Adjectives for Expenses

Adjectives For Expenses

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expenses, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe expenses can significantly alter the perception of financial discussions. Whether it's other expenses that fall outside the usual categories, or medical expenses that reflect the costs of health care, each term carries its own weight. Discussing current expenses brings attention to ongoing financial obligations, whereas total expenses underline the comprehensive cost impact. Administrative expenses highlight the operational costs involved in running a business, and necessary expenses remind us of the indispensable outlays required for maintaining a standard of living. The choice of adjective not only conveys specificity but also invites a deeper understanding of fiscal management. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover more insights into how each term shapes our perception of expenses.
otherThe company had 5000 dollars in other expenses
medicalMy medical expenses are covered by my insurance.
currentThe company's current expenses are increasing rapidly.
totalTotal expenses amounted to $1 million.
administrativeThe company's administrative expenses have increased significantly over the past year.
necessaryNecessary expenses are those that are required to maintain a reasonable standard of living.
generalGeneral expenses include office supplies and postage.
personalI need to keep track of my personal expenses
incidentalThe company incurred incidental expenses during the quarter.
overheadWe are currently reducing overhead expenses by cutting down on travel and conferences.
legalThe company will cover the legal expenses for the employee.
actualI'll reimburse you for your actual expenses
ordinaryThe company's ordinary expenses increased by 10% last year.
annualThe annual expenses for the company were over $1 million.
certainWe have certain expenses that we need to cover every month.
relatedThe board of directors voted to increase funding for research and development and related expenses
miscellaneousI have included $100 in the budget for miscellaneous expenses
directDirect expenses are costs that are directly related to the production of goods or services.
fixedThe total fixed expenses for the project were estimated to be $10,000.
reasonableThe company will reimburse you for reasonable expenses incurred during your business trip.
extraordinaryThe company's extraordinary expenses led to a significant drop in profits.
deductibleBusiness expenses that can be deducted from income for tax purposes are known as deductible expenses
extraThe trip to Paris was wonderful, but it came with extra expenses that I had not anticipated.
educationalI claimed $2,000 in educational expenses on my taxes last year.
monthlyThe monthly expenses for the household are around $2,500.
militaryThe country's military expenses have increased significantly over the past decade.
contingentContingent expenses are those that may or may not occur during a given period, such as repairs or maintenance.
prepaidOur company incurs prepaid expenses such as insurance and rent, that are recorded as assets.
variableVariable expenses are often associated with production levels.
dailyI track my daily expenses using a spreadsheet.
indirectThe company's indirect expenses include office supplies, utilities, and postage.
funeralThe funeral expenses were covered by the family's insurance policy.
lessHe has less expenses than last month.
undergraduateMy undergraduate expenses were quite high.
initialThe initial expenses for the project were higher than expected.
futureWe should plan for the future expenses
averageThe average expenses for the trip were $1,000.
preliminaryPreliminary expenses are the initial costs a company incurs before beginning operations.
operationalThe company's operational expenses increased by 10% last quarter.
enormousThe company faced enormous expenses due to the unexpected economic downturn.
unnecessaryReducing unnecessary expenses can help balance your budget.
legitimateThese legitimate expenses include meals, transportation, and lodging.
sundryDue to the sundry expenses the company's profits were lower than expected.
typicalTypical expenses include rent, utilities, food, and transportation.
unexpectedThere were some unexpected expenses so I had to make some adjustments to my budget.
regularOur regular expenses include rent, utilities, and groceries.
departmentalThe company's departmental expenses were higher than expected.
yearlyOur yearly expenses are around $50,000.
unreimbursedThe employee incurred significant unreimbursed expenses during their travels.
allowableThe allowable expenses for the trip include transportation, lodging, and meals.
dayMy day expenses were very high.
unforeseenThe project incurred unforeseen expenses leading to a budget overrun.
minorThe company incurred minor expenses for office supplies.
ongoingThe ongoing expenses of the business were a major concern.
unusualThe company's unusual expenses ate into its profits.
excessiveThe company's excessive expenses led to its financial downfall.
weeklyOur weekly expenses amount to a significant portion of our budget.

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