integralThe integral exp time is 20 ms.
swedishI want to learn swedish exp
administrativeThe department tallied the administrative exp for the quarter.
agriculturalThe agricultural exp is a place for people to learn about farming and agriculture.
functionalThe functional exp is an important part of the project.
polarPolar expeditions often face extreme weather and hazardous conditions.
chargeThe charge exp on our credit card last month was very high.
seaThe crew hoped to return to life at sea exp as soon as possible.
intThe int exp of the function is 2.
slitThe slit experiment in physics demonstrates the wave-particle duality of matter.
usualThe usual exp at the first stage is usually around 0.05
oralThe oral exp of the experimental group was significantly higher than the control group.
mathematicalIntegrating the mathematical exp function from 0 to 1 gives approximately 2.718.
bronzeThe ancient bronze exp was discovered in the archaeological excavation.
westWest exp has never been filled.
5thMy 5th exp in AI programming was a success.

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