Adjectives for Expansion

Adjectives For Expansion

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expansion, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term expansion takes on various shades of meaning when paired with different adjectives, illustrating the dynamic nature of its usage. Rapid expansion conveys a sense of swift growth or increase, often invoking a feeling of excitement or urgency. In contrast, economic expansion implies a more focused growth, specifically within the economic sector, suggesting prosperity and development. The phrase thermal expansion, meanwhile, delves into the physical realm, describing the increase in volume of materials as they heat up. Further expansion hints at the continuation of growth, whereas industrial and territorial expansion emphasize specific areas of enlargement, be it in industry or geography. Each adjective brings its own unique perspective to the noun, enriching the context in which expansion is discussed. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with expansion below.
rapidThe company's rapid expansion led to a surge in profits.
economicThe economic expansion has been fueled by low interest rates and strong consumer spending.
thermalThermal expansion is the increase in volume of a substance due to a rise in temperature.
furtherThe team's further expansion into overseas markets proved to be a lucrative move.
industrialThe rapid industrial expansion led to a dramatic increase in pollution levels.
territorialThe territorial expansion of the United States in the 19th century was a period of significant growth for the country.
colonialThe colonial expansion of European powers had a profound impact on the world.
futureThe company is planning for future expansion in the Asia-Pacific region.
monetaryThe central bank's monetary expansion led to a significant increase in inflation.
considerableThe company has undergone considerable expansion in recent years.
imperialThe European powers' imperial expansion led to conflicts and wars among them.
commercialThe company's commercial expansion into new markets has been a major driver of its growth.
majorThe company announced a major expansion of its operations in the region.
europeanEuropean expansion played a significant role in shaping the modern world.
continuedThe company's continued expansion has led to increased profits in recent years.
linearLinear expansion causes objects to increase in length when they are heated.
vastThe vast expansion of the city led to increased traffic and pollution.
adiabaticThe gas undergoes adiabatic expansion when no heat is transferred to or from the system.
urbanUrban expansion is occurring at a rapid pace in developing countries.
significantThe company has undergone significant expansion in recent years.
enormousThe recent economic boom is due in part to the enormous expansion of the tech industry.
overseasThe company's overseas expansion has been successful, with new markets opening up in Asia and Europe.
suddenThe sudden expansion of the gas caused the container to burst.
gradualThe gradual expansion of the company allowed it to reach new markets and customers.
steadyThe steady expansion of the universe is a mystery that scientists are still trying to solve.
agriculturalThe agricultural expansion led to an increase in deforestation and soil erosion.
sovietThe Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe after World War II was a major factor in the Cold War.
tremendousThe company experienced tremendous expansion in recent years.
militaryThe military expansion has been justified as necessary to protect national security.
massiveThe company's massive expansion increased its sales by 25%.
recentThe company's recent expansion has led to a significant increase in revenue.
westernThe western expansion was a period of rapid growth and settlement in the United States.
fiscalFiscal expansion will increase aggregate demand and stimulate economic growth.
substantialThe substantial expansion of the company resulted in increased profits and a larger workforce.
internationalThe company's strategy for international expansion has been very successful.
educationalThe educational expansion in the country has led to a surge in the number of students enrolling in higher education programs.
clonalThe rapid clonal expansion of the B cells led to an increase in antibody production.
communistThe United States' policy of containment aimed to prevent communist expansion and influence.
germanThe German expansion into Poland marked the beginning of World War II.
dramaticThe dramatic expansion of the company led to increased profits.
greatestThe economy reached its greatest expansion in decades.
globalThe company's global expansion plans were put on hold due to the pandemic.
japaneseThe Japanese expansion in the Pacific was a period of military expansion by the Empire of Japan that occurred between 1931 and 1942.
subsequentAny subsequent expansion to the dwelling requires planning permission.
lateralThe lateral expansion of the tumour was rapidly invading surrounding tissues.
continuousThe continuous expansion of the universe is a fascinating concept.
capitalistCapitalist expansion with its inherent drive for profit, has led to the exploitation of both land and labor.
remarkableThe company's remarkable expansion has led to a significant increase in revenue.
unprecedentedThe unprecedented expansion of the internet has led to a new era of global communication.
navalChina's naval expansion in the South China Sea has raised concerns about its intentions.
domesticThe company's domestic expansion plans were put on hold due to the economic downturn.
asymptoticThe asymptotic expansion of the Riemann zeta function is determined by the location of its zeros.
differentialThe metal expands at a different rate due to differential expansion
geographicalThe company's geographical expansion into new markets helped it increase its revenue.
excessiveThe excessive expansion of the company led to its eventual downfall.
isothermalIsothermal expansion is a process in which the temperature of a system remains constant while its volume changes.
markedInvestment by private companies in the area around the airport has subsequently shown marked expansion
binomialBinomial expansion is a mathematical technique that allows for the expansion of binomial expressions raised to positive integer powers.
postwarBanks underwent postwar expansion to meet the needs of a rapidly growing economy.
hugeThe company has experienced a huge expansion in the past year.
partialThe partial expansion of the gas caused the balloon to rise.
unequalThe unequal expansion of the leaves caused the table to warp.
eastwardThe eastward expansion of the United States began in the 17th century.
maximumThe maximum expansion of a given variable in an algebraic equation is equal to the number of times it is used in that equation.
plannedThe city is set to undergo a planned expansion over the next decade.
quantitativeThe quantitative expansion of the currency lowered the exchange rate against the yen.
unlimitedThe universe's unlimited expansion leaves us with an infinite amount to explore and discover.
correspondingThe corresponding expansion of the universe is still being debated by scientists.
overThe company's over expansion led to its financial troubles.
slowThe slow expansion of the universe has been a mystery for centuries.
progressiveThe business has experienced progressive expansion over the past few years.
geographicThe company's geographic expansion has been rapid in recent years.

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