Adjectives for Experiments

Adjectives For Experiments

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing experiments, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe experiments can significantly impact the perception of your study's value and intrigue. Adjectives like many and several highlight the quantity and breadth of your research, suggesting a comprehensive approach. Words like recent and similar can hint at the timeliness or comparability of the studies, adding layers of relevance or validation. Meanwhile, descriptors like such and further introduce a sense of specificity or continuation, indicating depth and ongoing inquiry. The nuanced use of these adjectives not only brings your experiments to life but also invites the reader into a more engaged and informed dialogue. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives linked with experiments below and enhance your research narrative.
suchSuch experiments are usually conducted in a controlled environment.
manyMany experiments have been conducted to investigate the effects of the drug.
recentRecent experiments involving the latest AI technologies have yielded promising results.
furtherWe need to conduct further experiments to confirm the results.
severalThe researchers conducted several experiments to test their hypothesis.
similarShe performed similar experiments to explore this phenomenon.
earlyEarly experiments with the vaccine showed promising results.
preliminaryPreliminary experiments have shown promising results.
variousScientists carried out various experiments to study the properties of the new material.
numerousNumerous experiments were conducted to verify the hypothesis.
previousThe previous experiments have provided valuable insights into the behavior of the system.
controlledScientists used controlled experiments to test the effects of the new drug.
followingThe following experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of temperature on the reaction rate.
mostMost experiments in quantum computing deal with superconductivity.
scientificThe researchers conducted a series of scientific experiments to test their hypothesis.
earlierWe built on earlier experiments that showed that children's peer groups matter for their early literacy development.
subsequentSubsequent experiments confirmed the initial findings and extended the observations to a wider range of conditions.
presentDoctors are still conducting present experiments to find a cure for this disease.
interestingScientists conducted interesting experiments to explore the new theory.
animalAnimal experiments provide valuable insights into the functioning of the human body.
simpleWe should start with simple experiments to check the hypothesis.
numericalNumerical experiments were conducted to compare the performance of the proposed method with that of the existing methods.
initialThe initial experiments were promising and showed that the new treatment was effective.
successfulScientists celebrated after a series of successful experiments in the lab.
additionalThe researchers conducted additional experiments to confirm their findings.
psychologicalResearchers have conducted a series of psychological experiments to understand the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive performance.
carefulScientists conducted careful experiments to test the hypothesis.
laterThere are several later experiments that support this theory.
extensiveThe researcher conducted extensive experiments to verify the hypothesis.
scaleScientists conducted scale experiments to determine the optimal dosage for the new drug.
actualWe can verify the theorem by actual experiments
futureThis finding would need to be confirmed by future experiments
independentRandom samples guarantee independent experiments
medicalThe medical experiments were conducted without the consent of the patients.
termThe term experiments were not successful.
physiologicalWe conducted physiological experiments on mice to investigate the effects of the drug.
practicalThe researchers presented their findings at a workshop based on practical experiments
electricalShe conducted a series of electrical experiments
classicalBoth classical experiments and modern investigations have focused on the development of the rat hippocampus.
earliestThe earliest experiments in this field date back to the 19th century.
comparativeResearchers conducted comparative experiments to determine the effects of different treatments on the growth of plants.
ingeniousThe scientist conducted ingenious experiments to prove his theory.
geneticScientists conducted genetic experiments on mice to study the effects of gene mutations.
classicDr. Robert Yerkes conducted classic experiments to measure intelligence in chimpanzees.
opticalWe have developed a high-throughput system for performing optical experiments on individual cells.
famousFamous experiments have contributed to scientific understanding.
biologicalThe scientists conducted a series of biological experiments to study the effects of the new drug.
factorialTwo-level factorial experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of four factors on the response.
quantitativeThe researchers conducted quantitative experiments to test the effectiveness of their new drug.
crucialThe crucial experiments were conducted with the utmost care and precision.
agriculturalResearchers are conducting agricultural experiments to increase crop yield.
unpublishedThe researcher cited unpublished experiments in his paper.
precedingIn preceding experiments it had been shown that many viral enzymes were capable of hydrolyzing phosphodiester bonds.
quasiResearchers implemented quasi experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational intervention.
accurateResearchers conducted accurate experiments to verify the hypothesis.
rayThe ray experiments were inconclusive.
foregoingThe foregoing experiments point to the conclusion that the observed effects are not due to chance.
behavioralThe research team conducted numerous behavioral experiments to assess the participants' cognitive functioning.
nuclearThe nuclear experiments caused widespread concern about the environmental and health effects of radiation.
randomizedIn order to assess the effectiveness of the new marketing campaign, the company conducted randomized experiments
psychophysicalThe results of our psychophysical experiments provide strong evidence for the existence of a new perceptual mechanism.
kineticPhysics students enjoyed the kinetic experiments which involved balls rolling down ramps, to better understand the concepts of velocity and acceleration.
elaborateScientists have conducted elaborate experiments to test the hypothesis.
parallelTo confirm the results, parallel experiments were conducted.

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