Adjectives for Expenditure

Adjectives For Expenditure

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expenditure, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe expenditure can subtly change the implication of the financial narrative being presented. Whether discussing the total expenditure of a multinational corporation, the public expenditure policies of a government, the annual expenditure on healthcare, or the military expenditure of a country, each term illuminates different facets of financial outlay. Similarly, analyzing average expenditure offers insights into spending habits, while current expenditure focuses on present fiscal policies. Each adjective employed paints a unique picture of financial priorities and constraints, guiding the reader through the complexities of fiscal analysis. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with expenditure.
totalThe total expenditure for the project exceeded the budget.
publicThe government has announced a new round of public expenditure to stimulate the economy.
annualThe annual expenditure on healthcare in the United States is over $3 trillion.
militaryThe military expenditure has significantly increased in the recent years.
averageThe average expenditure on groceries for the month was $500.
currentCurrent expenditure refers to the government's spending on day-to-day operations.
actualThe actual expenditure was much higher than the estimated cost.
additionalThe additional expenditure will require us to cut back on other areas.
nationalThe national expenditure on education has been increasing over the last few years.
heavyThe company's heavy expenditure on research and development has paid off.
lavishThe king's lavish expenditure quickly depleted the royal treasury.
localThe local expenditure on education has increased by 10% in the past year.
privatePrivate expenditure on healthcare is expected to rise sharply in the coming years.
considerableThe successful execution of the project took considerable expenditure
recurrentThe municipality is facing a budget deficit due to its high recurrent expenditure
greaterThis project involves greater expenditure than originally anticipated.
minimumThe company managed to achieve its goals with minimum expenditure
enormousOur enormous expenditure on the project surpassed our expectations.
wastefulThe company's wasteful expenditure on lavish parties and bonuses led to its downfall.
aggregateAggregate expenditure is the total amount of spending in an economy.
personalThe total personal expenditure of a country impacts its economic growth.
educationalEducational expenditure is a large part of the government budget.
domesticDomestic expenditure is expected to rise by 2.5% in the coming year.
dailyI need to track my daily expenditure to manage my finances effectively.
extraThe extra expenditure will be accounted for in the next financial report.
leastWe try our best to complete the project with least expenditure time and efforts.
netThe net expenditure on public services decreased by 5% in the last fiscal year.
ordinary"Ordinary expenditure" is the expenditure that is incurred regularly in the normal course of running a business.
lessWe can save money by reducing our less expenditure
necessaryThe necessary expenditure for the project was estimated at $1.5 million.
unnecessaryUnnecessary expenditure can often be avoided with careful planning and budgeting.
vastThe infrastructure project required a vast expenditure of public funds.
excessiveThe government's excessive expenditure has led to a large budget deficit.
grossThe company's gross expenditure on research and development amounted to $10 million.
federalThe federal expenditure has surpassed the revenue for the past five years.
extravagantThe extravagant expenditure required for the celebration left the organizers in a difficult financial position.
caloricExercise increases your caloric expenditure so it is an important part of any weight loss program.
monthlyOur monthly expenditure on groceries has increased significantly.
initialThe initial expenditure for this project was higher than expected.
extraordinaryThe extraordinary expenditure was approved by the board of directors.
hugeThe government's huge expenditure on healthcare has proved to be a wise investment.
navalThe report highlights the recent increase in global naval expenditure
overallThe overall expenditure on the project was within budget.
uselessThe useless expenditure on extravagant parties left the company in a precarious financial position.
unproductiveThe government's recent unproductive expenditure has caused a significant budget deficit.
yearlyThe company's yearly expenditure is estimated to be around $10 million.
administrativeThe company's administrative expenditure has increased significantly in recent years.
governmentalGovernmental expenditure is a major component of the economies of most countries
budgetaryThe budgetary expenditure for the current fiscal year is estimated to be around $100 million.
largestThe largest expenditure for the company was on marketing.
autonomousAutonomous expenditure is the component of aggregate expenditure that does not depend on income.
plannedWe analyzed the planned expenditure for the next fiscal year.
recklessThe company's reckless expenditure led to its bankruptcy.
developmentalWe should increase 'developmental expenditure' to provide basic needs.
municipalThe municipal expenditure on infrastructure development has increased significantly in recent years.
weeklyThe weekly expenditure of the family is quite high.
substantialThe project requires a substantial expenditure of funds.
excessThe company's excess expenditure was a major factor in its financial difficulties.
wiseJoan's wise expenditure on food allowed her to save money for future investments.
immenseThe immense expenditure on the project was a major concern for the shareholders.
liberalThe company's liberal expenditure on advertising has paid off handsomely.
productiveThe productive expenditure led to a significant increase in output.
meanThe mean expenditure for the consumer was 500$.
profuseThe Royal Household's current profuse expenditure on gold-plated bathroom fixtures has caused public outrage.

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