Adjectives for Expiration

Adjectives For Expiration

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing expiration, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the spectrum of adjectives used with 'expiration' unveils a rich tapestry of contexts and nuances. A 'forced expiration' suggests an unnatural or premature conclusion, imbuing a sense of distress or urgency. In contrast, a 'normal expiration' embodies the natural conclusion of a cycle, offering a sense of closure or completion. 'Prolonged expiration' hints at extension beyond the expected, often carrying implications of endurance or delay. The term 'full expiration' conveys a sense of completeness and finality, while 'end expiration' emphasizes the conclusive aspect. 'Maximal expiration' suggests a push to the limits, implying intensity or effort. Each adjective nuances 'expiration' with specificity, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of endings and transitions. Scroll down for the full list of adjectives to discover more about the intricate relationships they share with 'expiration'.
forcedThe forced expiration of the lungs can be achieved by exhaling forcefully against a closed glottis.
normalNormal expiration is the passive process of air leaving the lungs after inhalation.
prolongedThe patient's prolonged expiration made speaking difficult.
fullThe doctor recommended full expiration before prescribing medication.
endThe end expiration was at 7 PM EST
maximalThe lungs expel air with maximal expiration
deepI took a deep expiration to calm my nerves before the interview.
forcibleThe patient exhibited labored breathing with forcible expiration
quietThe quiet expiration of the old woman was peaceful.
passivePassive expiration occurs when breathing is not assisted by any muscle contractions.
activeThe diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract during active expiration
ordinaryThe coroner declared his ordinary expiration due to asphyxiation.
forcefulHer forceful expiration pushed the candle flame to the side.
maximumThe policy sets a maximum expiration of 30 days for all API keys.
completeThe patient exhibited complete expiration during the examination.
slowAfter a deep inhale, take a slow expiration
violentThe violent expiration of the volcano shook the town.
singleThe single expiration of the policy requires a renewal notice.
tidalTidal expiration is the passive flow of air from the lungs during exhalation.
naturalThe loan term ended after natural expiration
suddenHis sudden expiration grieved his colleagues.
strongThe athlete's strong expiration allowed her to swim for several minutes without coming up for air.
possibleThe possible expiration is sometime in the future.
rapidThe oxygen mask provided him rapid expiration
finalThe final expiration date is approaching, and we need to take action.
legalThe legal expiration of the contract is approaching.
impendingThe looming threat of the impending expiration of the contract weighed heavily on their minds.
deepestDuring the deepest expiration her chest deflated like a balloon.
subsequent"The subsequent expiration of his visa was a concern."
nearThe milk is near expiration so I drank it quickly.
leaseThe lease expiration has been extended for another month.
absoluteThe absolute expiration date of the contract is 1 January 2023.
explosiveThe sudden explosive expiration startled the onlookers.
relaxedBreathing slowly and deeply with relaxed expiration can help reduce stress and anxiety.
postThe medicine is post expiration so it should be discarded.
automaticThe automatic expiration feature ensures the deletion of expired data.
powerfulThe patient's powerful expiration was a sign of good lung function.
voluntaryThe patient took a voluntary expiration in response to the physician's request.
imminentThe imminent expiration of the contract left both parties in a state of uncertainty.
spontaneousThe spontaneous expiration of the patient occurred without signs of distress.
quickHe panicked when he saw the quick expiration date on the milk carton
audibleHer audible expiration echoed through the cavernous room.
extremeThe extreme expiration of the milk forced me to throw it away.
loudThe man took a loud expiration as he exerted himself while lifting the heavy box.
vigorousThe vigorous expiration of air from her lungs was a testament to her exertion.
noisyThe patient experienced dyspnea and noisy expiration
pitchedHer pitched expiration could be heard clearly despite the noise.
suspendedThe patient was placed on mechanical ventilation with suspended expiration to improve oxygenation.
contentData was lost due to content expiration
healthyThe healthy expiration of the contract was a relief to all parties involved.
bronchialAfter deep inspiration, bronchial expiration had a wheezing quality and was prolonged.
controlledControlled expiration is a breathing technique used to reduce stress and anxiety.
longerThe milk has a longer expiration date than the yogurt.
sharpHer sharp expiration indicated her surprise.
unforcedDuring unforced expiration the lungs empty as a result of the elastic recoil of the lungs and the chest wall.
gradualThe doctors observed signs of gradual expiration
preThe pre expiration date had passed which made the medication no longer effective.
fullestThe deepest breath was taken at the moment of fullest expiration
gentleThe gentle expiration of breath marked the end of a long and arduous journey.
easyThe policies have easy expiration terms.
incompleteThe patient's slow respiratory rate and incomplete expiration suggested respiratory distress.
tubularThe doctor noted prolonged and tubular expiration upon auscultation of the patient's chest.
shorterThis milk has a shorter expiration date than the other one.
harshThe doctor informed her of her husband's harsh expiration at the hospital.
interruptedHis interrupted expiration was a sign that he was not going to make it.

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