Adjectives for Expense

Adjectives For Expense

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expense, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'expense' often carries with it a weight that varies significantly depending on the adjective it's paired with. Describing an expense as 'own' personalizes it, bringing it closer to the reader's experience, while 'great' emphasizes its magnitude. 'Public' expense shifts the context to societal or governmental financial burdens, and 'considerable' highlights its importance or impact without specifying the exact scale. The term 'additional' points to the unexpected or extra costs that can accumulate, and 'total' offers a sum-up that demands attention to the full scope of expenditures. Each adjective uniquely colors the noun, adding layers of meaning and prompting different emotional or logical responses. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'expense' and how they can enrich your understanding and communication.
ownJohn paid his own expense for the trip.
greatThe project was completed at great expense
publicThe new stadium will be built at public expense
considerableThe project was completed at considerable expense
additionalThe project came with some additional expenses that we hadn't anticipated.
totalThe total expense is estimated to be around 10 million dollars.
extraThe extra expense was unexpected and caused a financial strain.
littleIt can be done at little expense
lessThe smaller the house, the less expense there is for upkeep.
enormousThe project was put on hold due to enormous expense
smallThis small expense should not cause any financial hardship.
muchIt is not possible to build a beautiful house without much expense and luxury.
annualThe annual expense for each department is broken down by category.
unnecessaryThe unnecessary expense put a strain on their budget.
heavyTraveling by plane is always heavy expense
wholeThe whole expense of the trip was covered by our company.
greaterThe greater expense on the project was due to the need for additional materials.
addedThe unexpected car repairs added expense to the family's budget.
vastThe vast expense of the project was not expected.
overheadThe department had to cut overhead expenses during the recession.
administrativeWe have many administrative expenses.
currentThe current expense is higher than the previous month's expense.
deductibleThe deductible expense for this insurance policy is $500.
necessaryFiling taxes is a necessary expense every year.
medicalThe medical expense was reimbursed after the claim was filed.
directDirect expenses are those expenses that can be directly traced to a specific unit of production.
initialThe initial expense of the project was quite high.
leastThe cheapest option is the one with the least expense
actualThe actual expense for the project was $10,000,000.
averageThe average expense for the trip was $500.
entireThe entire expense of the trip was borne by the company.
possibleI'll take care of all the possible expense
triflingThe trifling expense of a few dollars is nothing to worry about.
needlessUnnecessary purchases contribute to needless expense
immenseThe project is expected to incur an immense expense of over a billion dollars.
uselessThe useless expense proved to be a drain on his finances.
minimumWe are not allowed to exceed the minimum expense
moderateThe moderate expense of our trip surprised us.
slightDespite the slight expense I purchased the item because it was essential.
reasonableThe company will pay for reasonable expense
extraordinaryThe company incurred an extraordinary expense of $1 million for the purchase of new equipment.
ordinaryAdvertising is an ordinary expense for most businesses.
miscellaneousMiscellaneous expenses can add up quickly, so it's important to track them carefully.
indirectThe company's indirect expenses include rent, utilities, and depreciation.
hugeThe huge expense was a burden on the family's budget.
soleJane had to pay the sole expense of her mother's medical care.
largestThe largest expense was for food.
jointThe joint expense of the trip was split evenly among the group members.
rentThe rent expense for the month was $1,200.
tremendousThis proposal will be rejected due to its tremendous expense
fixedThe company's fixed expenses include rent, insurance, and salaries.
monthlyThe monthly expense is around $1500.
computationalThis approach significantly reduces the computational expense of the optimization process.
variableThe company's variable expenses, such as raw materials and utilities, fluctuated significantly during the quarter.
minimalThe project was completed with minimal expense
probableThe probable expense of the project is estimated to be around $10,000.
excessiveThe excessive expense of the luxurious vacation was a major strain on their finances.
substantialThe company's substantial expense resulted in a significant loss for the quarter.
netThe company's net expense for the year was $2 million.
prepaidThe prepaid expense account is used to record the cost of expenses that have been paid for in advance.
legitimateThe company reimbursed her for any legitimate expense she incurred.
yearlyThe yearly expense on his new car was $10,000.
biggestThe biggest expense for most people is housing.
undueThe project was completed without incurring any undue expense
ruinousThe ruinous expense of the war forced the government to raise taxes.
prohibitiveThe prohibitive expense of the trip made it impossible for us to go.

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